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Double Probation and last minute projects

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Cadel's tinkering earns him a double probation, and Malcolm is acting stranger than expected.

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“So do you mean doesn’t work loike Vinegar and Baking Soda doesn’t work or doesn’t work loike kids and adults doesn’t work?” Holly asked quickly, scanning the room.
“ Kids and adults. Except way worse. With his genes all spliced up, Malcolm’s completely out of control. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s been given a direct order, and he’ll either follow it or die trying” Cadel pulled his goggles back up. The drywall dust had settled, giving him raccoon eyes.
“Well, um, jeez guys, does that mean that we have to kill Malcolm? I don’t think I can do that morally” Lincoln reached for his whip, brightening a bit when he saw that he hadn’t lost it.
“Where is he, right now?” Numbuh one asked.
Everybody stopped talking.
It was silent.
“This is stupid” Ingrid whispered. She took a big breath and yelled “MARCO!”
Malcolm leapt from behind a pile of rubble toward Ingrid.
Ingrid swung her fist and hit Malcolm in the face.
Malcolm rolled to a halt and touched his nose with the palm of his hand.
“I am bleeding! My nose is bleeding!” Malcolm yelled.
“Umm....isn’t he supposed to be evil or something?” Numbuh five asked.
“Yeah, it’s not loike a Delightful....whatever he is to care about a bloody nose” Numbuh four commented.
“’s not. Didn’t Pre-surgery Malcolm used to hate nosebleeds?” Cadel asked nobody in particular.

“Raa! Bing, you are going to pay!” Malcolm whirled around, his nose still bleeding, but he looked really, really angry.
“Bing?” Numbuh two asked.
“Nickname of Ingrid’s. Used to be Bingred, but she hated that” Cadel explained.

Ingrid pulled out a 2x4 tech and started shooting at Malcolm. However, with the new surgery, Malcolm was able to dodge all her shots.
Malcolm pushed her over and wrapped his hands around her throat.
Ingrid clawed at Malcolm’s hands as they restricted her windpipe and she tried to breath.
Then, it was almost as if Malcolm finally saw who she was.
Malcolm let go of Ingrid’s throat and backed away. Ingrid gasped, trying to get her breath back.
Malcolm looked like he was trying to say something.
“B...Bing. I wouldn’t...”
Malcolm then fell over screaming. He rocked back and forth, pressing his temples.
“Whot’s going on?” Holly asked.
“I don’t know! It’s like...” Cadel trailed off.

“I got i-” Cadel started to say, but then the sharp scream of sirens cut him off.

“Printworks collapsing. Printworks collapsing. Please evacuate” An automated voice announced.
“Ahh! What do we do!” Numbuh three panicked.
“How, though? We never set any bombs off!” Numbuh two yelled over the siren.
“It was probably Father. He’s destroying his precious Printworks in order to kill us all” Lincoln yelled back.
“No! Wait! It’s just me! I just grandly miscalculated, that’s all! I was wrong!” Cadel shouted.
“What! You’re not allowed to be wrong!” Ingrid screamed.
“Sorry, but the bombs you set off probably had more punch in them than I expected. I modified the Tabasco bombs in your Hoverboards before we set out. I didn’t actually get to test them!” Cadel shouted over the alarm.
“AND YOU DIDN’T THINK TO TELL US WHY?!?!” Lincoln screamed, almost loud enough to drown out the alarm.
“What’s wrong? Don’t you like surprises?” Cadel asked.
“Shuddup, both of you! Okay, Holly! Whot the crud do we do now?” Numbuh four yelled.
Holly looked like she didn’t have an idea.
“Umm....Cadel! D’ya have the gloves?” Holly asked.
“Excellent! Punch through a couple of walls, for me, will ya?” Holly commanded.
“Holly! The building’s getting weaker by the second! I might punch through a load bearing beam and make the walls collapse!” Cadel exclaimed.
“Look, if I wonted to hear whot was wrong with my plan, I would’ve asked. So either punch through the walls or we all die” Holly ordered.
Cadel sighed and flipped down his goggles. He started to swing his fist around in a circle, building up centrifugal energy. When the light blue centrifugal energy had built around Cadel’s entire hand, he smashed in into the wall.
The wall broke as if it were styrofoam. Everybody could see the surrounding wall around it and beyond that, freedom.
Or, at least, not death, but hey, freedom works too.

“Go! Go! Everybody go!” Lincoln screamed, ushering sector V out first.
Lincoln turned around.
Malcolm had grabbed Holly’s ankle, and wasn’t letting go.
Lincoln ran in through the rubble, trying to get to Holly.
“No! Lincoln, I got it!”
Holly had managed to kick free of Malcolm’s grip, but Lincoln still kept going.
“Holly, c’mon help me lift Malcolm!” Lincoln yelled.
“Are you insane?”
“Yes! No! Probably! Are helping or not?” Lincoln asked.
“....Foine. And only cuz it’s you.” Holly complained.
“Love ya.”
“I Love ya back, but now’s not the toime” Holly wrapped one of Malcolm’s arms around her shoulders.
“Be like that” Lincoln muttered, holding up Malcolm’s other arm.

“Why are they trying to save the guy who tried to strangle me?” Ingrid asked.
“Actually, I think I have some good news, but I still need to do one more test” Cadel explained.
“Let’s hope they get out of there soon. I do Not want to see Holly or Lincoln blown to smithereens” Numbuh five said, pulling her hat down further.

Holly and Lincoln ran through the hole in the wall, helping Malcolm. they got to the small spot that they originally started in.
“This is weird. Like Deja Vu or oirony or something” Numbuh four muttered.
“Probably not irony, but yeah, I get your point” Ingrid commented.

Lincoln and Holly dragged Malcolm to the start of the clearing.
“Cadel, you are officially on double probation until further notice” Holly spat.
“OOH....double probation” Numbuh three said reverently.
“For what?” Cadel asked.
“Hm...let’s see...first there’s the train thing-”
“Oh yeah! I forgot about that!”
“Don’t interrupt. Then there’s the Tabasco bomb fiasco-”
Cadel didn’t even get to interrupt.
With a deafening moan, the Printworks fell in on itself. The force of Cadel’s last minute Tabasco bombs had even caused the outside concrete to melt and boil like lava. Blackened skeletal metal machinery poked out through the fizzling concrete like bones of a desecrated monster.
The only thing left standing was about a six foot section of the outside wall.

“Um. Wow” Ingrid murmured.
Everyone was silent, baffled by the sheer success of the adventure.
No more kids could show up in Havoc. No more Kids Next Door members would die needlessly.
They had finally defeated Father.
Numbuh one cleared his throat.

“Does this mean that we win?”
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