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You Never Said That This Would Be Easy

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Awful family visits, near death expriences for a certain hamster, and baby ultrasound. Back to school time

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I am sorry updates are so slow. We just got power back, I had been living at my Grandpa's house, and there's no wi-fi. So FML.
But I'm back now.

Two weeks had passed and it was after Christmas. All their family photos had been sent. They were a family of two. His mom had dressed him up in a festive reindeer, red sweater. What's worse, she and he matched. She had even combed his hair back. He protested her out of gelling it, that would have just added insult to injury. 
His Christmas had been good. Frank hardly ever wanted much. Not that he was out there in the world to know what there was to want. 
His mom had gotten him a tv finally. The rest of his presents were just small things like CDs or whatever. But he was okay with that. They weren't a very rich family. Plus his mom always had to be able to take care of him, so it wasn't like she could work extra hours, have a second job, or even have a life. 
The past week of school Gerard had gotten considerably more jolly. Frank decided it was okay though. 
Tonight he had to go to a huge family get together. He hated those. They were always, always awful.
Frank's grandma would spend the whole night babying him, pitching his cheeks, and talking to him in that condescending baby voice. While his grandpa would ignore him, his presence, and even if Frank was in need of help. And his aunts and uncles would argue and bicker, the cousins would go at it, or worse, flirt with the friends some of them brought. 
In general, Frank would spend the whole night stabbing and cursing people out in his head.

Gerard stared grouchily at the hamster cage on his desk. The thing reeked to high Heaven. But he sure as fuck wasn't going out in the negative degree weather and cleaning it. 
He supposed he should. Poor little guy had been through enough recently. Georgi had had enough near death experiences. What with Mikey trying to shove him in the toaster, Gerard nearly dropping, and banging his cage around as he carried the cage out to his car the day break began, and getting clawed by Lindsey's maniacal cat. 
Sad to say, Gerard hadn't even had him a month and the little guy already had battle scars. This is why he never had pets. It just never ended well for the animal. At least it made Frank happy.

He heard the clomping of thick boots down the stairs with Lindsey flowing.
Her nose was scrunched up.
"It smells like a zoo in here."
"mmmhhh.." Gerard grunted his hallow acknowledgment. 
"Poor little buddy." Lindsey cooed as she unhinged the cage door and pulled out a drowsy Georgi.
She took a look at Gerard and his distant expression as she said, "You're thinking about Frank, huh?" and then she sat down on his stomach. She scooted around a bit before settling in on a comfortable spot. 
"Yesssss." he hissed breathlessly. "I can't help it. I have to help him. His life is bullshit. "
"I'm sure he'd love to hear that."
Gerard shrugged. "He knows it."
"So what are you going to do?" she asked, stroking Georgi's semi-matted fur. She didn't want to even begin to think about what was causing it to be matted. 
There was a long pause and Gerard finally said, "I don't know."
And he was surely open for suggestions. 

Frank came home from his grandparents house, and died. Just passed out and died. He was that exhausted.
It has been so horrible. Frank's grandpa had spent the whole night grumbling Italian garbage at him. And the worst, Frank's cousin's friend, before she knew of his 'condition', sat on him and tried to give him a lap dance. He had been disgusted. As soon as his mom found out, she rushed to his aid. 

Life moved on, break quickly came to an end, much to most students' but, Not Frank's, disdain. It still snowed pretty consistently almost everyday. 
They went back to school. 
Gerard continued to have Frank read The Catcher in The Rye, it didn't take them long to finish it. That had been the first book Frank ever read, and he loved it.
They had moved on to science now. Jumping around to whichever subject Gerard seemed to fancy at the moment. From photosynthesis to Outer space, and just everywhere and back.
At lunch Gerard would fill the silence with stories. Of real experiences, all the adventures he had had. 
Gerard slowly became Frank's favorite person. 

Lindsey was about two or so months pregnant now. She couldn't really wear her clothes anymore, which made her irritable. She hated pregnancy clothes, so she had taken to wearing sweatpants and tank tops. 
When Gerard finally noticed her slight baby bump, he told her he was talking her to a doctor. And it was clearly not open for discussion. Lindsey was going. End of story. 
He called around and found a family doctor who also specialized in baby things. 
They sat in one of the rooms, awkward silence filled the air. 
When the nurse came in, she turned to Gerard and asked, "Are you the father?"
Gerard choked a little bit on his own saliva.
He pulled himself together. "No, I'm just a friend."
The nurse turned back to Lindsey. "Do you know who the father is?"
She shook her head. 
Oh, Lindsey knew who the father was, but no way in Hell was she owning up to it. 

Gerard walked out of the doctors' office clutching ultrasound pictures tightly to his chest, Lindsey following close behind.
When Gerard had seen the little baby up on the monitor, he had felt his heart swell. He had always loved children.
Lindsey linked arms with him as they made their way to Gerard small little silver car.  
"You're an uncle now." she told him with a soft smile.
"Yeah." He said. Feeling warm inside. 

Yes, I know I have been gone like five days, which means this chapter should be at least 2,000 words. But it's not. So sorry. 
Anyway, the next chapter is up to you guys if you want. Really if there's anything you wanna know about. I'll write it. 
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