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The dark, the sad and the blood

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Frankie and Emily have a lot of catching up to do and Gee is scared now that he knows Frankie's secret and jealous to see the inspiration for his painting

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Gerard's Point of view

Mikey and I sat frozen on the swings. Frankie didn't look scared. Just very mad.

As one of the guys in the weird masks headed for us, Frankie kicked him. There was a soft snap and the guy fell to the ground. He took out three more like that, breaking their necks and spines. The last one fought him.

His movements held a certain danger in them as I watched him fight. He looked natural, like he did when he held a paint brush or a spatula. There was a peaceful look on his face as he deflected hits and struck.

I couldn't look away from him. The guy spun out of reach of Frankie's hands, but not his feet. Frankie lurched through the air, his legs swinging around. He drove one into the center of the guy's chest. There were muffled cracks and the guy coughed.

Frankie moved his leg and the guy fell. His head rolled to face Mikey and I, still on the swings. Blood was coming from his mouth as he choked and coughed.

I looked away and back to Frankie. His eyes were locked with the girl's. She took off her mask and I recognized her by her mouth. She was the girl Frankie had been painting for the last two days.

“Emily,” I heard Frankie whisper. There was pain in his voice and I gasped, staring at her.

“Frank,” she whispered and fell. Frankie dropped to his knees and stared at me and Mikey on the swings. I stared back. I wasn't sure what Mikey was doing.

I got up and went to stand in front of Frankie. Mikey went to kneel by the girl, touching her neck for a pulse. Frankie's eyes had followed me as I walked over and he stared up at me now, his eyes huge.

My knees gave out and I dropped to the ground, my eyes level with his. “Are you okay?” I asked hoarsely. He nodded, his eyes still huge. “Good,” I took his face in my hands and kissed him hard.

He hesitated and kissed me back, his arms around my back. “Uh, guys!” Mikey broke us up, his voice worried. Frankie and I looked to him. He was holding Emily up.

Her face was a bright red and she was sweaty. “She doesn't look so good!” he called to us. I looked at Frankie and we both lurched to our feet, moving to help Mikey get her off the ground.

“What do we do?” Mikey panicked. I wasn't sure how to answer, but Frankie was still calm. “Is it okay if we take her to your house? My mom will freak if I bring a girl in when I'm supposed to be in school.” I nodded. “Yeah. Mom's gonna be gone for another week. Until our aunt can walk again.” I looked to Mikey who nodded, his face pale.

“Okay, put her on my back. I'll carry her.” we put her on Frankie's back and walked down the mile back to our house.

Frank's Point of view

Emily's weight was nothing for me to carry. She was on my back like a backpack and she had always been light. I got her back to the Way house without breaking a sweat.

I sat her on the living room couch and went to get a wet washcloth. Mikey brought me a bowl filled with ice water for me to dip it in when it got warm. I dabbed at her face, washing the cold water over her skin.

Gee sat on the floor, watching me. Mikey went to brew some coffee. “Is she okay?” Gee asked quietly. I nodded. “She's always had fainting spells. She'll be fine after we get some sugar in her.” I murmured, looking at him.

He nodded and took the mug Mikey handed him. Mikey left the room without a word after sitting my mug on the table to my right.

There was a long pause as I patted Emily's forehead with the washcloth. “You two are friends.” Gee murmured from the floor. The way he said it, it wasn't a question. I nodded anyway.

“And how did you do all that other stuff in the park? You know. How did you know how to.......” he trailed off, looking uncomfortable.

“Kill those guys?” I finished for him, raising my eyebrows. He blushed and nodded, looking at the floor.

“Lots of practice.” I murmured thoughtfully. “Actually, I need to take care of those bodies. Its never a good thing to have lying around.” Gee swallowed and nodded.

I handed him the washcloth. “Can you take over so I can do that, love?” I asked softly. He looked up at me and shook his head. “I want to come with you.” he said, quietly. “Mikey!” he called down the hall.

“What?” Mikey called back. I was getting ready to tell him never mind when Gee shouted again. “Come out here. I need you to do something for me.” Mikey came and stood at the foot of the couch.

“What?” he asked quietly. I noticed that he didn't look at me. And I couldn't blame him. “Can you take care of her until we get back?” Gee asked, getting up off the floor. Mikey looked at Emily, her head in my lap. He nodded. “What's her name for if she wakes up?” he asked, still looking at her.

“Emily,” I murmured, shifting her head off my lap. Gee and I left Emily with Mikey.

Gerard's Point of view

Frankie and I went back to the park. It was still deserted. The bodies were lying in the same places where Frankie had dropped them. Except for the bleeding guy. It looked like he had tried to crawl away, after us.

“What do we do?” I asked Frankie, ready for his answer. “Well,” he sighed, “we have to dump their bodies and burn them.” his eyes scanned the park. “There,” he pointed to a dumpster on the other side of the park.

I had been ready for his answer, but his words were so cold that I flinched. He looked at me, his eyes holding remorse. “Maybe you should go back,' he murmured softly. I shook my head stubbornly.

“No. I can do this. I can help.” I said through my teeth. My eyes were closed and I didn't hear him get closer. His hand brushed my neck. I opened my eyes and met his.

“You don't have to have this on your conscience. Mine is already tattered but yours isn't. You can go right now,” his eyes burned into mine. I shook my head again and he chuckled.

“You're so stubborn.” he laughed and kissed me softly. His hands moved to my hair and mine slipped around his waist. A moment later, he puled back, sighing heavily.

“If you don't want to go, we have work to do, love.” he kissed my lips lightly and detached his self from me.

I nodded and started to reach for a body. “Wait!” Frankie caught my hands. I looked up at him, confused. He was pulling something out of his pocket.

“Fingerprints,” he said and handed me a pair of skeleton gloves. I slipped them on and started to pick up a body. I noticed that Frankie wore no gloves.

“What about you?” I grunted, rolling the heavy body across the grass. Frankie was carrying one in his arms. “Don't have any.” he murmured. He dumped the body in the trashcan. I froze.

“What?” I said, shocked. He shrugged and picked up another body. I went back to rolling mine. It was about ten feet away from the dumpster when Frankie came to help me.

“Like this, love.” he lifted the body into my arms. “Like a baby.” he murmured softly in my ear. He let the body go and I nearly dropped it. I shifted my grip on it and started walking.

It took less time than rolling it had. I threw it over the ledge with a huff. Frankie smiled and tossed a match in the dumpster. The whole thing erupted in flames and we left, hand in hand. I helped my assassin boyfriend clean up a pile of bodies. I thought with dull humor.

We got back to the house. Emily was awake, sitting up. Mikey was blushing, his head ducked. She and Frankie talked for a long time. He called his mom to see if he could stay another night.

Mikey offered to let Emily stay in his room for the night. He said he would sleep on the couch. I told Frankie he and I would sleep on my room tonight. We stayed up until midnight, getting used to each other.

Frankie was nodding off against my side and Emily was almost asleep. Mikey and I carried them to the beds and lay them down.

“Well,” Mikey murmured to me as I stood in front of the door that led to my room. “Well,” I repeated.

“Good night, Gee-tard.” he hugged me and went to the living room. I chuckled and turned into my room.

“Yeah. Night.”

....................Still not sure where I'm goin with this yet. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. R+R pleaseeeee XD
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