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Actions speak louder than words

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basically this is Gee about the forst day back ^_^ I wanted you to see both sides to this day (:

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Actions speak louder than words
Gerard: First day back. I knew who I wanted to see, but I wouldn't admit it to myself. I pulled my blazer out that, I had last summer. I already had my shirt and tie on. My skinny trousers were also on, I just needed my blazer.

I hoped it would still fit. Even if it did't I would pass it on as a new trend. Truth was I tried to get most of myself, who I was into the school uniform. At weekends I wore black skinny jeans and a band top. Usually Iron Maiden or Misfits.

No-one knew this at school though, they though I was a trend setter I was, far from it. I had a Misfit bag in my wardrobe but I never took it to school. I had friends so I wasn't about to become a loner.

I sighed and grabbed the Nike rucksack off the floor, and headed downstairs. I never had people meet, me to walk to school or have people around for that matter. My room was covered in drawings for comics and of people, I wan't about to let people see that.

The cool september air greeted me as I got outside. School was only 2 minutes away so I started running I wanted to get ther, so I could see what his timetable was. I hoped like last year we would have the same timetables. If not I would change mine.

I seated myself in the middle of the classroom, in first lesson. It was religious studies, something that made me so bored it could put me to sleep. If I was right he would come in last, and no one would sit next to me, unless I asked.

I was right in walked Frank, perfect as usual. His fringe covering his face and his blazer being, a bit too big. He was perfect though. His trousers were tight, but not as tight as mine. He also wore converse but not hi tops, low cut ones.

His face was a cross of sadness and being scared as he took the only empty, seat next to me. I knew why he hated me so much, I was mean to him after all. I hated doing it to him, but I had to keep up my image. A little way into the lesson I had to have an, excuse to talk to him.

"Heyy can I borrow a pen please." I paused and thought "freak" I regretted the last words, as his eyes seemed to grow emotionless. There was nothing behind them except darkness. Frank threw the pen on the table and a pang, of guilt went through me.
"Get in there Gee" Matt the boy behind had congragulated me. I smirked but not out of happiness but out of, regret and forgiveness.

I made sure the rest of the lesson was in scilence. I went to the back of, my new book and tore a piece of paper out. Frank seemed to not be paying attention to me. On the paper I wrote 'I'm sorry'.

I wanted to pass this to Frank but I couldn't. Not only was I a scardey cat, but I was thinking of my reputation. I was in deep thoughts of Frank when the bell went, I crumpled the note up and dropped it gently, so it fell to the floor.

I made sure for the rest of the, lessons up to lunch I didn't have to sit next to Frank. I didn't know if I could. I'd made him feel so miserable in less then a hour being, at school. I was about to make things even worse though.

"I know lets throw sandwiches and call him names, no one can protect him he's all by himself." I just smiled a brittle smile and nodded. Of course i'd go along with it no matter how much, I hated it.

All that lunch we threw stuff at Frank and called him names. I ran to the bathrooms and let a few tears run down my cheeks. I wasn't a mean person really, I had just mixed in with the wrong people.

When I got home I went straight to my bedroom. I rached undernesth my bed until, I came across the leather bound diary. I had started it at the begining of the summer holidays and, had written in it everyday.

In this diary held lyrics and guitar parts to the songs i'd written. My brother Mikey played bass, but not guitar so for some, of the songs I only had bass. That was okay though I suppose. I went to my desk and plopped myself down on the chair. Grabbing a pen out of the drawer I began to write.

Dear Diary, I'm a mean horrible person, who deserves to die. I can't believe I was that mean to Frankie. If i'm honest he's me but on a less popular scale. He's also not afraid to be himself. Seeing him with no emotion behind his eyes after, I called him freak hurt me. He's not a freak he's sweet, beautiful and in a way fragile. I wish I could do something but... i'd rather try to get, over Frankie. I have friends this way no matter how much it pains me.
Love Gee xxx
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