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I'm Okay..I promise

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Right yes Frank does self harm in this but it does get better. Basically Frank likes Gee and Gee likes Frank but their opposites. Mahhh I'm no good at summaries.

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I'm Okay...I promise
Seeing him sent butterflies through my stomach. I'd had a crush on this boy Gerard, for 3 years now. I wasn't going to let it get more than that. I was 18 and still at school. I graduated later this year, well next year. It was only september and after a long, summer I was able to see him again.

We still had to wear school uniform even though we were, in sixth form. But Gerard, made it his own(this was his name Gerard). The uniform was a black blazer, a tie, a white shirt and black shoes.

It wasn't exactly a nice uniform but I could live with it. Obviously Gerard couldn't though. It was the first day back and his blazer was cut, halfway up his arms. He wore his tie loosely and tight black skinny trousers. Along with black All Stars.

In my mind he was an angel, but also my personal hell. I was a bi so I did like girls, but there was something about Gerard. He'd turned me to bi in the first place by being so damn sexy.

Like last year, Gerard was in all my classes. I knew this because I had a quick look at his time table while, he was sitting next to me. I'd never said one word to him before, afraid that i'd do or say something stupid.

It was torture being next to him, he smelt of cigarettes and sometimes had the smell of coffee, plastered over him. It was the smell, that was constantly in my head.

Some one as perfect as him would never like me. God I didn't even think he was gay. Sometimes I had a feeling he was but that was just me. Every one loved me because of his individuality. I had that too, but everyone hated me. Calling me a emo fag and saying that I should cut my wrists and die.

Sometimes Gerard got involved. This is what hurt, because he didn't know he was killing me, crushing my soul every time he did it. There he was sitting next to me now oblivious to this fact.

Gerard had longer hair than me almost down to his shoulders, but he was loved by everyone. I had short hair with a fringe that covered most of my face. I was into misfits and Iron Maiden. I didn't know what Gerard liked but I guess it was probably, that crappy pop music.

Thinking about it, I didn't know anything about him, except the obvious. Which was that he is gorgeous. Nothing was happening much this lesson, we were just sorting out books and sticking in sheets. The first week at school was always the best. I have to admit.

"Heyy can I borrow a pen please...freak." he paused before he said freak and I didn't get why.
"Get in there Gee." a boy with brown spiked hair said this. Why couldn't he just leave me alone, things were already hard enough. I grabbed a pen and threw it down on the desk. He smirked, I guess he was happy because what had happened. He didn't talk to me again.

The rest of the day passed in a blur till I got home. No one was in which, wasn't unusual. I was adopted and my 'parents' were lawers so they were always busy with work. I went into my bedroom and grabbed the book under my bed. I hadn;t written in it for so long so it was time I used it again.

I looked at the last diary entry, it was covered with drops of blood. I instinctly grabbed my wrist. It was Gerard's fault one day he pushed me too far I couldn't take it anymore. I had been self harming ever since.

I looked at the blood and suddenly had an urge to see fresh blood. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a razor. I smashed the plastic and made sure I only had one blade. I put my iPod on and put it against my wrist.

I made the first cut and a wash of stinging warmth came over me. I felt good, like all my emotions were running out of me. It was my way with coping with school, and what had happened in my past.

I pressed some toilet paper against my wrist till they stopped bleeding. I'd only done three. That was better than normal. I flushed the paper down the toilet and headed back to my room to write in my diary. It wasn't going to be long but I needed to get, a few things out.

Dear Diary, School was shit as usual. My feelings for Gee haven't changed. I wish they would though. He hates me. Today he called me a freak and he got his group shouting at me at lunch. I also had sandwiches and other food thrown at me. I hate being a loner but I suppose I'm used to it. I'll write in you soon. Frankie xoxox
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