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Chapter 8

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Look alive sunshine! Always wanted to do that.... anyway I'm sorry I haven't been wriritng if you were reading my A/Ns then you would understand.... But im back and thats all that counts! Thanks for the reviews and I hope you enjoy it!!

Ring, ring

As the door bell rang I jumped out of my seat and ran for the door, to find an awkward looking Mikey and a stern looking father in my sight.
"Come in." My dad told Mikey bluntly. I held my arms out for a hug.
"Michel don't touch my daughter please." Mikey backed away from my arms.
"Dad!" I shoot a glare at my now very annoying father as he shooed me and Mikey into the livingroom.
"Sit." He demanded, "Apart." We shuffled down to different ends of the couch. "So Michel do you mind if I ask you some questions... good.
"So tell me Michel, any criminal record?" Mikey coughed awkwardly and responded with a crackly voice.
"Em no, well apart from that time..." I kicked Mikeys foot,
"No I mean no I don't." He answered quickly.
"Drugs? I don't want my lovely Eva getting involved in drugs." I cupped my face into my hands. "No sir, no drugs." Mikey replyed again very awkwardly.
"And how are you grades at school Michel?" I shook my head in embarassement.
"I get good grades but I'm failing P.E." I let out a small giggle.
"Dad are yu finished quizing my boyfriend, it's getting late?" My dad let out a sigh.
"Right go where ever you are going but Michel I am not finished with you, and if you bring my daugher back in any other condition than what she is in now I will hold you responsible!" Mikey gulped.
I grabbed his hand and dragged him out the door and slammed the door hard.
"Mikey I'm sorry it's just he's my dad. He's lost my mum he doesn't want to lose me or my sister." He pulled me into his arms.
"Oh Eva it's ok you dad just doesn't want you to get hurt." I smiled.
"Mikey it's getting late do you just want to go on a walk instead?"
"Yeah fine by me!" Mikey grabbed my hand again and we began walking futher and futher.
"Mikey?" I looked up into his eyes.
"Yeah whats up?"
"What's love? I've been trying to figure what love is and how to know you are, well in it." He gave a slight smile.
"Well love to me is something or someone who you can be totally happy with but be yourself. You don't have to pretend or be different around them because they accept who you are, but you know that you are truely in love if you can look deep into someones eyes and see more than just beauty, you see feeling, passion and most of all the person you want to be with and not the person who you think you want to be with. I know when I'm in love because it's when I'm with you I feel all these and more. Eva I'm in love with you and there's know way I can get away from it." I looked up into his eyes again.
I seen the beauty but I also seen the pasion, feeling and person I want to spend the rest of my days with.
I stopped and look up a Mikey.
"Mikey, that was beautiful and now I know what it is to be in love. It's to be with you. So I guess I'm in love wit you aswell Mikey."
And at that very moment our lips met and slowly the kiss grew more passionate and passionate. That was the moment when I realised I have always been inlove with Mikey Way I just didn't know what love was.

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