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the church and the word

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Kill joy evil panda helped allot with this chap enjoy R&R please thanks to shortygirl

When Mona awoke she found herself on a bench in the church. She had always had a fear of churches but they always fasonated her. She quickly looked around no one had noticed she was up, she could escape. She slipped of the bench on to the cold stone floor. She let out a shaky breath and looks towards the door no one.
Bloody eijets she thought to herself
She took of in a quick but quiet dash before someone’s arm swirled round her waist she let out a yelp of surprised
He laughed as she struggled against him. "Struggle all you want honeys your not going any where" he hissed in her ear. Twisting her arm causing pain to surge through her body. She bit her lip against the pain
"Aw not screaming well I can fix that" he said ever word dripping with venom
"Brendon" William yelled at him Brendon dropped Mona to the floor
"She is not to be hurt any more" William said his tone cold
"Sorry master Beckets" Brendon said "can I still tie her up"
"What you think I’m going to do it" William said

Pete never went near churches the crosses hurt him but he had to for Mona his daughter
Andy drove the car Pete sat looking at his feet hood over his head
"We could ... I mean ....”
"No" Pete said mournfully
"You get her out of here leave me you have to swear" Pete said looking the drummer in the eye
Andy nodded "you got it Pete"
They pulled up to the church "I’ll is you Pete" Andy said tears in his eyes and pulled his friend into a huge
"You too" Pete said and got out of the car

Pete pushed the wooden door of the church opened his eyes scanned they room they fell on a large stone cross to which he found Mona his eyes widened without thinking he ran to her
Then stop at the click of the fine Italian shoes "hello peter" Brendon said "remember me and how you left me to the mercy of William" he snarled then punched Pete so hard he hit the floor
"Brendon gets Mona down" William said
"You said you'd let her go"
"I lied"
Brendon William and Mona stood above Pete

Then suddenly a stake came filching from no where and hit Brendon in the side
Andy ran and caught Pete scrambled to his feet and ran to but was caught by unread hands William the door shut Pete was gone

"We have to go back" Mona cried in to Andy chest
"We cant I’m sorry" he said
There was no end to this girls suffering
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