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A taste of Nerdy and Cinnamon

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Frank meets Gerard and Mikey. Mikey asks Frank some questions.

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I woke up to a bad headache. I had gotten about 3 hours of sleep. Maybe a bit more but after 3 hours the floor started to get really uncomfortable. I slowly stood up and walked over to my backpack that had some clothes that I packed. The moving van was getting here today with all of my stuff. I grabbed my clothes and makeup case. Yes, I have a makeup case, I’m just that cool. And I walked into the bathroom turning on the shower and taking about a thirty minute shower. When I got out I put my black skinny’s on, a Misfits shirt, my plain black hoodie, and my pink studded belt on. And of course my neon pink converse on. They were my favorite pair of converse. I walked over to the mirror and put on black eyeliner and red eye shadow. And then I put in all of my piercings. I ran outside and over to the back door of my house using my house keys to open it. My mom was standing at the counter drinking coffee and my dad was on the phone. My mom smiled at me.
“Morning sugar.” She said. I smiled.
“Morning mom. Who is dad on the phone with?” I asked. She smiled.
“The movers. They are apparently going to be here any minute.” She said. I nodded a bit.
“Thanks so much for letting me move in the guest house mom. Its amazing.” I said. She smiled and kissed my cheek.
“ I knew you would love it Sweetie!” She said smiling. “Now, the movers should be here any minute. Oh, and I almost forgot. The neighbors stopped by this morning, well the parents not their kids, and the parents are coming to help us with the house. They are so sweet. So, I expect you to be on your best behavior in front of them. Okay?” She said smiling. I nodded. Then I heard the sound of a big truck stop in front of our house. I ran to the door and heard the neighbors talking as I ran outside. I needed to fill my room with all my band posters and random shit. It looked really boring right now. I mean the walls were white (Minus the bathroom) and I needed to add color to the room.
“Gerard! Mikey! Why don’t you come meet the new neighbors?!” I heard one of the neighbors yell. Probably there mom. I took the box full of my cds, posters, and horror movies from the back of the truck and started back to the house. I heard the neighbors shut their door and they passed me walking to the front door. I wasn’t paying much attention to them. I saw my mom answer the door and she smiled shaking their hands. From what I saw there were the parents, who looked pretty chill, a boy who looked about my age, he was defiantly a nerd but a cute one, and the other boy was-was-was fucking gorgeous. I wish I could just hug him and kiss him and-
“Frank!” I heard my mom yell. I snapped out of it and jumped a bit when she yelled for me. That also made me drop the box one my foot. It actually really hurt.
“Motherfucker!” I yelled holding my foot. I saw the two boys try to hide back laughs while the parents (Including my mother) gave me a weird look. My mom ran over to me.
“What happened?” She asked frowning. I couldn’t tell her that I was staring at the new neighbor and wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings at all. Especially cause the neighbors were standing about five feet away. I frowned and picked up the box again not answering my mom and walking in the house. As I passed the boy I swear he smelt like cinnamon, which made me want him even more.
“Frank Anthony Iero! Come back here!” She said acting all stern. I rolled my eyes and dropped the box walking back over. Well half walking, half limping. My foot hurt a bit but it was starting to go away.
“What?” I asked irritated. She sighed.
“The Way’s are going to stay for dinner tonight and help us out with the house. Why don’t you take Gerard and Mikey out back and they can help you with your place.” She said. I sighed.
“Okay. Fine. Follow me guys.” I said picking the box back up and walking outside as they followed me. The nerdy one looked at me shocked as I kicked open the door to the guest house.
“Your parents let you stay in the guest house?” He asked surprised. I smiled a bit and nodded.
“Yeppers. I didn’t even have to ask.” I said. I lead them onto the top floor where my room was. Well, it was the only room on the second floor. The living room was downstairs and another bathroom. And then upstairs was my room and another bathroom. I put down the box and turned to them.
“I’m Frank by the way. Frank Iero.” I said. The nerdy one smiled at me as the hot one just stared at me expressionless.
“I’m Mikey Way.” The nerdy one said. “We’re in the same grade.” He smiled fixing his glasses.
“I’m Gerard. Mikey’s older brother.” He said, he was starting to smile a bit. Gosh, his smile was adorable. I smiled.
“Gerard is gonna be a senior this year.” Mikey said. Well, there goes my chance of being with him. He would never go out with a sophomore. What am I saying. He probably isn’t even gay. I heard Mikey ask where the bathroom was and I pointed to the bathroom still a bit out of it, staring Gerard in the eyes. When Mikey closed the door to the bathroom I quickly snapped out of it and looked away ripping open the box. Gerard took a step closer to me.
“Just warning you Frank, my brother is gonna bombard you with questions when he comes out. He always does that when we meet new people.” Gerard said. I smiled at him taking out all my stuff from the box.
“Thanks for the warning Gee.” I said. I blushed really bad. “I, uh, mean Gerard.” I said trying to cover it up. Gerard smiled at me.
“Its fine. I actually don’t mind you calling me Gee. As long as I can call you Frankie.” He said smirking. I smiled pretending to think about it like it was a big decision. I smiled up at him and held out my hand.
“Deal.” I said. He smiled and shook my hand. He hand was so soft and.. Frank! Snap out of it! Thank god Mikey walked out of the bathroom before I did something stupid. The movers had been pretty quick and had already stuffed the furniture in my room. They were still putting the furniture for my living room/hang out place downstairs.
“So, ready for the question game Frank?” Mikey asked sitting on the window sill. I smiled and nodded.
“Ask away.” I said starting to hang up my posters.
“Why are your walls neon pink in your bathroom and why do you have a makeup case in your bathroom?” He asked. I blushed a bit.
“Well, I didn’t know about the pink walls until I opened the bathroom door yesterday and cant a guy wear makeup?” I said hanging a smashing pumpkins poster up.
“Where did you live before you moved here?” He asked.
“California. And no not Hollywood.” I said. He continued asking me questions until I had hung up every poster. Now Gerard was helping me move the bed. When we put it in the corner Mikey asked the last question.
“Girls or Guys?” He asked. I blushed a million shades of red and hoped to god that they weren’t homophobes.
“Um, guys.” I said. Gerard stopped moving and stared at me in shock. Mikey sat there just smiling at me like a creep.
“Gerard gay too.” Mikey blurted out. Gerard glared at Mikey.
“Mikey!” He said. I smiled a bit more and turned to Mikey giving him a look like ‘Are you serious? Help me get with your brother.’ Mikey smiled at me and laughed a little nodding a bit. I turned back to Gerard who was looking around the room trying to hide the fact that he was blushing.
“Its nice to know that someone understands me.” I said. Gerard looked me in the eyes and smiled. I smiled and started to walk towards the door. “Shall we go downstairs and set up the rest of this fine fine place?” I asked trying to sound proper.
“We shall.” Gerard said walking down the door behind Mikey. And boy did his ass look really hot as he ran down the stairs.

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