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I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

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Heartbreak City up ahead. Frank does the unthinkable. Avril learns something about herself that might just make everything worse.

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this is where everything takes a drastic turn for the worse. Read/review/rate =D

Frank was a mess. He spent all night crying and refused to talk to me. Wouldn’t even let me touch him. I spent the night in the back in the practice room curled up on the little couch crying. I didn’t know what to do or what to think. Seeing Jamia really messed with him and all I could do was sit and watch him fall apart. I was pulled from my thoughts by Mikey. He walked in and came over to me.
“Av, what’s wrong?” He asked sitting down beside me.
I looked up at him with tear filled eyes “It’s Frank.” I said, “He’s a mess.”
“He was acting weird last night.” Mikey said
“Yeah, when he came to bed last night he fell apart.” I said
Mikey was about to open his mouth when Frank walked in.
“Mikey can I talk to Av?” He asked
“Alright.” Mikey said getting up and walking out.
Frank walked over and sat down beside me. I sat up and looked at him. He looked like he was barely holding on.
“Avril.” He said not looking at me.
“Yeah Baby?’ I asked
He shook his head. “Don’t call me that.”
“What?” I asked
“I can’t do this Av. I think you should go home.” He said
“What do you mean?” I said. I put my hand on his shoulder but he shrugged it off.
“Stop. You need to go home Avril.” He said
“But Frank.” I started
He put his hand up to silence me. “Go, we’re done.” Was all he said but I understood. I jumped up and ran out crying. Gee saw me and step forward but I ran past him off the bus. I was running with my head down and ran into someone. I looked up to see Billy smiling down at me.
“We gotta stop meeting this way.” He said helping me up.
“Yeah.” I said
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Frank broke up with me.” I said tears coming to my eyes again.
“What?” He asked “Why?”
“I’m not sure.” I said, “He told me to go home.”
“Do you want to?” He asked
“I’m not sure.” I said looking down at my shoes.
“Your more than welcome to stay with us.” He said
“I’ll think about it.” I said
Just then my phone started ringing. It was Shorty.
“Excuse me Billy.” I said walking away a bit before answering. “Hello?”
“Avril! Where are you?’ She asked
“Umm. Why?” I asked
“I’m on the bus. I flew in last night. Frank called me and told me you needed to come home.” She said
“Oh. Well can you get my stuff. I’m out by the GC bus.” I said
“Alrighty then.” She told me
I disconnected and walked back over to Billy. “I guess I’m going home.” I said, “That was Frank’s sister Shorty she’s here to get me.”
“Oh, okay. But remember you’re always welcome on our bus when you want to come back.” He said
“Thanks Billy.” I said lifting my head to look at him. Just then I heard Shorty calling my name.
“Well I guess its time to go.” I said
“Here.” He said taking my phone. He punched something into it and handed it back.
“Text or call me whenever you decide to come back or if you just want to talk.” He said smiling.
“Thanks again Billy.” I said hugging him then turning to meet Shorty.
“Ready to go?’ She asked
“I guess.” I said
The ride to the airport was quiet. We never really said anything till we were on the plane.
“Sp, why did you need to come home?” Shorty asked
“I didn’t.” I told her staring out the window.
“Huh?’ She asked confused.
I turned to face Shorty and burst into tears. She threw her arms around me and I cried into her chest.
“Shh. It’s okay Av.” She said stroking my head. I wiped my eyes and looked at her.
“No it’s not. Frank told you to come get me because he broke up with me.” I told her starting to cry again.
“What!” She said, “Why?”
“I have no clue. We stopped for dinner and after that he started acting weird.” I told her.
“What happened at dinner?” She asked
I looked at her. I didn’t want to admit that Jamia had to be the reason.
“Jamia was our waiter.” I said
“Oh.” She said looking down.
“Shorty, what happened between them?” I asked
She looked up at me and sighed. “Jamia didn’t like how busy Frank was with the band. She always thought she should come first.” She said, “She always tried to be the center of Frank’s attention. Finally she got fed up and left.”
“Oh.” Was all I could say.
“Yeah Frank was pretty messed up after that.” She said.
I couldn’t say anything more. I sat staring out the window the rest of the flight.


We walked into the house. I decided to still come back here despite the fact that we weren’t together anymore. Once inside Shorty turned and looked at me.
“So what should we do?” She asked
“Actually, I think I’m going to go get some sleep. I’m exhausted.” I told her. Truthfully I was in no mood to talk.
“That’s fine.” She said.
I was on my way up the stairs when she stopped me “Av?”
I turned around to face her. “Yeah?”
“You can stay in my room if you’d like.” She said
“No, that’s fine.” I told her before continuing up the stairs. I walked into our room and looked around. I’m not sure why I still considered it my room. I closed the door behind me and walked over to the end of the bed. I dropped my bags and fell onto the bed. I laid there taking in the scent of Frank. I burst into tears. I crawled to the top and burrowed under the covers and curled up in a ball clutching Frank’s pillow. I laid crying smelling his sweet scent as the blackness slowly covered me.

Two Weeks Later

I lay there staring up at the ceiling crying. I’ve spent the last two weeks shut up in the room lying in bed. The girls kept trying to get me to come out, but each time I refused. This was the closest I could get to Frank right now. I was slowly falling apart myself. I couldn’t think all I could do was cry. I missed him so much. Just then the door creaked open and Shorty popped her head in.
“Hey girl. How you holding up?” She asked
I shrugged. Just then I felt bile rise up in my throat. I ran to the bathroom and puked up the contents of my stomach, which wasn’t much. Shorty walked in and leaned against the doorframe. Once finished I flushed the toilet and turned and looked at her. That’s when she threw a small box at me. I looked down and my eyes widened.
“A pregnancy test?” I asked shocked
“Yeah. Take it.” She said turning and walking out.


Shorty and I walked off our plane. I found out that I was indeed pregnant. How unlucky I loose my virginity and end up pregnant. I wanted to tell Frankie myself, so we called up Mikey and he said he’d met us at the airport. He was acting really weird though, and Shorty kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to go. Once out of the terminal Shorty giggled and drug me towards Mikey’s waiting arms. He hugged us both. As we were getting our bags I could see Mikey shooting concerned looks at me for the corner of my eye. But I ignored him and went on my way. The ride to the venue was quiet. Once we got there Worm helped me out and smiled at me and took my bags. I went hurrying towards the bus.
“AV, WAIT!” I heard Mikey yell, but I ignored him and kept running. Once at the bus I flung the door open and ran inside but ending up stopping dead in my tracks. Sitting in front of me on the couch was none other than Jamia Nestor, sitting on my boyfriends lap.
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