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Sleeping Bath-Beauty

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Frank freaks out and tries to help Gerard, unaware of how bad his condition really is

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FRANK: I knew something was wrong from the moment Gerard seemed to seize up, I slowed down, taking a slow thrust in and seeing his head lull forward, at which poitn I stopped completely. I tried to asess what the hell was going on. Without much warning, he collapsed in a heap on the bed, not uttering a sinlge word.

"Gee?!" I cried, crawling up to him, scooping up my underwear and pulling them up with one hand in a hurry. I rolled his weak form over to face me, his eyes were shut and then I saw his shoulder was bleeding away again, pretty badly too. "Shit! Shit!!" I cursed, heading to the bathroom.

I took a whole toilet roll and tore bits off in panic. I wasn't sure why Gerard had just... got knocked out but I knew that bleeding was bad in any case, especially since he'd been feeling sorta 'woozy' all day.

"Gerard!" I put my head to his steadily rising and falling chest. His heart was absolutely pounding away. Could have been worse.
I shook him worriedly but got no response. Frustratedly, I thumped my thigh, if I hadn't been so brutal... I must have torn him inside. I had got so absorbed in getting him to enjoy it and enjoying it myself too I had forgotten how it felt when Gerard first screwed me. I forgot how precarious the balance between pain and pleasure was, how carefully you had to be positioned and lubed up... I tried to be kind, he siad I was fine but...
But blacking out.... That was unheard of by my standards!
Perhaps Gerard's injuries were worse than he passed them off to be.

I couldn't bear to look at his legs, from both shame and guilt. Then I had an idea. I remember once I had been knocked out by some bastard when I was about 4. Instead of waiting for me to come round, Mom had simply ran me a bath and the pain was almost non existant having woken up in a warm bubble bath. It was a crazy idea but it seemed okay, he'd probably want to get cleaned up anyways. Oh how life's pleasures differed from age to age ~

I kept the bathroom door open and turned on the faucets full to run Gerard a bath. I mean, who'd wanna wake up feeling shit and be all dirty at the same time?
I watched Gerard on the bed with a careful eye all the while and poured in the phial of bath gel, not waiting for any bubbles to come up. I hauled Gerard up and used my reserved strength to gently place him in the bath, legs first, sliding him down to sit. I stood behind the tub, holding him under the shoulders. The bath wasn't even that full but Gerard didn't need drowing at any rate. Still no signs of conciousness. It was scary really.

It was only a matter of waiting until Gerard came to, which seemed like hours but in reality was more like mintues. All the while I was trying to get to the bottom of all this shit. I craned my neck around when I noticed Gerard's head moving slightly.
There were a couple of groans on his part then he sat up bolt upright all of a sudden.
Gee sort of wailed something and whimpred and I held him as far up as I could.

"Gerard?" I asked softly.
"-Ank.....?" Gerard replied, head flopping to lie on his shoulder, "What? -Hy?"
"It's okay, it's okay. I got ya." I soothed, kissing his cheek lightly, leaving my lips on him to breathe on his soft skin.
Gee went quiet for a few moments before his whole body jolted back into action it seemed. Or at least, some more action.

He moaned again, this time from pain.
"What? It stings..." He mumbled, circling his head as if he had been asleep on a plane for too long. You know the cranky way I mean. "Ah! Owww!" He compained, shifting around, making the water slosh around lazily, ripples colliding and new ones forming between them, the newly formed bubbles bouncing along.

"Frank! What the fuck?!" He repositioned himself so I figured he's be able to keep himself up on his own. I went to kneel by the side of the tub, looking up at his face. Gerard made no effort to turn around, just lay there in a painful way.
"It's okay, look, don't you like the bath?" I pointed to the water he was submersed in, dipping my hand in and pushing around a cluster of bubbles like you would for a kid.
Gerard cringed unhappily, "But how'd I... You were fucking me like, seconds ago?" He pulled a cute and puzzled face, then proceeded to rub his temples.

"You uh.... You passed out?" I offered, stirring up some more bubbles, tried but still keeping an eye on the trebling Gerard.
He sank further down, "Really?"
I nodded slowly, not meeting his dreary gaze.
"Guess you did a fuckin' good job there..." He mumbled, rubbing his wounded arm. "I swear Frankie... You'll be the death of me." Gerard smiled softly. He reached out to touch my cheek, holding me there in silence, rubbing his thumb tenderly across in smooth motions. I leaned over to kiss him lightly on the cheek. Gee's eyes slid shut wearily.

"I'm so sleepy." Gerard remarked, up to his chin in bubbles. He withdrew his hand from me and ran it down his throat, stroking it as if in thought. He honestly looked too worn out to be thinking.
"Just sit here, I'll keep watch." I promised, my eyes glued to the horrible rip through his flesh. It looked like someone had just slashed it with a rusted old knife, congealed blood desparate to form some kind of shield from the outside world and the bacteria with it. Failing of course, rather spectacularily. Where was that patch he had over it? Surely It needed something....

Gerard waved in a futile effort to assure me or signal me off. "I'm good. I'm good..." He grumbled and rubbed the cut softly and then falling very still.
I hated the way his heart was just letting the blood seethe away into the water. It wasn't a literal blood bath, oh no. It was like a red ink delicately spilt into the water, tracing licks and lines of red, dissipating into a faint orange at the far reaches of this weak thread that ran to the bottom of the bath. It wove intricate patterns, smudgy at the edges, only tainting the whole body of the water the slightest bit.

I knew he'd be okay, it was only a cut. It was night-time anyway, that was reason enough to be tired. I tried not to worry any more but it was hard. I wanted to somehow sit beside him and hold him tight and just whisper sweet words in his sleep, anything to comfort him somehow, wheather he needed it or not.
Instead I held his hand, picking up on every twitch of his long fingers, every squeeze to my palm.

"Come on... You can't sleep like this forever." I nudged Gerard after about half an hour, poking his chest mostly in curiosity. He didn't stir so I tried again, with no response.
"And I'm the princess..." I muttered aloud to myself. I looked at his once hungry lips, remember seeing them as scarlet as the blood through them and how they smiled at upon seeing me. It reminded me that he doted on me too, as much as I loved him even. It was sort of weird...

Then I thought of one more thing. Sleeping beauty. He had his hands clasped on his stomach too in a sort of angelic pose. Inside that glass coffin I had felt I had broken at least twice before, but this time I had truly shattered it, physically, along with some of the fair body beneath. How many layers did his coffin hold?

My sleeping beauty lay still and I decided to have a little 'fun', despite the current situation. I got up and decided to play fairlytales with the unknowing Gerard. Maybe true loves kiss would wake him up? If not startle him awake.
I placed one foot in the tepid water and followed it with the next. The water was a good way up my shin. Regardless of having my underwear on, I kneeled down and reached out for Gerard's face with both hands, anchoring myself. The cool water instantly agitated my body and I hated the way my underwear clung to me.

I leaned, ready for a few soconds. Gerard didn't move under my hands at all so I aligned myself, ready for the grand awakening, only to ultimately let him fall asleep again.
I pressed my parted lips to his for a short moment, savouring the feeling and hoping it would be enough to wake him. I heard a small moan so I lowered my body more onto his, aware of his member just touching agiainst mine. I tried again, pressing harder and running my tongue along his lips, teasing him in any way I thought fit, taking quick little kisses and stopped to kneel back and observe as I felt some movements beneath me.

Gerard pawed at the air and opened his eyes the tiniest bit.
"Frankie... C'mon, I'm trying to sleep."
I smiled down, hiding my obvious puzzlement. He was sleeping in the bath for God'd sake...
"Oooh! No don't... Don't sit there on me." He managed a short giggle, of sorts, and pulled himself to sit up.
"Gerard, you can't sleep in the bath... You'll soak up all the water by time it's morning!" I warned in a serious tone, getting up, ready to haul him up with me. "You clean enough?" I asked, nodding at him.
"Yeah I'm good."

"Can I trust you coming to bed in 5 minutes?" I teased, running my fingers lightly dwon the inside of his arms. Gerard withrew from the tickling sensation and nodded, preparing to get up himself. "Okay, just come in as you are, but dry yourself first." I warned, in all seriuosness.
I dried myself on a town and stripped off my horrible-feeling boxers and went to bed naked, awaiting Gerard to do the same so I could curl up next to him and stroke his hair and talk quietly to him and fall asleep next to his comforting presence. He should be fine, I told myself.
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