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Chapter Two

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A painful memory brings Gerard to tears. We learn more of Franks insecurities and Gee's unhappiness with the now.

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I'm so glad you guys are liking this!! I responded to your reviews because it's the least I can do after you take some of your time to do so :) This chapter still doesn't let you know exactly what Frank has been diagnosed with but if any of you wanna take a shot at guessing by my obvious clues, go ahead :) now, let's get on with chapter deux...

“Gee! We’re gonna be late for the movie, come on!” whined Frankie. He rocked back and forth in his converse as I pulled my coat on. I just chuckled and took his hand, leading him out the already open door and closing it behind me.
“You’re so impatient, Frankie.
“I don’t even care about the movie; I just wanted to get away from Mikey. I love your brother but damn, don’t I get enough of his skinny ass on tour?”
I was about to respond but was quickly cut off by a more serious Frank.
“I just want to spend some time alone with you, ya know? It was so awkward around the guys after we got together. We’ve been together, what, four months now? Yet we still haven’t spent a day or even half a day just us two. Damnit, I sound like the girl of the relationship, don’t I? I just…it seems like we’re still just friends and not a couple.”
“I know exactly what you mean. Both about us needing some good old quality couple time and about you being a girl.”
“I’m kidding, Frankie! We’ll have fun tonight, just us two. Let’s start with that and go from there, yeah? We have a long break before we record the next album and I plan on getting you to myself as much as I can.” I winked at him before lacing my hand in his and dragging him into the movie theater.

“This popcorn has too much butter!” moaned Frankie before jutting out his lower lip in a pout that can only be described as absolutely adorable.
“Pout all you want Frankie, that popcorn is fine, I’m not buying you anything else.’ I tried to sound serious as I spoke but did a pretty bad job of it. He just stuck his lip out further then grinned wide when I sighed because he knew he’d won.

“Let’s sit over here!” whispered Frank loudly with popcorn in one hand, a soda in the other and twizzlers in his hoodie pocket.
“But I like sitting in the middle.” I told him as I reached him on the back end seats where he’d already made himself comfortable.”
“Yeah but from the middle everyone can see us doing this.”
Before I could even ask what he meant, he grabbed my hand and yanked me onto his lap where he then latched his lips to mine. He twirled his thin, calloused fingers in my messy raven locks. We finally pulled away for air after a couple of minutes.
“You’re right, I like sitting here muuuch better.”
“I’m always right” grinned Frankie “now, get off me. I’m the girl, remember?
We switched places and continued to make out during the previews. The movie we were watching ended up being a comedy and everyone kept laughing so we tried to actually watch it. Frank eventually fell asleep as he always did during movies he didn’t like. He looked so cute, especially because there was a twizzler sticking out of his mouth. I took it out and he stirred slightly, so I gave him a little poke.
“I love you princess Frankie.”
“Mmf love you Gee.” he mumbled before going back to sleep .

The movie was only about halfway through but I didn’t pay attention either. I was thinking about the day me and Frank had finally confessed our feelings for each other, about how we were gonna have a lot of time to be a normal couple now that we were on break after TBP. I was also thinking about what Frank had said about the guys. They didn’t seem to understand that if we were hanging out, they weren’t always welcome to tag along. It was mostly Mikey who got in the way. He was scared we’d end up hurting each other so he tried not to let us be alone. He figured that way we wouldn’t get attached but, what he didn’t know was that I was already attached to knowing Frank was mine.
Everyone started clapping as the credits rolled onto the screen.
“Frankie. Frankie, wake up, C’mon, the movie is over, we gotta go.”
I let him yawn a few times and stretch out before I took his hand and led a sleepy Frank out of the theater. We decided to just go back to my place afterwards; there didn’t seem to be anything that sounded more appealing to us than just being at home alone. Thankfully Mikey was out with his girlfriend when we got there. As soon as I closed the door, Frank had me pinned against the wall and was kissing me intensely all the while pushing his crotch against my own. We eventually ended up half naked in my bedroom and Frank was working on my jeans zipper to get me completely naked. I knew exactly where this was leading and I was both excited and terrified because it was our first time with each other; it was both of our first time with another guy for that matter.
“Frankie, you really want this, right?”
“More than anything.” he suddenly stopped his assault on my neck “Don’t you?”
“Yes, yes. Just making sure you did too.”
“Shut up, I’m gonna teach you who the real girl of this relationship is.” he panted before pushing my jeans down my waist and kissing me once more.

It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror that I noticed I was crying at the fond memory. Frank had gone downstairs to drink his coffee in the kitchen while I finished getting ready as I usually took much longer than him. He wouldn’t be impatient, trying to hurry me. He’d be sitting quietly, waiting until I said we could go. I wiped my eyes, telling myself that one day I’d have the old Frank back and headed downstairs.
Once we’d arrived at the park, I laid a thick blanket on the pillowy snow and wrapped another around me and Frank. I handed him some soup right away so he’d stay warm; I didn’t need him getting physically sick as well. I wrapped my arms around him from behind, keeping him close.
“Aren’t you gonna eat, Gee?”
“I’m not really hungry, you eat, I just like being with you.” It was quiet for a few minutes until frank spoke up again.
“Gee…do y-you miss being in a band and being on tour and stuff?” This was an odd question and a pretty direct one for Frank…well, the new Frank.
“Why do you ask?”
“I heard Mikey and Ray talking about it last week when I stayed with them. That day you went to a meeting with the publisher. They said they weren’t done making music, how we were supposed to have a long break not break up.. I know it’s my fault because I’m a horrible guitar player.”
“Frank, I…” just then I noticed on my watch that it was nearly 2 pm, “crap, we’ll have to talk about this later. Right now we have to get you to group therapy.”

I contemplated adding more at the end, wrote it, deleted it and decided it would fit better with chapter 3.. I then added it again and deleted it again so I hope it wasn't an awkward place to leave it at. I think after writing happy Gee I wasn't too in the mood for sad Gee. Did ya like it anyway? R&R please! :)
xo evelyn
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