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when you wake

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When Mona awoke her breathing was laboured the pain in her wrist and sides where so intense and she felt sick. So sick and weak that she could not sit up her vision was blurred but she could make out two figures.

“Brendon please keep her down” William growled
“With pleasure” Brendon purred

Brendon held her down in the most painful way possible by her wrist. Williams’s slender finger danced down the vein in her neck. He chuckled before bending down and sinking his sharp fangs into her neck. It happened so fast Mona couldn’t stop it; she took in a sharp breath.

Her body got so weak her breathe became shallow gasps. William stood at his full height of 6’1 and looked down at his prize.

“What shall we do now” Brendon asked
The look on peter’s face would be priceless if he found his daughter a vampire.

William smiled down at the girl who was on her death bed, William removed the cufflinks from his pressed white shirt which had a small amount of blood spattered on it he rolled up the shirt. He bite into his wrist ripping opened the vein. Blood swelled to the surface.

Brendon’s eye lit up as he saw the blood, his thirst for was terrible at times.
William put his wrist the Mona’s mouth she tried to fight back but Brendon grabbing her hair and forcing her. But as the sweet coppery tasted made its way down Mona’s throat she developed a taste for it.

William smiled this was almost to easy he thought to himself

Pete sat down at the island in the middle of the dark warehouse there where only a set bedroom and bath room the rest was just on large room.

The silence was eerie yet strangely welcome.
The silence was broken but the ring of the phone. All four of the hunters rushed over to it. Pete’s hand reached out and lifted the phone

“Hel... Hello” Pete said licking his lips
“Hello” said a very cheerful woman said on the other end of the phone “I’m looking for Miss Mona Wentz”
“Em… she’s not here can I take a message” Pete said looking at the guys who stood round listening to the conversation
“Oh… ok well I’m Mrs. Annie Coal from the royal Scottish academy for music and drama it’s about her scholar ship”
“Scholar ship” Pete chocked
“Yes she is one of the greatest actors I’ve ever seen” the woman beamed
“I’ll get that to her then thank you” Pete hung up the phone

Pete walked over to the couched and the silence returned but only added to it was Pete’s sobs.
“Pete you ok?” Patrick asked
“I fucking ruined her life” Pete said looking down at his feet
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