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Give Em Hell Kid

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Good news? Yes. Sex? Not quite. Good update? I think so.

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Bout time I update huh? Hope you enjoy it. Read and Review!

I woke up later to find myself alone. I got out of bed and grabbed my robe, put it on and headed downstairs in search of my boyfriend. I found him standing in the kitchen with his phone to his ear with his back to me.
“She needs me.” He said, “I can’t be without her.”
I smiled. He needs me, just as I need him. I walked in and hugged him from behind causing him to jump.
“Thanks Gee.” He said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He disconnected and turned to look at me and smiled.
“What was that about?” I asked
“Come on Angel, we need to talk.” He said taking my hand and leading me into the living room to sit on the couch. Once we were seated he looked at me and took my hands in his.
“I can’t leave you.” He said
I looked at him trying to find out what it was he was trying to say to me.
“I don’t want you to leave me either Baby.” I said tightening my grip.
“I was thinking about not going on tour.” Frankie said looking down at our hands.
“What! No! You can’t do that.” I yelled out. He couldn’t give up him dream just because he would miss me. I just couldn’t have that.
“I knew you’d freak.” He said looking at me with a smile. “So I came up with a brilliant plan.”
“And that is?’ I asked. Man he was such a mastermind, him and his brilliant plans.
“Your coming with us on tour Angel.” He said smiling.
My face lit up.
“REALLY!?” I screamed
“Yes Angel.” He said, “I talked to Gee and he loved the idea just as much as I did. Mikey was even excited.”
I was so happy. Frankie wasn’t going to be leaving me. I was going with him. I would be able to spend all my time with the boys.
“Well Angel, we should probably go pack.” He said with a smile.
With that we raced up the stairs to pack for the tour, which wasn’t easy. I swear the guy packed more than I did, and I’m a girl. In the end I had 3 and a tote bag. He had four and a messenger bag. After finishing packing we crawled into bed together and curled up next to each other.
“I love you Avril Lynn.” He said kissing my forehead.
“I love you Frank Anthony.” I said
We fell asleep in each other’s arms. Both happy that we wouldn’t be apart, that we would be spending the whole tour together. My life was defiantly looking a lot better.

Next morning

I awoke to the smell of bacon. I smiled; he must be making me breakfast. I was about to get out of bed when he walked into the room carrying a tray of food.
“No Angel, breakfast in bed.” He said with a smile spread across his face.
I smiled and moved back to rest my back against my pillow and headboard. He walked over and sat his pillow on my lap and set the tray on top.
“Now eat up Angel.” He said, “Then we’ll take a shower and by then we’ll have to leave to go to the bus.”
Frank stood up and kissed my forehead and went to the door to leave.
“Where you going Baby?” I asked
“To clean up the kitchen, Angel.” He said walking out of the bedroom. I couldn’t be happier. He was such a sweet man.
Once I was done eating he walked into the room.
“Oh, good you’re done!” He said taking the tray. “Go get in the shower I’ll be right there.”
I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom. I started the shower and got undressed. I stepped into the shower, and stood there letting the hot water hit my body. Suddenly arms wrapped around me causing me to jump a little.
“Sorry Angel didn’t mean to scare you.” He said
I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“I love you.” I said smiling
“I love you Angel.” He said before learning down and kissing my lips. We stood there making out for a bit. My hand started to move south. I took his member in my hand.
“No Angel.” He said grabbing my hand.
Despite his protest I slipped out of his grip and took him in my hand again. I started to stoke him as he let out a soft moan, which made me smile. I dropped down to my knees in front of him. I flicked his tip with my tongue causing him to shudder. I took him in my mouth and started to pull him in and out while sucking. He threw his head back in pleasure moaning. His member was throbbing in my mouth, as he got closer to his climax.
“Oh Angel, I’m going to cum.” He said
I smiled quickening my rhythm.
Suddenly he hit his climax shooting his warm liquid in my mouth. I swallowed and smiled up at him.
“Angel, that was amazing.” He said
Still smiling I got up and continued my shower as if nothing happened. He started touching me trying to get me excited but I turn him down.
“But Angel.” He moaned, “It’s my turn to pleasure you.”
I shook my head and slid open the door and stepped out. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me and walked out feeling accomplished. I was driving him nuts. If he was going to be with me, he would have to be able to deal with this from time to time. After I was dressed Frank walked out. I turned to him and my mouth dropped. Causing him to smile.
“You like what you see Miss. Way?” He asked in a seductive voice.
He stood in front of me with a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was wet and dripping. He looked unbelievably sexy.
All I could do is nod. My body was screaming, it wanted him so bad. I walked up to him and put my arms around him. He was about to say something but I crashed my lips on his. I spun him around and pushed him onto the bed.

Franks POV

I hit the bed and looked up at Avril. She was dominating me, and it was really starting to get me excited. She stripped down in record time and pounced on top of me straddling me. She leaned down and bit down on my neck. I left out a moan. The girl really knew what she was doing for just losing her virginity. He lips crashed down on mine again. Our tongues danced together. The kiss deepened, and my hands started to explore her body. I was just about to caress her pussy when the door burst open sending Avril to jump off me. I looked over to find a red faced Gee looking at me.
“Oh shit, Gee!” I said covering Av with my towel.
“Gee…. I” I started but was interrupted by Av.
“I believe I was just about to make love to my boyfriend.” She said
Gee stood there blinking at her.
“What?” He asked sounding caught off guard.
“Gerard get the fuck out of my room.” She said, words dripping with anger.
Gee continued to stand there.
“NOW GERARD!” She screamed “I’ll deal with you in a minute.”
Gee turned and walked out of the room. Avril turned to me and kissed me.
“Sorry.” She said after pulling away.
“Angel its fine.” I said kissing her forehead. “Come on lets get dressed.
As we got dressed I could help but think ahead. This tour was going to be the best yet considering I would have Avril there by my side.

But little did Frankie know, things were about to turn sour.
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