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Chapter 7

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I'm back, been a bad week but I'm going to get stuck into writing and hope it gets better :D

I woke up the next morning with crusty mascarra all over my pillow. As I stood up the letter fell off my knee and onto the floor. "Morning" My sister came into my room with a glass of water. "Hi, did you get a letter yesterday?" It would be awful if I got a letter and she didn't. "Yeah what a bitch writing to us now." I just siged and walked down the stairs.
"I heard about your boyfriend!" She errupted into a fit of giggles.
"Eva has a boyfriend, Eva has a boyfriend." She mocked while I ate my breakfast.
"I bloody hope not!" My dad walked into the kitchen and sat beside me.
"Get used to it dad your little girl isn't a baby anymore." I answered concentating on my breakfast
"I know I just find it hard to drive up to find a boy sucking the face off my daughter." Holly began to laugh.
"Awkward much? Oh who is it? Spill the beans!" Her excitment was becoming just plain creepy.
"It's that boy Michael." My dad answered stubbornly.
"No, really? OH.MY.GOD! I knew you two would always get together! Aww how cute! It's soooooooo adorable right dad. "No it's not Holly." My dad seemed pretty pissed off with this whole boyfriend thing, but I didn't care.

Ring Ring I went to answer the phone but my sister beat me too it. "Hello? Yeah she is. Who is speaking? Oh Mikey really! The Mikey who's Eva's boyfriend? What do you mean you guess, she either is or isn't? Oh so she is thats intresting! Heard about my dad interupting you last night... did you two do it? So Eva is still a virgin? Alright, Alright here she is." My sister finally handed me the phone.

Eva: Hey sorry about that.
Mikey: It's okay are you free today?
Eva: Yeah I am why?
Mikey: Wanna go to the movies?
Eva: Aw yeah and then food?
Mikey: Okay so I'll come round about oneish?
Eva: Sounds like a date!
Mikey: Oh it does doesn't it.
Eva: Here I better go my dad's giving me the look.
Mikey: Hehe okay then see you later, I love you!
Eva: Bye I love you too!

"Dad I'm going out with Mikey at one so be prepared." My dad spun round to face me. "Are you now?" "Yeah I am and I'm giving you exactly two hours to prepare yourself and please be nice." I litually pleaded. "Arn't I always." My dad shouted as I walked up the stairs to get ready.

Okay sorry it's not very long, I have a torn legement in my back and it's becoming quite painful. I did intend to write more but I guess I'll just make the next chapter extra long! So thanks for reading.... rate and review you know the drill :P xx
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