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Losing My Sight, Losing My Mind, Wish Somebody Would Tell Me I'm Fine

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When Bob's life is turned upside down, he's forced to raised two little girls on his own. He didn't think life could get worse, that's when Lila came in. (old story posting)

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(A/N: If you know anything about me, you’d know I have a terrible habit of starting stories and not finishing them, this is no different. This is actually just a side project after discussing it with a friend. I don’t plan on making a huge story, but it will be my back up for my muse that’s currently vacationing in fucking Hawaii apparently. I decided to use Bob in this, just cause it made more sense this way. This will most likely be before he joined MCR so… Anyways, for those who read my other stories, I have no idea if I’ll be updating them. Apologies all around. Xo Liliana)


When life changes before your eyes, what do you do? Stick it out and get through it, or run? Run to a place where nothing else mattered and you were alone in a place where the troubles did not exist.

Robert Bryar, wanted to run. The sound of people crying and sniffling was hard enough, but the reason he was here in the first place had been the deal breaker. He walked up slowly, cringing at the sad decorations that consisted of roses, piano playing soft music, and the unnerving scene of a coffin a few inches away. If he had the choice, he wouldn’t have gone any further. He could feel everyone’s eyes on him as they wondered what he’d do next after taking that final step. He shivered with anxiety as she approached the oak surface and what laid inside.

“Such a lovely young woman, it’s so tragic. Those poor little girls.” he heard some whisper.

He stopped when he came face to face with her inside. Her dark brown hair still had it’s natural shine, falling down to her shoulders like a small curtain. Her tan skin was now pale, her eyes were forever closed, and even though they did their best to preserve her beauty, Bob could still see the bruising around her lips and neck. It sent chills up his spine to see her so vulnerable, weak, dead. She was dead and Bob couldn’t comprehend it, much less accept it, but he had to. He touched the pail fragile hand that was still soft, but cold. His eyes watered for a moment, but he pushed them back.

He wouldn’t cry.

He wanted to speak, but couldn’t find the worlds.

He wanted to scream, but couldn’t find the voice.

He wanted her back, but he didn’t have that power.

“I love you always.” he barely whispered before kissing her hand and holding his lips there for a moment. He pulled back and sighed before he was being taken away from his love.

The cameras, the people who knew and loved her, it would have been a beautiful sight, despite the circumstances of what the occasion was for.

“I’m so sorry.” he heard someone whisper as he didn’t care to see who the voice belonged to. He didn’t want her anyone, he just wanted to hear her. He was certain it was a dream, but nothing could convince him otherwise.

He just nodded as a thank you and carried on his way, no more energy to stick around the place. The speeches, the crying, the mourning of his love was too much handle. It shouldn’t have ended this way, it shouldn’t have ended at all. It was all wrong, she promised him. She promised him they would die when they were old, when life was already lived and there work was no longer needed. It was all wrong.

His icy blue eyes lingered a moment before he straightened his posture out and took a deep breath to keep his cool…

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life and death of Lacey Marie Williams-Bryar. A girl of passion, conviction, and love. A life gone too soon, but shall always be remembered.” the priest spoke as they gathered around the coffin that was prepared to be lowered into the ground in its final resting place. There was nothing beautiful about death, Bob had thought.

The coffin was lowered into the ground while he watched with eyes that appeared to stop working. They didn’t blink, they didn’t show any emotion. What was there to say to begin with?

He felt a hand rest on his shoulder as if means of comfort, but Bob did not feel any better. He felt worse as the person whimpered behind him.

It was reality. Nothing more, nothing less.

So when life changes before your eyes, what do you do? Stick it out and get through it, or run?

He heard the small coos and gasps from beside him as he looked down and into the faces of his barely three month old identical offspring that smiled at him, too young to comprehend what was happening. He sighed as he half smiled back at them.

He couldn’t run.
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