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I'm Not O-fucking-kay.

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Avril lashes out on Gee. Gee brings good news. Avril meets one of her favorite bands, but the night is runied by someone unexpected.

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Finally updating. I like this chapter. Hope you like this chapter. I tried my hardest to make this good. But my state of mind made it hard. Read/Review/Rate. Much love.


Once we were dressed we grabbed our bags and headed out of the room. I was so mad at Gee; didn’t he know enough sense to knock before entering someone’s bedroom? We headed down the stairs and once we reached the bottom I dropped my bags and headed into the living room. As soon as I laid eyes on Gee I blew up.
“Av.” He started to say, but I interrupted him.
He just stared at me for a while contemplating what he was going to say.
“I don’t want to continue this conversation.” I said, “It’s done.” I turned to leave.
“Don’t you want to know why I’m here?” He asked
“No, not really.” I snapped walking out. I got in the kitchen and broke down crying. I felt arms around me. I turned expecting Frank, but found it to be Gee. Which caused me to cry even harder. He tightened his grip and started rocking me. I felt horrible. I know I was mad, but I think I was a little harsh on him.
“Avril, it’s okay. I understand.” He said, “You’re a grown woman and you have your own mind.”
I turned around and threw my arms around him.
”Gee, I’m sorry.” I said
“It’s fine Av, I told you I understand.” He said
We hugged and he kissed the top of my head.
“Now do you want to know why I came here?” He asked me.
I nodded.
“Well I found out we got another band touring with us.” He said with a smile.
“And?’ I asked
“Good Charlotte.” He said
I couldn’t help myself. I was acting like a crazed fan girl.
“Yep.” He said with a huge smile.
This was going to be a awesome tour. I was going to be spending time with my boys, and I was even going to get to meet Good Charlotte, could my life get any better? But needless to say, for the time being I didn’t have a thought that things were about to go from amazing to dead wrong.


I was laying in our bunk reading. The guys were in the back practicing. I had just finished a chapter of my new House of Night book when Frank pulled back the curtain.
“Hey Baby.” I said before leaning down and kissing him.
“We’re about to stop for dinner.” He said
“When are we supposed to get to the venue?” I asked. I was really excited, I wanted to meet GC so bad.
Frankie smiled. “Not until the morning Angel.” He said
He knew how impatient I could get. I frowned and he grabbed me and pulled me down. He threw his arms around me and kissed my forehead.
“Angel, your such a fan girl.” He said smiling.
“I can’t help it Baby. I get to meeting my second favorite band.” I told him
He smiled “Who’s your favorite?” He asked
I tightened my grip pulling me closer to him.
“You guys of course.” I said
He smiled his coy smile.
“What?” I asked
“Why aren’t you a little fan girl towards us Angel?”
I smiled “Because I’ve know you guys since we were toddlers.”
“I love you Angel.” He said. He was about to kiss me when I was pulled out of his grasp and was flying threw the bus. I looked up to see Mikey smiling down at me.
“MIKEY!” I screamed. He finally put me down to find we were outside the bus.
“Mikey are you tormenting this sweet woman?’ I heard a voice. I turned around and gasped.
None other than Joel Madden stood there smiling.
“Hello, I’m Joel.” He said extending his hand
“I know.” I said shaking his hand.
“Joel, this is my sister Avril.” Mikey said
“His big sister.” I said smiling at Mikey.
“By two minutes!” He defended
I smiled at him as the others came off the bus. Frank walked over and hugged me and smiled.
“Surprise Angel.” He said smiling.
“What?” I asked
“They told us how excited you were to meet us.” Joel spoke up. “So we arranged to meet dinner.”
“My boys.” I said with a huge smile.
We went to a nice Italian restaurant. I sat talking to the guys of GC about their music when suddenly pulled from the conversation by Frank.
“Jamia!” Frank said. I looked to find that our waiter was none other than Frank’s ex-girlfriend Jamia Nestor.
“Frank!” She said running around the table to hug him. I cleared my throat and looked at her.
“Jamia, you remember Avril. Mikey and Gee’s sister.” Frank said
“Yeah! I remember!” She said smiling “Nice to see you again.”
“Same here.” I said. I stood up “I’ll be back Baby.” I kissed Frank and walked away towards the bathroom.
I didn’t know what to think. This night was going so well. Now she shows up and ruins it. I walked out of the bathroom with my head down. I ended up running into someone. I fell on my butt.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” I heard. I looked up to see Billy smiling down at me with his hand outstretched.
“Thanks.” I said while he helped me up.
“Something bothering you?” He asked
“That girl is Frankie’s ex-girlfriend.” I said
“Oh, I see.” He said
I nodded “It just ruined my night.”
“Don’t let her get to you.” He said
“Thanks Billy.” I said
We walked back to the table laughing. I sat down beside Frankie and smiled.
“I love you Baby.” I said
He sat there staring at his salad.
“Frankie?” I asked
He didn’t look up. He just looked lost. I learned over and kissed his cheek. He looked over into my eyes.
“I love you Baby.” I said
“Love you Angel.” He said
The rest of dinner was fun, except for the way Frankie was acting. Every time Jamia came around he acted all weird. Once we were back on the bus I headed to our bunk. Ours was above Gee’s. So since Frank and I were the shortest we always had a bit of trouble climbing up. Once up I laid there staring up, not really thinking. I must have been lying there for a while, because before I knew it Frankie was finally crawling up beside me. He laid down beside me and I turned to look at him. He laid staring up.
“Are you okay Baby?” I asked
He didn’t answer me right away. Just sat staring. Finally he turned to me. He looked like hell.
“Angel… I’m not o-fucking-kay.”
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