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Don't Breath

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Pete wentz's high school sweet heart died leaving him father of there 16 year old daughter who he has never meet but can she suvave in the vampire world

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She gazed over just one more time to make sure he was asleep. He was, she slipped out the bed as quietly as she could his vampire would no question pick it up if she wasn’t careful. She escaped the lavish bed room with no trouble.

Her feet hit the cold tiled floor of Williams’s privet kitchen no one was up yet as the sun was only starting to set. She had to get out there was no two ways about it, she had to get away from William. There was a small window, she could climb on the counter and get out, it may work the only thing was that she had no idea where she was she only moved in with her father 10 days ago and be cause so was so painfully shy she had barely said three word to him or his friends.

She looked out the window in hope but then a silky wrapped itself around her waist. She froze as the undead arm pulled her closer to its owner. She felt the cold breath on her neck as the voice whispered “trying to get away are we” he laughed the unmistakable of William Beckett “so like your father”

She wanted to scream she wanted to beg that he wouldn’t kill her but her voice had deserted her. His pale fingers ran down the vein in her neck. She was now shacking with fear why because in those to days William had managed to put so much fear for him in her heart. He could mess with her she was his play thing, she would have scars on her back where William had decided to drag his long sharp finger nail down it but he said she was lucky that Brendon his second in command wasn’t there yet because he was going to do far worst to her

He laughed once more before shoving her in to the arms of another dandy
“Brendon” he said to the dandy in the black suit “please make sure Miss Wentz is taken care of”
She shrived as she looked up at him
“Oh Miss Wentz is it” Brendon smiled as he dug his nails in to the soft flesh of her arms; she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming out in pain.

He started to drag her away thinking up all sorts of sinister thing to do to her all to get back at that bastard Pete Wentz

“Oh and Brendon” William said she looked at William pleadingly this only made him snicker
“I need her alive” Brendon looked disappointed “for the moment” Brendon cruel smile returned
“yes master Beckett” Brendon said then dragged her away $$$
Pete was sobbing hard in to his hands, he was so annoyed at himself for this
"my god" he started "she's been with us for less than two weeks and Wiliiam has already got her, i must be the wrost fucking dad in the world" the eye liner streaked down his face "I'm suprised i havent fucking drained her of her blood yet althought i think william has already done that for me!"
"dont think like that" patrick snapped causeing everyone to look at him which brought an unstopable blush creep on to his cheeks "Mona has most likly made a friend at school
and she is at there house and she's freaking out because she can't get a hold of you because you lost your phone when we fought those punk vamps she's safe" Patrick said
"uh..."Dirty cut "i phoned her phone like 26 times and got like no anwser"
this only made pete sob harder "i dont give a fuck what they do to me just leave Mona out of it"
"dont worrie pete we'll get mona back" joe said
Pete heard the thump of joe's heart he could smell the blood in his vein's it called his name
peter peter go on you know you want to
No he wouldn't not joe noy anyone no more taking life
patrick hated seeing pete like this, she was his fucking double. they looked like each other they act like each other hell the first day she was here they where sitting next to each in the exact same fasion.
"Pete..." Patrick said bringing him one of his smoothes
Pete sighed "Two weeks ago my high school sweet heart who had moved to london died on that day i found out i was a father but i didnt just loss a girlfriend but a son. my son Dean he was the only one to die in a school bus crash, but i got a daughter who's now with william god i'm fucked"
bump bump bump went patricks heart pete saw the smoothie and downed it

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