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Mona bit her lip as her read the lines of an old worn copy of true grit. She finished it for the 12 time and was now officially bored all her books she had read but she had to do something to get her mind off of Pete.

She sighed and Joe looked at her.


“Yes” she said

Joe looked at the book

“You’ll read pretty much anything huh?” he asked

“Where you going with this Trohman?” she said

“Well down at the charity shop they do like a box of books for two bucks interested?”


Joe grabbed his car keys and they headed down to the charity shop once there they took one box.

“Hold on” she said to Joe as she stopped at a book. Alice in wonder land one of her favorites her mother got her, her first cope but lost on the move over she sigh as she reached up to it before a hand hit hers.

“Oh sorry” they both said at the same time she meet eyes with a young man. Brown hair shaggy on his head and brown eyes. His eyes make up was done to perfection.

“Hi” he said as she looked in to his innocent eyes. Her where covered by sunglasses

“Hi” she said

“I’m Ryan, Ryan Ross” he said out sticking his hand

“I’m Mona, Mona Wentz” she took his hand and shook it

Ryan handed her the worn out old cope of Alice in wonder land and gave her a boyish smile before leaving the shop

Ryan made sure no one was in eye shot before pulling out his phone and dialing the number quickly. He tapped his foot and soon a smooth velvet voice came on the phone

“Hello Ryan” he said

“Brendon I saw her”


Brendon sat up quickly “what” he said

“I. Saw. Her”

Brendon’s lips curled in to a cruel smile “thank you Ryan I shall see you later”

“Brendon” Ryan’s voice was small

“Yes” Brendon said the s rolling off his lips

“Do... do you still… still love me?” Ryan said he voice a little shaky

“Yes of course I do” Brendon cooed

Ryan smiled and Brendon hung up the phone


Williams’ smile grew at the news that Brendon came to his office with. William looked down at a beaten broken Pete Wentz at his feet

“Hear that Peter” William said “your going to have a little family reunion soon” he laughed

“Keep your hands off her you bastard” Pete raspy voice said

Brendon gave Pete a swift kick to the chest. And William made tis sound of disappointment as he walked out the room

“You might want to enjoy the silence Peter because when Mona get here I’m going to make her scream” Brendon laughed cruelly

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