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Dark room Dark thoughts

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this is with help from killjoyevilpanda she's the best :D

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Mona shivered at the thought of what Brendon might do to her. She looked around and all she saw was darkness, she couldn’t see a thing. She whimpered and shakes helplessly and this made Brendon’s smile. He loved his mind games; he loved the smell of fear.

She heard the tap of the fine Italian leather shoes before being hurled across the room; she heard a snap in her left wrist and yelped out in pain and surprise. Brendon chuckled darkly; he pulled her up by her short black hair. Brendon's sinful grin never left his face. Brendon quickly smacked her on to the floor; this caused her to take in a sharp breath. He kicked her in the ribs several times before bending down and looking at her bruised body. He ran a cold had up the flesh.
"Mmh" Brendon purred "you are a beauty"
~"what Hun oh no I’m just getting started"
"Why?" she said not looking him the question caught Brendon off guard
"Well because your father has pissed not only me off but Master Beckett so he must pay and to make him pay we will use you" he smiled realising a knife from his pocket he grabbed her right wrist and made five deep slow pain filled cuts. He drank deeply from the cuts not enough to kill her just enough to keep her weak. God knows she's a fighter like her father
He rose once more kicking her a few more times breaking three more ribs
"I have to hand it to you by this point Peter was out cold" Brendon giggled
She felt her painful body being thrown on to a bed
Brendon jumped on to her "aw so sweet so innocent a virgin yes"
She immediately caught what he was saying. She struggled

"Mona" Pete yelled Patrick dashed into the room to find a sobbing Pete "what the fucking hell did I ever do to him" Pete lied
"Pete what’s wrong"
"Brendon.... Mona...... mother fucker's r... ra...raping her" Pete sobbed into Patricks shoulder
Patrick’s heart beat thumped in Pete's ears

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