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School, what a bore

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The joys of the school canteen.

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A/N: Guys, Bear in mind Bobs not in this as he lived in Chigaco while the guys lived in Jersey, and also now its just the 4 of them! :(

I strolled into school, I was already late, so of course I would get a bollocking from my English Teacher. We didn't exactly see eye to eye anyway, so being late doesn't help the matter. School though. It's the one thing I despise, there is so many better places I could be right now, but no, i'm wasting my day at this shithole. Theres only two things that I enjoy at school:
My Girlfriend
& My friends.

It was already 4th period, and dinner was next, so I decided to sit in my car until dinner. When it was midday, I walked over to the canteen, I saw my friends on the table in the corner, our usual spot. I walked over and sat with them. Frank was sat drinking energy drinks, god help us all later when hes hyper. Next to him was Mikey, with his eyes deep into a book, typical Mikey. Then there was Ray, half asleep on the canteen table. Then there was the girls, Emma and Eva. I took the seat next to the girls.

'Hey Gee' Mikey said, bringing his head up from his book.

'Hey, has anyone seen Gia?' I asked all of them, whilst looking around the canteen.

Nobody said anything they just all shook their heads, I could tell from their faces that they wern't her biggest fans. Gianna is my girlfriend, we've been dating for 5 months now, just as I look over to the doors, she walks in. She's so beautiful, black layered shoulder length hair, dead straight and not one bit of it out of place, tanned skin, which made her brown eyes so bold, slender body, with curves in all the right places and she wore clothes that hugged her nice figure. She walked over towards our table, with her best friend Becca trailing behind.

'Hey Babe' she said leaning down and kissing my on the cheek.

'Hey Beautiful' I replied as she perched herself on my lap, while Becca stood uncomforably in the background due to the lack of chairs.

'Becca, get a chair and stop just standing there!' Gia said.

Becca walked over to a nearby table and asked if one of their chairs was free, when it was she brought it back and sat by us. She didn't really speak at all, she was the opposite to Gia, she had short cropped black hair and pale skin. They'd been brought up together, so I guess that's why they're still friends. I feel bad for her sometimes, Gia is just, well lets just say, dominant. She likes to have control, i would know.

None of the rest of the guys spoke to Gianna, It was unbelievable how uncomfortable it made me feel, I felt like I was choosing between my friends and my girlfriend.

'Gerard, can we go for a walk?' Gia said with a sly grin spreading across her lips.

'Sure' I replied.

'Becca you can stay her for 10 mins okay?'

Becca just nodded and continued to doodle in her notepad.
I doubt she'd have much interaction if any with the guys, she seemed so distant, no wonder she lets Gia control her the way she does. I must sound like a bad boyfriend talking about her this way, but I'm not, I'd never do a thing to hurt her.

Once we were outside, Gianna lured me into a corner.

'Don't you just love being alone Gerard' She said, as her lips crashed into mine.

'Oh, I sure do baby'

She ran her hands through my long black hair, as I positioned my hands on the back of her neck.
Before long we were interupted by our science teacher, Mrs Graham shouting 'Please Mr. Way, I do not appreciate this inappropriate behaviour.
Of coure, this was school, we were never alone.
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