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Midnight Feast

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This is mine and my friends first fanfic so I'm sorry if it's a bit jumpy in places... but please rate and review! Thankyou :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Horror,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-02-06 - Updated: 2011-02-06 - 467 words

Gerard's POV

Her blood tasted beautiful, the alcohol she had drunk gave it an extra kick and I liked it. Frank stood there watching, not quite sure what to make of this little midnight feast. He had recently crossed over to OUR side though and was struggling to embrace it.
I licked the blood from my fingers chuckling darkly. Bob and Mikey had moved the body into the canopy of trees in the far off corner of the park, they came back sucking the crimson marks off their fingertips and nails.
We had to move, fast. The authorities would arrive soon and I didn't want another blood bath like last month. It would be a shame to waste such a good elixor.
"Come on guys." I said, starting to walk off in the opposite direction, my converse were stained red. What the hell made me wear white ones?! That was another pair that had to be disposed of before my mum saw. We walked back through the park and onto the street, passing a night club. I looked back at Frank, his fringe had fallen in front of his eyes and he brushed it back, tucking it behind his studded ear. I smiled as it fell back over his face,
"So Frank. Any prey that takes your fancy?" I asked, gesturing toward the night club and the amount of drunken girls outside - easy victims.
Frank shook his head.
"No, Gee. I-I'm not that hungry, I can hold it out." He shoved his gloved hands into his pockets, keeping his head down and picked up his walking pace. The rest of us followed behind him. Mikey caught up to me,
"Let's call it a night Gerard. We're all full and Frank ain't gonna drink yet..."
I nodded in agreement and lit a cigarette, breathing it in deeply before exhaling, little smoke rings floating off into the night sky. I didn't really need a smoke right then but it was a habit I'd gotten into when is was bored or stressed.
We came to the end of the street and went our seperate ways. I walked back home on my own; Mikey had business to take care of. I understood, he was thirsty again. I strolled up to the front door, using the porch light to find the front key, when something caught my eye.
Three people were stood at the end of the street watching me. They wore casual clothing but had a look of importance and business about them. One man wore a long trench coat and had a gun holster around his waist. I slipped the key quickly into the lock and stepped into the house, sprinting up the stairs. They know I thought, slamming the bedroom door behind me. They know what I am.
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