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Cassie Allen's nightmare is just beginning. She finds herself staying in a cheep motel when she finds out Vampire hunters are coming after her. The one question she keeps asking herself is who told...

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I look out the motel window to see that the sun is setting. Sunsets, I remember when I was about seven and I would look forward to seeing the beautiful sunset ever single day with my mom and now look at me, staying in a old cheep motel, not knowing if my mom is going to be okay or if...Eric has told his parents but I'm sure he did.

As I'm about to back away from the window and lay down on the bed I see a person hiding behind a tree all dressed in black. My eyes widen as I notice who it was and what was about to come. I jumped down to the floor just as a bullet shatters the window glass.

It wouldn't take long for them to come in and kill me. I had to think of some kind of plain. I look to my left and see a closet and think that this was my best bet since they were probably around ever side of this hotel. So, I got up quickly and got in the closet just as I heard them all crash in.

"Where are you bloodsucker?!" I recognized that was Eric's dad, Jay! My hands and my whole body was pressed against the wall and trying not to breath when I heard foot steps heading in my direction. "well, I guess she got away but just to make sure.." He pulled out his gun and shot directly at the closest.

"hm, guess so. Well lets go guys no reason to stay here" said Jay.

I was on the floor in the closet as I heard footsteps go out the broken down door. All I know is that number 1: That gun shot me in my arm and i might bleed to death. Number 2: Someone had told about me and where I was. Number 3: This is never going to end until I am dead.
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