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Odd One

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Gerard gets peed on, they skip school and go to the movies and the arcade. Mikey learns that Lindsey's pregnant.

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Chapter names have really been starting to escape me.  Any suggestions?
Alrighty, thanks ya guys for the suggestions. Coming right up! 
And do you guys know Eliza's last name?
Carry on.

Gerard sat there singing songs while he kept an eye on Georgi as he climbed all over Frank. Gerard had random moments where he would do whatever. If he didn't want to teach, he wouldn't. 
After a while he decided to put Georgi back. He scooped the little guy up and put him back in his cage. which ended in his getting pissed on. He ran around like a mad man, looking for something to wipe his hand on. He eventually found some tissues. When Gerard was done, he turned back and found Frank grinning hugely at him.
Gerard grinned back, Frank's was simply contagious.
Gerard jumped around, he had the random urge.
"We're going to see a movie!" he announced.
He grabbed Frank and hurdled  down the hall. 
"Fifty points for every person we run over Frankie-Boy!" Gerard said joyously. 
They made it to the front office, without, much to both their dissapointment, running anyone over. 
Gerard walked through the front office calmly, whistling nonchalantly. 
"Can I help you?" the grouchy elderly lady at the desk asked.
"Yep." Gerard said cheerfully. "I'm taking him to the muesuem. Okey dokey?" He asked. 
"Mr. Way-" She started to say.
"M'kay. Thanks." He called back to her as he walked them both out the door. 
He buckled Frank into his tiny car. And ran to the hatch, where he found a slight problem. The wheelchair did not fit.
Eventually he made it fit. He had had to scoot him and Frank's seat up. Now they were both crammed against the bash. 
"Man, I'm sorry about his." he gestured to their awkward seating. 
After a few minutes he started up more conversation.
"I can't believe she just let us walk out like that! Ha."
Gerard was pumped, he was so easily excited. 
"Ya ever been to a movie?"
He look over at Frank who was shaking his head. 

When they got their tickets and Gerard ordered the biggest container of popcorn, a whole slue of candy, and large pops. 
As they waited for the movie to start Gerard helped Frank eat some of the popcorn. A couple of tall guys with sagging pants walked by the, one saw them and shouted, "Hey look at these fags! Aw look, that one's feeding his boyfriend!" 
"He's paralyzed from the neck down, douche!" Gerard countered.
"Oh..." The guy muttered.
"If you just accepted people, you wouldn't have to make yourself look like an ass." Gerard told him. 

Afterwards, they still had two hours before the end of the day.
Gerard decided to go to the arcade. 
Frank played with Gerard's help. They played every game in the place. Gerard ran around like a maniac, scaring the people at the counters. When they got hungry again they ate  some pizza. 

As they walk back through the office, the lady started to talk to them.
"Have fun at the museum?" she said in a suspicious tone, or maybe Frank was just paranoid they were going to get caught. 
Frank nodded. 
"Oh, yeah. Very... Educational." Gerard said brightly. He didn't seem one bit worried. 

As Lindsey was leaving Mikey was coming in.
He accidentally bumped into her, saying sorry, they both carried on their way.
"Oh my God, dude. You're a dad!" Mikey shouted, running over and giving Gerard a huge hug.
"What? No."
"So, you're saying, Lindsey the girl you've been spending time with day after days for a while now, isn't prego with your baby?" he asked skeptically. 
"Exactly. It's someone else's."
"She doesn't know."
Mikey grabbed a soda and hopped over to the coach, and sat next to Gerard.

They didn't skip anymore after that, though Gerard did promise that when it got warmer outside, he'd take Frank to an amusement park.
They went back to sciences. Which Gerard was weary of. He had never been any good at anything involing chemicals.

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