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Smile and die

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Frankie's done some very dark things that he's trying to make up for. It may be harder than he anticipated when he runs into an old friend

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Frank's Point of view

Together, Gee, Mikey and I left the art room. Mikey was huffing about his math teacher, and Gee was laughing as Mikey described how he'd gotten yelled at for being late.

“Sounds like he tore you a new one,” I interjected, making Gee giggle. I realized what I had said and laughed. Then I thought. About nothing and everything. Little things. Like how Gee's eyes sparkled when he laughed and the tiny circles he was rubbing into the back of my hand and how tall he was when he wasn't slouched over.

And about how I was going to have to keep certain things from him. I'd gotten lucky in art, distracting him by painting his face. And the girl who asked me about my painting, well I was a good liar.

If only the people around here knew what I've done in the past. And what that painting really was......

I pushed the thought from my mind. Gee was talking to me. “Frankie!” he shouted, waving his hand in front of my face. “Sorry, my little Gee-tard. I was just thinking.” Mikey giggled at my use of his nickname.

“Wanna ditch the rest of classes with us?” Gee asked, looking impatient. I hesitated. What if we got caught by the teachers? Or even worse....... No. I won't think about it.

“Sure.” I nodded. Mikey smiled and Gee kissed my cheek. I smiled widely. If anything were to happen, I'd know how to handle it, at least.

Gerard's Point of view

We left campus at lunch and didn't go back. Luckily, Frankie's mom didn't have a home phone and Frankie had given the school his cell number. We walked to the park not far from our house.

On our way, we stopped by a McDonald's and got some fries. We ate as we walked. We still had about a mile to the park and we were just passing our house.

I ducked in, putting all our bags down. Mikey was talking to Frankie at the sidewalk and I rejoined them. We walked on, our bodies lighter now without all the books weighing us down.

We reached the park about thirty minutes after walking from our house. We sat on the swings and talked. I was in the middle and Mikey was on one end with Frankie on the other.

I'd just changed the subject from which brand of skinnys were better when Frankie gasped.

Frank's Point of view

I'd had my senses all focused. Every little noise made me twitch with anticipation. There was a moments warning before everything turned into chaos.

A twig crunched behind me and it had the stealthy sound that a normal person walking wouldn't have. If it was a normal person, the twig would have snapped, not crunched.

No. I knew who these people were. They were scouts, looking for me. I gasped, rising from my swing in a lithe movement. My eyes took in everything at once while one part of my mind thought of ways to kill all of them and the other part freaked out.

Five! There's FIVE and only one of you! The freaked part was shouting.

Hmmmmmmm. You could go for their necks and break them. Would that be quick enough, though? No, no. that won't do. And you don't need information. You know why they're here and that they'll stop at nothing to do their job. The sane part of my mind was murmuring softly.

Ignoring both, my body reacted as one of them started for the swings. I snapped my leg, catching him under the chin, snapping his neck. He fell into a limp pile on the ground.

Two gasped and started for me. Letting my body do what it needed to keep the boys on the swings alive, I quickly killed those two. Twisting my body to the side, I caught one of them and broke his back over my knee.

There was a little yell of fury from the other and he lunged for my throat with his hands. Stupid. I caught one and twisted him around, holding him in a control hold. I broke his neck and tossed his body on the ground.

I looked at the remaining two. One rushed me, trying to start a fight. I replied by mirror-blocking his attacks. Over his shoulder, the last one, a girl judging by how long her black hair was, stood motionless.

The fight ended with me breaking his ribs. He landed on the ground, choking and coughing up blood.

The girl gasped and looked at my face. Her eyes looked familiar. As I watched, she brought a shaky hand up to full face make and pulled it away.

She looked at me with shining blue eyes. I gasped, realizing she was the girl I had painted. Her hair was a flat black, but her eyes were as blue as I remembered. “Emily,” I whispered.

Behind me, Gee gasped. I turned to face him. He was staring at Emily, shock in his eyes as he recognized her from my canvas.

“Frank,” Emily whispered. Then she collapsed on the ground.

.............Don't know where I'm goin at this point. Well......we'll find out together XD R+R pleaseeeeeee
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