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Where am I?

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My first thought was: What will I do with this. peering down at the bleeding hole in my right arm. I try not to think of how good the dark red gush would taste and think of what to do. All I could think of is just to get out of the closet.
I drag my self to my feet and out into the openness of the room. I hold the hole with as much pressure as I can possibly put on. I'm stumbling on legs that haven't even been hit. I feel so weak and hungry.
I remove my hand slightly from the gap in my arm. Blood pours out and everything goes black.
My eyes flutter open. I'm staring at a wall? It definitely wasn't the motel I passed out in. The walls too nice! I sit up by my left arm then remembering the led in my other one. I look quickly to my other arm, only to find white wrappings covering it.
The shock of it makes me whip around to see the rest of my surroundings. It looked like a hospital room. All white and no windows. I look to my left and see another girl.
"Hi ya! What are you in for?" She asks. Her red hair falling in her face as she waves.
"W-What?" I studder.
"Why. Are. You. In. The. Vampire. Hospital?" She breaks it up so I understand better.
"Vampire hospital?!" I've never heard of such a thing.
"Are you stupid?! The secret vampire society sets up this place for vamps that can't go to the real hospital. Duh. Are you telling me you've never been here? Even when the Menoetius clan killing five or six of us at a time? Damn girl. And now that I'm done with my dinner since my fangs broke, I'm outta here." The girl take a blood bad that was on her other side and hops off the bed, leaving with out a word.
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