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Embarassment Spree

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Frank takes to the road, in sub-zero temperatures. He's crazy like that.

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Frank: I had never been so happy to see a gas station in my life. It was probably the worst day I had ever seen weather wise. It was close to a fuckin' snowstorm out there, wind, snow the whole lot and I'm proud to say I never considered going back. Even in my t-shirt too. The line between plain stupid and noble/kind was forgotten the moment I took a step out the motel doors. I can get through things without many hitches if I really set my mind to it. I had to do it, I'm quite bad for that: thinking of an idea and jsut going for it, not backing down is never an option if I'm charged enough.

I fetched a few questioning looks from the customers in there. I waited under a heater to try and warm up a little, creating a mental shopping list. (Very) Basic food, band aids, some iron rich stuff and painkillers. Luckily all the money I had in my pockets would cover it. There were only 3 people there, including the girl at the till. Still, I felt a little odd being the strangest looking person there. It's stupid, I should be used to that most places but I hate being in a small crowd when I stand out sometimes. I could have sworn this guy looked like my old geometry teacher but I didn't dare to look him in the eyes. Anyone from my old school wouldn't welcome me kindly.

I was immeadiately drawn to the drug section where there was an offer on, luckily enough. I took a bottle of painkillers and some of those iron supplements. I used to have to take these at the start of my vegatarian poineer but the embarassment of taking some 'womens' meds got to me around my dad. (They had the highest amount of iron in them and were often the only type available) I really wanted some snacks as well but the $7 only got me an additional packet of chips, though it was pretty big admittedly, and a small pack of beef jerky. My god, beef jerky is probably my favourite meat of all time.
You can't mess up beef jerky, (same as with pepperoni pizza compared to blowjobs - even if its a crap pepproni pizza, you're still getting one) you just can't. Jerky was probably the hardest meat to keep away from. Even harder to get away from than sizzling bacon.

The girl stared at me like I was some serious idiot in such light clothes, snow caught in my hair and buying some women oriented medication.
"Nice choice there." She commented drly, scanning the purple box last.
"It's for my boy ~"I cut myself off, remembering the last time I casually let it slip who I was in a relationship with. Not great really, they were pretty big on religion it seemed and an aggresive customer too. "My friend."
The woman was about to give me the stare when a man entered the store, she obviously knew as she called out his name and waved all crazily for his attention.
"Lacey." He nodded at her, approching the desk. Not the Lacey I had been told about, right?
'Lacey' handed me my items, diverting her attention to him now.
"Enjoy your Estrogen buddy." I stalked off, only to be hit in the face by the cold I had grown to soon dislike while in the store.

I clutched the bag and looked down at the snowed up conrete as I passed the small parking lot at the filling station. It didn't occur how long it had taken me to get there and I figured it was too long to keep Gerard waiting like that so i picked up to the pace. Once I was on the straight bit of ground alongside the road, I ran for it, not stopping once.

Gerard: Frank burst through the door, jolting me awake again. I rubbed my eyes as the light poured into the dark room, filtering out as Frank let the door shut.
I couldn't quite believe my eyes at what I saw before me.
Frank was wet and some fluffy bits of snow clung to him all over, already melting away.

I let myself flop down to lie down again, figuring he'd come to me. Being right, I stared up at Frankie's red face as he panted still.
Oh god... He'd been out somewhere in the cold. He pressed the back of his hand to my cheek. I felt the cold transfer onto my face, spreading out fast. It was truly freezing "That's how cold it is today." He sing-songed in a flat tune.
"Oh Frank, you didn't need to go out!" I wriggled around, reluctant to get up properly.

"Gerard, just get up, I got you some meds and some food." I obeyed him right away, seeing as he went to such a big effort, propping myself up aginst the large fluffly pillows.

"Then come to bed and warm up!" I reached for the bag but Frank yanked it out of my reach.
"In a moment, I'm just gonna get you a drink for these."

Frank emerged from the bathroom with a bag of what looked like beef jerky and a cup of water precariously balanced in his palm, pills tucked under it to make it even less balanced.
He handed the water to me fast accompanied by a sigh of relief and sat down beside me with his precious bag of jerky.
I placed the four pills on my tongue and washed them down with a sip of water. Seeing as I might need some later, I put the small cup on the nearby nightstand. I felt all four of the large-ish pills scrape their way down my throat but it didn't bother me, relief was on the way at last.

"Thanks Frankie." I turned around to cuddle up to him longingly and resting my head on his shoulder.
"It's no big deal." He patted my head, seemingly pretty worn out.
"I love that you love me so much." I grinned in my crooked way and squeezed him tighter.

"Hm." He patted my head agin, for longer and I crawled up aginst him even further. I didn't want him to feel guilty about any of this, I hate to see him in a low mood.
That's my job (in my opinion).

In a way, I deserved all this, the pain, it's the way I am. I had outstreched a hand to Frankie, It's as if it's my job to keep him safe, to hold him close, despite how I might feel. Even if I'm a bad person, I can't let any of the bad diseases burning away at me even touch him. Frank doesn't need or ask for any of my shitty baggage as it is. I have to protect Frank, if anything. Especailly after that night. That would be the lkast time I'd let anyhing befall him. Or else, I would fail him and myself.

"I slipped you some iron you know." He said rather quietly. "You've bled a lot recently." He emitted a dry little laugh.

"Yeah, I'm so stupid like that, huh?" I nuzzled him needily, it didn't surprise me he had given me another medication, the pills weren't similar in shape or colour. I trusted Frank wouldn't give me anything I didn't need anyway, there was no need to question the capsules he gave me. "So - you coming back to bed?" I tugged at his soggy shirt annoyedly.

"Ahh..." I didn't let Frank make up his mind and stripped it right off and he got to work on his pants, seemingly unconciously pulling them off. He lay back down where I sprawled across him lazily, half lying on top of him. I gabbed the sheet and pulled it over us.

"And you've been too cold recently." I kissed the tip of his nose, not making any further moves to shift my weight.

"Hey, do you not... Wanna put some clothes on? Are you not a little cold ina certain department?"
"Decide for yourself Frankie!" I teased,pushing gently down on his hips.
"If you should put on undies? Either answer'll be -" I cut him off wti ha swift but involuntary thrust of my hips up aginst his.
"Well you could but I was hinting you see if I'm cold yourself." I held straight as he giggled away at my not so subtle half-joke.
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