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I'm Not O-Fucking Kay

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When Frank moves to Belleville, New Jersey he falls madly in love with Gerard Way. And Gerard loves him too. But what is Gerard hiding from him? Bert from The Used is also in this. :)

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Disclaimer: I DO NOT own My Chemical Romance and this story is not true at all. And I AM NOT making any profits off of this story.. so please dont sue me.

I was driving in the middle of what I called “nowhere”. I was in a stuffy car that was crammed full of my family’s fucking belongings. Not to mention that I was getting really car sick. To add to my headache, I had already finished Black Flag’s “Damaged” and a couple of my other favorite albums. This meant that I was way too far from home….Well….. at least for my liking. I, Frank Iero, for the fist time in my 16 year long life, was moving.
The reason for this “move” was that my father’s job had changed locations. He had been making good money and my family agreed that we could use a change of scenery. So, leaving my house and the neighborhood park behind, I was shoved into this moving oven, sweaty and grumpy. I had been told that we were moving to Belleville, New Jersey. Never having really traveled outside the city, I was actually pretty excited.
With my fringe sticking to my sweaty face, I attempted to put my head out the window, only to have my mother freak out and scold me. Fed up, I decided to just look out the window, gnawing on my lip ring. I had asked where we were, if we were close to our destination and other such tedious questions about 10 times already. I mostly used these as a source of entertainment, trying not to crack up at how my father started to clench his teeth around the third time. And to think, we were only half way there. So I listened to a couple more albums and before I knew it we were there.
“Now, Fra-” My dad started as he pulled up to our new house and stopped the car. But before he could finish I ran out of the car and took a deep breathe of fresh air. My mom got out and walked over to me hugging me.
“Frank honey, why don’t you take Pansy in to your new room.” She said handing me the house keys and Pansy. I smiled and nodded.
“Okay.” I said smiling a little.
“Your dad and I are just going to go pick up some food. Are you gonna be okay?” She asked. I smiled and nodded. I turned to go walk towards the house.
“Oh, and Frank,” I turned around to face her again. “Your father and I decided since you like your privacy that your new room is the guest house in the back. We knocked down some of the walls and now its kind of like your old room but a lot bigger and there is more privacy.” She said. I smiled and hugged her really tight.
“thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!” I said. She smiled and hugged back.
“Now go have fun and check out your room and the house.” She said. I smiled and ran into the house closing the door behind me and then running out the back door and over to the guest…I mean my new room. I opened the door and looked around. The walls were all white but I didn’t care, I would paint them some other color. The bathroom on the other hand was all pink. Not like a light color pink but like neon pink. I actually really liked that color though. The color actually matched with the pink converse I was wearing right now. It made me think of my old school. Part of the reason I was kind of happy to be moving was that I was made fun of everyday at my old school for being gay. Especially because I went to a very religious school. I sighed walking back into what I wanted to be my room. The other room would be my hang out room. I sat on the window ledge and took out Pansy from her case. Pansy was my guitar. I loved her so much, she was my best friend. Yes, I did just say that my guitar was my best friend. But I didn’t really get along with very many people so people at my old school just let me be a loner. I would always get the occasional beating up though. My parents didn’t really mind me being gay. Well, my mom didn’t mind, she was proud of me. But my dad always tries to change my sexuality, and when I stand up to him he just beats me up. Of course he only does that when my mom isn’t around. The rest of the night was pretty boring. Basically we ate dinner, which was just a sandwich for me since I was a vegetarian and my parents got fast food burgers, and then I went back to my room and fell asleep in my really warm and soft batman sleeping bag since there wasn’t any furniture in our house yet. And might I add that the floor was actually quite comfy. At least for the first few hours it was.

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