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Unbreak My Heart

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What would happen if Silverbolt was really gone...and Blackarachnia couldn't deal?

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It wasn't supposed to happen like this. It shouldn't have happened at all. She had been careless, a split second of misjudgment and now he was gone. Now she was alone in a room of people she had known for cycles...but they may as well have been strangers. She was staring at his grave now, his body had been buried under the largest tree in the techno organic orchard.
All around her, she heard voices, people whispering about all the wonderful memories they had of Silverbolt. She alone remained silent. She was not crying, even in this sad time she couldn't break down the wall enough to allow the others to see tears falling down her cheeks. She could only remember crying once, in front of Silverbolt. The memory struck her fast and hard, she never would have that chance again...she's never be able to do anything with Silverbolt. He was gone.
Mentally she was cursing herself for not getting out of the way fast enough. If she had moved only a little faster, he wouldn't have jumped in front of the blast in order to keep her from being hurt. But she hadn't...and he did...and now he was gone. She blacked out most of what had happened after he had been hit. The entire scene had taken place in slow motion...and then there was blackness. When she came back, she was cradling Silverbolt in her arms screaming for him to hold on. She must have been crying then, her tears falling onto his armor as the light slipped from his optics.
He hadn't died right away, and that had been worse than if he had. For those brief moments she was filled with the most dangerous emotion ever. Hope. She was so sure someone would be there soon to help them, the others had been right behind them...but evidently not close enough. Silverbolt knew he wouldn't make it out of the alleyway this time. He had told her so. Reaching up, he traced her face like he used to when they had been back on ancient Earth. Wiping away her tears he whispered the words she had wished to hear from the day she had brought him back.

"I will never stop loving you....remember that....I will always love you.....beloved.." Those were his last words.

It was her scream that alerted the others that something was more wrong than usual. Optimus said later it was her scream of anguish that had called the rain. She was starting to believe it, it hadn't stopped raining for several solar cycles. It seemed even Cybertron was mourning their fallen comrade. He was given a proper burial in the orchard. Rattrap in an uncharacteristic show of emotion had given a speech. She hadn't really heard any of it. She was numb...she knew enough to know that. It was all she could do to keep herself sane.
The darkness had fallen and everyone was asleep. She wasn't though. She didn't want to sleep, sleep meant dreams and dreams meant she would see HIM, remember everything from day one to now. She couldn't bare that...not anymore. She had dealt well with the dreams before, but simply because she knew he was always right there to see so she was secure in knowing there was time to talk and other things. After the war...she had always known their problems would have to be confronted after the war. Now there was no more time...there would never be. Somewhere in the background the cords of an ancient human song drifted through the air. Nightscream had downloaded it years ago back when he was younger, though how he had gotten it, he never told anyone. Hanging her head down a bit, she sighed, the words assaulting her already shattered emotions.

Take back that sad word goodbye. Bring back the joy to my life. Don't leave me hear with these tears, come and kiss this pain away. I can't forget the day you left. Time is so unkind. And life is so cruel without you here beside me...

Unbreak my heart. Say you love me again. Undo this hurt you caused when you walked out the door and walked out of my life. Uncry these tears I've cried so many nights...unbreak my heart....

In the darkness of their retreat...a lone woman who was once strong as the steel she had been created with cried softly in silence. No one would ever know the depths of her pain, nor would she ever tell. Years from now, a monument would be built over her lover's grave...and he would be immortalized. But for now...a lone black widow stands in despair...a hole that can never be filled surrounding her spark. In the morning her companions will awake and find that she too is gone. Slipped quietly away from a broken heart...slipped away willingly to join the one she loved above all else...

She was buried beside him, a large stone showing their marble and silver granite. Etched deep into each are these words.

"Here lie those who loved and lost most heavily. May they find the peace in the Matrix they were denied in life. May they always be happy and may we all one day find a love like theirs.

Blackarachnia and Silverbolt

Not even death could keep them apart..."
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