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Chapter One

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Gerard is used to Frank being physically sick but will he able to deal with it when it's psychological?

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Hello there! I love this story and I hope you do as well. It may start off slow in this chapter but I hope you enjoy it and continue reading as I update regardless.

I sat at my desk, looking out the window at the beautiful snow. I was taking a short break from working on my current comic even though I haden’t been working for very long. I watched the snow fall one flake after another; they were burying each other on the ground, each being forgotten within seconds at the moment of their joining the others like them. Humans are a lot like snowflakes, if you think about it. We, like them, are all different. Some have obvious differences; they’re polar opposites of each other. However, others are so similar you swear they’re the same person but if you inspect close enough, there’s something that distinguishes them from one another. When we die, we get buried somewhere or are left abandoned in a urn in some corner. We join the other deceased and after the big storm, or in our case, funeral, we are forgotten by most. It’s really quite sad.

I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a scream from down the hall. Frank. I mentally yelled at myself as well as I made my way to our bedroom where he was yelling my name. I glanced at the clock in the hall and realized it was already noon. No wonder Frank was awake! I was usually the one to wake him up but I’d gotten so distracted with my stupid snow comparisons.

“Gerard, there you are! Where were you?!” cried Frank
“I was in my art room, babe. I lost track of time and forgot to wake you, I’m sorry.” I said as I sat on the bed and brushed the hair out of his worried face.
“I thought you’d left…”
“I’ve told you a million times, Frankie, I’ll never leave you. Now, go take a shower, yeah? We’re going on that picnic you wanted, remember?”
He simply nodded and got up. I smiled as he walked into the bathroom with a towel, remembering that him suggesting a picnic was one, if not the most, independent things he’d done or said in a long time. I knew I had to agree for his own sake despite it being winter and freezing outside.
I also knew I’d have to help Frank get dressed as soon as he got out of the shower so I went downstairs to quickly get the picnic stuff together. I’d made soup and sandwiches the night before thus all I had to do was heat the soup up and pack everything else away. I also turned the coffee machine on because I wouldn’t be able to function properly without it.

Picnics were always a favorite of mine and Franks. Even though I used to complain about how picky he was about what we ate and where we ate it, now that he wasn’t, I really missed it. That silly, childlike quality was part of Frank and part of why I loved him.
I poured coffee into two mugs, added a little sugar and walked up to our room with them. A few minutes into my sipping the coffee that was too hot but that I insisted drinking right away, I heard the water in the adjoined bathroom turn off. Frank came out with a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair dripping wet. All these tiny beads of water fell onto his chest and slowly rolled down, all ending at a distinct place on his toned abs.
“Gee, don’t stare, I’m disgusting.”
I grabbed the hairbrush off of the dresser and smoothed Franks hair back and out of his face. I found myself doing that a lot these days since he often tried to hide behind it.
“Frankie, you’re gorgeous. Every single bit of you.”
I kissed his slender pink lips softly. He kissed me back but didn’t respond; he simply looked down showing me didn’t exactly agree. I sighed and went to the closet to pick out some clothes for the day for the both of us. Most people who didn’t thoroughly understand Franks situation would think I treated him as if he were a baby but everything I did was necessary. I tossed him some black jeans and a striped collared shirt.
“You look so good in that shirt, Frankie.”
“Thanks, Gee. You’re a good liar and the best boyfriend ever. I’d be dead without you.”
I sighed as I changed into some clothes of my own because I knew that what he said was partly true. The band knew it, the doctors knew it, his family knew it. Who knew where or who he’d be with if we didn’t all stick with him through this.

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xo evelyn
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