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Gerard: I felt absolutely shattered when I woke up. It took me a while actually to register what was going on, not just around me I mean. I turned around and rubbed noses with Frankie. He was sleeping calmly, hands outstretched towards me. his eyelids fluttered as if he were about to wake up as well but he didn't: Frank looked very contented really, so serene laying there.
I grumbled and sighed inwardly and propped myself up on my elbow and observed Frank a little longer, took in every detail.
Rested my eyes on every part visible, only to distract my mind from the numbing pain, stemming mainly from my chest head and my ass. It really hurt to just move about so I stayed still for a while, regaining a more awake and prepared state for getting up and functioning. I brushed Frankie's hair out his eyes, bringing that dark curtain away from his pretty and slightly impsihly-cheeky face. I love when he smiles in his sleep, it's adorable, really.

He seemed a little less capable of such delightful lusty things he had practised on me. I reached down and planted a firm kiss on his forehead, holding him to my lips with a light hand. No matter what, Frank is so considerate. Running that bath for instance; just becuase he was concerned that I didn't want to stay so messy for so long. I would have happily cleaned myself off with a lick and a cloth but he actaully seemed to have dragged me out of bed, sliding me into the water too.

Frank amazes me. He was like my first real chance but second attempt at a relationship like this. So perfect to me, no matter what he might do, Frank will always be dear Frank. No matter what we turn out to be after... I'll always of had him. There's no denying I want to be with him forever, I really feel lost if he's gone for too long but I know I gotta be realistic.

I trusted though that he wouldn't leave me. I remembered when Frank had joked about running away from everything. Parents, school, his past. It was a sad joke, his face sank a little when I shook my head. I caught him with an embrace, anything to say I'd be there for however long he might need. I wanted to mkae him happy for however long I'd know him, unlike my previous world. The one I let slip away, the one I didn't fight for.

I took to gently running my hands through his hair. I did this to Mikey a few times, he was really... I dunno, into it it seemed. Mikey's very affectionate like that, he'll let you just hug him and pick him up and stuff. It's great, we have such a 'touchy' relationship. I only like stuff liek that if I really lve someone and well, he's my little brother. I tickled the nape of Frank's neck lovingly, the tiny new hairs soft and silk-like on the tips of my fingers.

Whatever brought us together wasnt just normal, I was convinced of this. It was a power I was certain wasn't common between lovers. It still had pains and many cracks on the raod, but that was part of the magic. Frank's being only seemed to smooth them out. To the end of the road, nothing would extinguish the flame, stop the carnage, cease the violent desires along with us.

Frank grumbled and writhed, then rolling onto his back, arms now spread in a clumsy way around his head. It hurt but I swung a leg over him, my preferred position on him at the time. I strained to keep most of my weight off him. I could feel roughly feel where I hovered over the thin sheets. He was close to waking up, I could see his expression shift from happy to perplexed, his eyebrows twitching a couple times.

"Gee.." He murmured, trying to sit up, but unable to do so as I trapped him under the sheets.
"Good morning, lovely." I launched myself into his arms, tackling him down and attacking him with kisses like an adoring puppy; licking in between like a kitten. Frank groaned, holding me closer with a weak grip.
"What's this?" He giggled, tossing his head playfully to get away from me.
"I hurt all over but it won't stop me lovin' ya." I put no though into what I had said, regardless of guilt-factor, only going back to kissing the corners of his lips, his following appologies simply flying over my head.
"R... Really?" He raised his head and nudged me off to look at him. I stared back, not daring to flinch from the jolt of pain from half sitting up again. I shrugged and went for his jugular this time, wanting to just smother him with love or some cheesy crap that means I love him absolutely. It was almost like we had tipped over the edge, or so I had felt.

Having got to the top of the steep mountain, we had finally got to the plains at the top, our relationship in the clear for the foreseeable future. Sure, a perfect true lovers ease is not the easiest thing to develop but I felt we wer almost there. The point where you could just tug them around and pull them to you freely without question or glances of approval. That would be bliss when we reached that state; that would be something.

Normally we'd sheepishly squoosh up to each other in the morning, shyly drawing close for a consented kiss or two before getting ourselves together. This morning though it seemed totally natural to just do this, just so happy to be close again.
That morning just seemed different, I couldn't be sure of why exactly. Maybe the need for romance had been beaten into me last night, I have no idea to be honest. Something was different that I hoped would be the same forever. I don't want the violent sex-rage to dissapear, I wanted 'this' to be simply added onto it. Give it all some more depth perhaps. A stronger bond, a seal.

Frank stopped me by holding out his two hands to my mouth, restraining me fully.
"Gerard! Stop it, if you hurt you shouldn't..." he paused and his face went red as I poked out my tongue to slowly trace from one side of his hands to the other, prising them apart by slipping my tongue in between where they met. "Gee..." He gave up and suddenly let me go, holding out his arms. I gave up on my part too, just emracing him, inhaling his sweet scent, topped with sweat and that musky hint of sex that the whole bed ahad adopted.

I rocked myself forward to tighten my hold on him, nestling into his neck and shoulder. Frank sighed happily through his badly hidden worry. He has to stop caring sometimes, well, at the appropraite times. Right then, I needed his love back and badly, not his concern. That wouldn't keep me happy at that moment.

"You were really... Good." I murmured, hidden under his ear, nibbling lightly on his oddly stretchy skin. It was true though, he was really good at hitting all the right places, if only he had taken a tiny bit more care as to not tear me, nothing could have felt better. That said, having it clean compared to having it rough would probably suck. It was so animalistic and dirty and just all that kinda jazz I crave. Frank had truly passed the fucking test.

I don't think he knew how to react until he whispered a "Thanks." and "It was... Just so...... So - I loved it too." He resolved, nuzzling my shoulder.

"Hnnn.... can we stay in bed all day then?" I asked innocently, getting up slowly to straddle him again, tracing a finger across his tummy in spirals, down to where the sheets began but no doubt attractig attention to my naked self at the same time. It could be interpreted either way: Me wanting more sex or just me being playful with him.

Frank wailed a low reply, burying his head in his arm, probably from embarassment.
"What?" I pressed further, rolling to lay beside him, swinging my legs happily through the air above me like some kid.
"I dunno... You were pretty... Messed up last night." Frank said honestly, wide intense eyes searching mine for some clue as to what I really wanted from him.
"Meh." I shrugged again, determined not to let the pain break the surface of my otherwise indifferent expression. "Painkillers." I tapped the tip of his cute nose and burrowed under the covers, the chill getting to me.

"'Kay." Frank obviously took this as a command and got up. I watched, too tired and sore to get up as well. He yanked on some blue briefs and then some gray socks, leaning against the wardrobe to balance himself.

"Frank." I reached out a hand to tel him to stop. "Where are you going?" I sat up quickly as he pulled on some jeans. "Don't go!"
Frankie stopped in his midst and looked back at me, eyes blazing with some deep dtermination of his. "Dunno, gonna get you some pills. I'll only be a minute. Mind if I take $5?"
"No!" I cried, sitting upright now, "I'm fine! Just stay here with me."
Frank wandered over and knelt down by the bedside, taking my hand and holdingit to his cheek.
"I'l only be a minute baby, okay?" He kissed the palm of my hand and gently pushed my head down until I was lying down again. Frank pulled the covers up over my head too and got up to pull on a top.

"Frank...!" I called out, annoyed that he was leaving me so soon.
"Gee!" He called back in a mocking tone, a smile spreading out, "Just sleep, I'll bring us up some food too."
"Food?" I repeated, rasing my head as I repeated hopefully.
"Yeah." Frank smiled and picked up the keys, leaving me laying there feeling rather hopelss.

If I had the fucking determination and willpower I'd have got up to stop him but really.... There was little point, the pain would only rile up on itself again, doubling no doubt if not quadrupling.

Frank: I slinked downstiars and back to the check in desk. That guy who had checked us in yesterday was there, idly tapping his fingers to the bland song softly uttering through a concealed speaker system.
"Uh, hi." I waved at him, though I was within touching distance.
"Hello. How can I be helping ya?" He asked, eyes dragging themselves up to meet mine instead of the cheapy desk.
"Is there a drugstore anywhere? For painkillers?" I asked, rubbing at my neck irratatedly.
"No sorry, only groceries through there, lucky to get sleeping pills there." He motioned to the double doors behind me where the small shop was located.
"Oh. You... You don't have any do you? It's just that my friend, he's.... Ill so..." I trailed off, examining the desk myself now.
"Not the sorta thing I have on me, sorry pal."
"Shit. I can't drive either. Is there a place nearby though?" I wanted to cover everybase, just in case.
"Yeah, a gas station just a kilmoeter or so down the road." He shot me a puzzled look.
"Shit..." I repeated. Then I turned on my vulnerable face to try and ask a favour. "Look, I know it's weird but could you maybe help me get my hands on some then?"

"Sorry..." He shook his head. Apparently he wasn't one for falling for aother guys innocent expressions or batted eyelids.

I nodded as if it weren't a huge deal.
"So, how long would it take to walk there?"
He shot me an increasingly worried face, as if to say, 'you're joking, right?'
"Well once you're out by the road then it's only a kilometerbut I wouldn't reccomend it."

"Thanks. G'bye." I waved once again and prepared myself for the cold as I stormed out the door. It had to be done, really and it's not like 1 measly k would do any harm. It my untold duty to get Gerard up and running again. I wanted to do it as quick as possible.
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