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A Friend and A Couch

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Gerard finds out about the revenge and calls a friend.

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I jerked my head away from him, hitting it against the wall behind me as he stared down at me in confusion. His hand was still in the air where my neck had been, but it fell. The look on his face turned to determination as he realized why I'd backed away.

"Jetta, what is on your neck?", he asked slowly, his voice hard. I bit my lip, it was one thing for him to know what I'd done to myself, but if he found out about Stacey's revenge I knew he'd be angry. I was already against the and he was pressed up to me, so it wasn't hard for him to reach his hand behind my neck despite my protests.

"It's nothing Gerard, just please don't-" He cut me off with a stern glare. I fell silent as his hand pulled the bandage away from my neck. He leaned away and told me to turn around. I did and I heard him gasp as he saw what was on my neck. I still felt the wound on my neck and I reached my hand back to stroke it. A sense of proudness filled me, yes it was horrible, but I was out of the cheerleaders forever now, and this was sort of a battle scar. I wore it with a sense of pride. Gerard didn't think so.

Two hands grabbed my shoulders and swung me around so I was facing a furious Gerard.

"Who the hell did that to you?", he demanded, his beautiful eyes searching mine for answers. I shook my head, not speaking a word. There was nothing he could do anyway, and I refused to let him get into a fight over me. He growled and shook my gently.

"Why? Are you scared or something? You can tell me Jetta, I swear I'll kick the shit out of them for that.", he said the exact opposite of what I wanted and I sighed. There was little space between us.

"It's not that I'm scared Gerard, I just don't want you to go get into a fight over me, you already did so much for me.", I told him, facing him fully and looking straight into his eyes. He shook his head.

"You don't get it do you?" His face was now desperate. "They could go to jail, whoever did this! You do realize that they probably just scarred you for your life right?", he asked me. I nodded, gulping down the lump that was in my throat.

He groaned at me. "Then why aren't you going to the police?", he asked, his eyes pratically burning into mine. I looked down, his look was beginning to be unbearable as it started to intensify.

"Because, I just want to forget about this.", I muttered. I glanced up and he was just staring at me with noncomprehending eyes. And he closed them shaking his head slowly. Then he smiled grimly.

"It was the cheerleaders wasn't it?", he guessed. I kept my head down and stayed silent. He took as a confirmation and his fists around my shoulders clenched.

"Those damn bitches.", he mumbled. "And you really don't want to do anything about it?", he stressed the sentence, looking at me like a person ready for an order. I was astounded at how ready he was to do something about this. He really was ready to take on anything. I shook my head and his mouth turned into a thin line. He took a deep breath.

"Fine, but if they do anything else, I don't care if they're girls or not, I'm taking them on whether you like it or not.", he said, barely whispering, more to himself than to me. I was once again shocked by him.

"Why are you doing all of this for me?", I whispered, the tears from before coming back. I understood how I felt about him, but I was beginning to realize that he felt somewhat the same way. He smirked at me.

"I suppose you've grown on me in the last week.", he smiled, and I was reminded how short our 'friendship' was. I smiled back at him, both of us grinning at each other stupidly. And then we realized we were and I found myself leaning into him and kissing him again. His lips went back to their rapid pace, making me hot and needing. I opened my mouth and his tongue snaked in.

He explored my mouth as I tugged at his hair, pulling him into me. I was right, his hair wasn't greasy, just thick and soft, so soft. His hands were at my stomach, and I was surprised to find that he kept them there, not even groping me. The jocks would have been reaching into places right now, but Gerard was holding back. I was thankful, I wasn't ready for it, and I was fine with just making out for now.

I dragged my hand down from his hair and started rubbing the back of his neck, taking his bottom lip in between my teeth, biting gently. I was answered with a soft gasp from him as he started rubbing circles on my back and nudging his nose against mine.

I pulled back again, but this time I put my head into the nape of his neck and he was content with that, pressing his face into my hair. He still smelled of coffee and cigarettes, and I breathed in it contently.

"I think I might be falling in love with you.", I mumbled into his silky skin, feeling his every breath and heartbeat there. He chuckled, "I think I'm in the same boat sugar." Sugar? I liked the nickname. We stayed like that for a little while, before he brought up that we should probably go back downstairs. I agreed and started walking into the hallway and I felt his hand brush my neck once, I'd already put my bandages back on, but I knew he was still disturbed by it. He halted before going down.

"I just have to check on something and I'll be right down, kay?", I smiled at him and nodded, taking the steps down. He grinned back at me and disappeared back into the kitchen as I stepped down into the darkness where a chorus of snores greeted me.

Gerard's POV

I watched her go down into my bedroom from around the corner of the kitchen before taking out my cellphone. I texted a person I knew. It was a desperate move, but I had to help Jetta in some way. I was still nauseous from the word on her neck. Those cheerleaders had gone too far this time, and I'd be damned if they were going to do anything else.

I had nearly flew when she told me she was falling in love. It was weird, going from hate to love in just one week, but it had happened. I felt somehow connected to Jetta and seeing her hurting was painful. Those slits on her wrists made me want to give her the world with a damn bow on it, just to make her happier. Well hopefully the person would be able to help a little. That mother of hers was a another matter though. I drove it from my mind, one problem at a time.

I went downstairs and instead of going back to the bed, I went over to the couch.

"Hey do you mind if I sleep here on the couch with you, the beds a little too crowded with guys for my taste.", I smiled softly down at her. She giggled and opened the blanket for me. I sat laid down next to her, and she pulled the blanket over me, making me encompassed in warmth. I had to admitt that it was normally chilly down there, and in the middle of fall it was fuckin' freezing. She pressed her self to me, burrowing her face into my neck and I leaned my cheek against her head, and sighed, wrapping my arms around her slim waist.

At least now she was happy and safe. I glanced down and saw the bandages. Driving the images from my mind, I closed my eyes and concentrated on her smell and the feeling of her in my arms. It was something I could get used to.
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