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TV Party

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Frank knows how to lighten the mood further, starts with pizza, end with sex. Perfect evening then.

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GERARD: We had a takeaway pizza seeing as it was pretty cheap and persuaded them to throw in some beers. We weren't intending to get drunk, I was secretly looking forward to Frank banging me senseless. He was telling me all day pretty much, just winding me up and I did my best, at times, to hide how jacked up I was. At least we weren't talking about 'that' night. You know, to somehow wash the crap off my hands. I hadn't thought about 'it' all day though, I just convinced myself I had just dreamt it all. I mean it, I'm disturbingly good at convincing myself if I want to. I had been feeling prett crap all day though, no matter what my thoughts lingered on. I felt almost dizzy at points. I passed it off though as some sort of shock...

Frank had pushed his bed up to mine and we lay down, watching some old football game on the TV. I picked off the pepperoni and fed it to Frank. I flet a bit better after soe of that crap. He lay on his back and snapped it up as it fell from my hands. He snuggled up to me and reverted back to lying on his front to watch the game.
"Who'd you say would win?" Frank prompted smugly as the game entered it's final 10 mintues. My randomly picked (coolest colours) were down 30 - 0.
"Rebels..." I replied, picking up my last piece, watching it flop hopelessly in my fingers.
"Pffft, don't you pick a winner. You know, I always win, Gee." Frank poked my ribs, whereas I went for the less subtle option of slapping his face, cheese side, with my slice. It was a greasy one too, as takeaways should always be.

Frank glared at me while licking his chin with his weirdly long tongue. I was impressed how he managed to remain serious.
"Oh I'm sorry, allow me." I wiped his face thuroughly down again then pulled him in to lick where he couldn't reach. Frank vibrated form contained giggles and turned around to make my job easier. How very romantic of us, pizza fights. Only the sexiest of pain, that invoked by a slice to the face of course.

He nestled in closer and when he decided he was clean enough he brought my head down a little more to bring me in for a couple, slow kisses.
"Loving the pizza fettish." I murmured.
"Hm..." Frank got up quickly and went to the bathroom and came back, having wiped his face properly. "Better?" he checked, running a hand across his top lip.

"No such thing with you." I opened my arms for him but he stopped to bin the cans and pizza box. He finally gave me quick squeeze and suddenly tossed me onto my back, holding me down by the shoulders. He lifted my shirt and I took it clean off and he ran his fingers down my body, pausing to kiss in between. I involuntarily bucked my hips when he licked around my nipple, a reaction I didn't expect to have.

Frank got up and undid his belt before getting back down again to press our lips together once more, almost crushing mine, his warm tongue eagerly working it's magic. I tried to undo his pants but my wandering hand was slapped away like a fly. I had tangled my fingers in his hair, only pushing him further onto me. His lips lightened as more saliva was exchanged but it only seemed so much more sexual.
"Take me then...." I whispered, coaxing, in his ear when he got to taking off my pants, I was so jacked up about it, he was admittedly very good at what he was doing. It wasn't such a great idea but begin topped was a better option in my state, would I even have the energy to go on him so long? He pulled them down, tracing a finger down the bulge in my underpants, instantly setting off a nervous, buuterlfies-in-the-stomach snesation behind my prostate. He pulled close to me, his lips hovering tauntingly close to my member. He left me hanging and resumed ripping off my heavy pants.
"Oh not just yet..." He replied, kissing my ear in a hurry.

He kneeled up and tossed my pants behind him, allowing me to grab his jeans and ease them down, using my teeth to undo the fly. He bucked his hips forward and I obeyed the unsaid command, peeling off his boxers, his cock at the right height for me too.
He groaned at the first contact, his whole body shuddering in delight as I licked up his length.
I got hold of him, gently running my hands up and down to see how Frank would react, then went back to using my mouth.

He coiled his hands in my hair tightly, pushing me further onto him. I worked my way up slowly as possible, pausing in between motions and gradually getting faster, precum already entering my mouth. That didn't bother me, it's not a taste to be hated in any way but having Frank coated in syrup made it that more erotic obviously. I sighed a few time, my head almost falling back involuntarily. I enjoyed drawing it all out, sometimes it's so much better to start slow and suddenly break into a frenzy of jerky motions, it just makes orgasm that bit better when it's as unexpected as that. I made sure to lick slowly, from base to tip in a way that would agonise myself, not breaking eye contact as Frank tried to stay on top of his emotions.

I tensed up when I heard Frank emit a different sounding huff/moan, it was deep and throaty and he bucked his hips so hard I almost gagged. I drew my head back a little too far when he blew his load suddenly in the back of my throat. His cum felt like it seeped out the sides of my mouth and I cringed, having feeling I messed up a little. I wanted it to be perfect, but messy was probably even better, thinking about it.
Frank sat back, legs folded under him. He leaned forward, temptingly close to my face.
"Ready?" He kissed me, almost taking me onto my back again. I regained my balance. I nodded, allowing him to kiss from the side of my neck, dragging his tongue, up my chin and around my lips, kissing me again.
Frankie pushed me over, something glinting in his eyes, an evil, sexy grin spread across his face.
"Take them off." He coaxed, on all fours over me. I did as instructed and ran my hands down his sides, fingers dancing between his lightly accented ribs. He ran his smoooth tongue right up my neck and I shivered at the cold trail left behind. I was being dom'd, I knew it but I wouldn't say it. This was it, that moment was so near.

I felt the cold contact of his wet fingers on me and Frankie looked up at me. He really is too kind, he should have just taken me by surprise. He positioned himself so he was between my legs while I was lying down. I heard a squirt of something he had hidden in the bedside cabinet, hopefully lube. Pray to god lube... All of a sudden he lifted my legs and put, more like hooked, them over his shoulders then he took entry without any more warning.
"That okay Gee?" He asked, a mere whisper on his lips. My eyes rolled back almost automatically and nodded, veins pulsing all over.

He didn't even wait to let me adjust to his sudden presence inside me, Frank got off to a quick start, hammering me right away. I was taken by force and it couldn't feel any better.
He slammed my head back into the wall, thrusting me so my back was arched and my neck was propped up to the wall. Frank kneeled and thrusted downwards on me, probably too fast. I didn't care, it felt so good for him to be inside me like that.
"Ya liking it now, then?" Frank asked, huffing with effort. Definately not lubed up enough though, I screamed out at the tide of pain washing over me.
"Fuck, Frankie it's... Too rough, ah -" Though very thrust after that he took got kinder it only got him further up inside me, and I felt him gain every inch. Yet we had only begun, it felt like he'd used a thousand times the energy he seemed to posess in his innocent facade he held so well. It stuck me just then my arm was going 'dead' on me.

I bit my lip, trying to not yell out again, almost tearing the skin even. Frank evidently took one hit too far and I felt seomthing break in my skin, he had torn me.
"Ah, Gee, shit... Sorry." He panted, slowing significantly. "Should I stop?"
"No, ah... just keep goin' " I replied, flinching.

"Ahh, fuck." Was one of my more telligable phrases I repeated, my mantra for the night. His movement got more slick and I clenched the bedsheets at my sides, tensing up my legs as well. My breathing got faster until I began panting, now my fingernails were digging into my palms.

"Good now?" Frank asked between grunts, grabbing at my shoulders to have something to pull himself up against.
"Y...Yeah." I stifled a reply, willing to find another way to contain my yells.
The pace slowed a little, Frank instead pushed up instead of down on me, hitting that sensitive spot behind my prostate, finally squeezing the moans out of me, long ones I was barely aware of making.

"Like it?" Frank asked, grabbing violently again at the base of my neck to swing himself up and forward.
"Mhmm..." I nodded, biting back more groans.
"Then... let me hear it!"
I finally stopped attempting to hide my voice and replied with a huge sigh, entwined with a low, gutteral moan. It didn't stop my nerves reaction to what was going on but It was at least a bit more comfortable to moan with every tiny movement inside my body.

"Fuck, you...." Frank took to my hips, pressing his thumbs down, now getting faster once more, maoning crazily, "Are you... Tired? You okay?" He amost chided at me, but instead sighed deeply, then taking me unexpectantly, hammering me voilently up against the wall. My head got grazed being slid up the wall in such a way in fact, but I was loving every second, no matter how it hurt, it all meant something.

"No! Frank - keep going!" I yelled fiercely, writhing and squirming from the still alien feeling of being screwed up the ass so vigorously. I refused to let myself fall victim to a little pain. Compared to the pleasure it was nothing. Compared to those danincg black dots it was nothing. "Mo... More! Frank...!" I screamed, running my hands down my face, trying to keep them from digging holes in my hands with my short nails.

I swear I heard a contented little giggle and it was soon revealed to me why. I felt Frank's movements stall a little and he drew back a tiny bit, getting ready to cum.
"Awh!... Shit, SHIT!" I yelled, hitting the matress, tightening up with the weird sensation as Frank came. I raked my hands along my arms, ripping off the band-aid patch, taking a portion of weak scab tissue as well. I didn't care at the time, that was just me reacting oddly to this new sensation I guess. I saw blood welling up on my shoulder but dismissed it, it would stop soon.
My lightheadedness only amde me more intent on having the pleasure smash thorugh me.

"That's not all, sunshine." Frankie warned, drawing back further so I was given time to recover somewhat. I spluttered a bit and tried regaining my breath, but it was taken away as soon as I took a regular intake of air. I refused to tell him how much I wanted to stop before I gave in.

Frank had withdrawn completely and was trying to roll me onto my side. I myself felt limp, motionless, and I heard Frank curse wildly. I managed however to roll myself over so I was on my front. I hid my head in the pillows and almost bolted upright when I felt Frank's warm contact on me for another shot.

"All fours Gerard, this'll be nicer." He promised, his tip just pressing on me. I followed his instruction and pulled myself up. "That was just a taster babe." He whispered and, now just about completely dry, unlubricated, he plunged forth, the re-entry hurting more than the first time.
"Frank!" I warned, pain searing into me again. I held myself up, it was so worth the exhaustion, it was something you could never replace, no amount of kisses or smiles could replace the sex. He pushed us up to the wall and he barked out more commands:

"Kneel up, yeah... Like that, legs wide... Right, here...." I rested my head on my hands and leant against the cool wall. I wasn't sure how Frank was but he seemed even more enthusiastic for the second part of out dirty, dodgy vacation sex-act. I couldn't keep myself up ther for too long though, I was so tired, my earlier exhaustion from the day was magnified.
This time, instead of being shunted up against the wall, I was being shoved up it, towards the ceiling, my head coming dangerously close to badly hitting the wall several times. the dots dancing around my field of vision got worse though I chose to ignore them, there were nothing I told myself. I'd be fine.

I held myself as strongly as I could against the wall, and sank against it when I felt that dreadfully good, adrenaline-tainted rush fly through me. I trusted one arm to keep me up and I got hold of my dick, knowing I was ready to paint the wall if I didn't do anything about it.
I let out a weak cry and came, missing my hand, luckily it hit my stomach. I didn't quite fancy having to clean the wall next morning. I'd be way too tired.

Before I fell back I regained my balance and held myself up once more. My palms were slick with sweat, making it even harder to stay up in this odd position for too long. Just after I thought I was in the clear pain wise, Frank hit too far back in me again and I screeched, he had torn me yet another time. What, was that 2, 3 times by now? Had he not even noticed...?
"Fraa-aank!" I wailed, this time chosing to show my exhaustion, "Don't hit me there...!"

Frank murmured an appology but didn't stop, instead thrusting slower. I panicked though, I was being overwhealmed by something, I could feel the energy drain from my limbs and my head.

In fact, I seemed to faint.
Truly, as close as 'fucked senseless' as anyone could ever get. Hopefully.
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