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a letter a desion

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William sat on the bed with a new vampire in his lap yes young Miss Mona wentz was now a vampire. He ran his fingers through her black hair just like Pete’s. William hadn’t taken time to look at her she had Pete’s eyes, she was Pete's double. Pale completion and the few times he had heard her talk she had talked with a British accent. he mother must have moved her there.

She was so sweet and despite her t-shirt that said 'size zero not my hero' he suspected that she was under weight something that Pete would have noticed. He wasn’t going to let this one get away not like Peter or Zackary or Nicola no he must not think about her...

There was a knock at the door pulling William from his thoughts,
"Come in" William said moving Mona from his lap he stood up and addressed whom ever had entered the room
It was a young dandy they where always the funniest they didn’t know of the vampire world didn’t know how it worked always scared them. They got a lot of hassle for it. Williams’s maker Gabe always loved to torture young vampires.

The young dandy if he remembered correctly was called Daniel. His face paled at the sight of Mona. This made William chuckle
"Daniel yes?"
"Yes master Beckette" he said looking at him then at his feet
"I sent for you so as you could give this letter to someone" he said producing a letter from the pocket in his inside jacket "take this to Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz 3rd"
"Yes master Beckette" Daniel said
"Go now" "William said
"Yes master Beckette" he said scurrying out the room
Pete grabbed the dandy by the that and pushed him up against a wall
"What do you want?" Pete hissed at him
"I have a letter" he said

Pete took the letter from the dandy and read it

Dear Peter

I hope this letter finds you well, well as well as can be expected after all you want you if you want your daughter back you will have meet me at the church outside of town you will hand yourself over and she will go free. Think it over

William Beckette

Pete looked at his friends
"Look after of Mona for me" they looked at him but didn’t protest
"I’ll keep her away from drugs and alcohol" Joe said
"I’ll beat up any assholes... boys who even look at her" Andy said
"I’ll keep her away from Joe as much as possible" they laughed at Patricks joke
But all knew the gravity of the situation

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A7x will make an appearance
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