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A Sneaky Plan

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The boys plot something for Jetta.

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I woke up to a light on my face. It had turned the back of my eyelids red and in sequence had woken me out of the comatic state I had been in. Opening and squinting my eyes I saw that the ray of sunshine was coming in through a tiny window. The only window in Gerard's room had chosen to shine it's light on my face. Great.

'Wait a minute, I'm in Gerard's room again?' The thought crossed my mind, and I actually started thinking before I felt the two arms around my waist and someone's cheek against my head. 'Oh yeah, the whole episode from last night'. My brain was suddenly in hyper drive as I remembered him finding out about my wrists and neck. And he kissed me. Sweetly and happily.

Like he didn't care what I'd done to myself or what happened to me, like he just cared about me anyway. I smiled and closed my eyes in bliss, happy to have him holding me. The window's light however was making it impossible to get back to sleep. Suddenly another thought came to my head. We had school today and it was already light out. Fuck.

I reached my hand back and found Gerard's shoulder and started shaking him. I would've gotten up and woken him up another way, but his arms were freaking rock hard around me. He started mumbling for me to leave him alone and I giggled. His hair was mixing with mine and it had started tickling my face.

"Gerard, seriously we need to get up." I turned my head back to see his face and saw his eyes starting to open, still glazed with sleep and beautiful.

"Hmm, what?", he asked, yawning.

"We have to get up and go to school sleepy-head.", I told him and pulled at his arms gently to show my point. It took him a few seconds before my words hit him and his eyes flashed open. He let go of me, though looking reluctant as he did, and ran a hand through his tousled hair.

"What time is it?", he asked, looking around dazed. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and the time read 6:30. Little more than an hour to get up, get ready and go to school. That was if we missed breakfast.

"Thirty minutes to seven, I think you might want to wake those guys up." I jerked my thumb to the pile of bodies on his bed. They'd rolled over each over so much that they looked like a pile of miscellaneous limbs and heads. Gerard saw the fleshy scene and smirked.

"Thank god I was over here, if I had to wake up under Ray or Matt, I'd never be able to look at them the same way." He shook his head and I giggled madly at the look on his face. I went over and picked up my bag of clothes and make-up things.

"Do you mind if I change in your bathroom?", I asked, leaning my head to the door. Gerard was standing and stretching and shook his head while yawning again.

"Nah, besides, I need to wake these bozos up." I smiled at him and he winked back at me before I went back into the bathroom.

In there I changed into the outfit I'd brought with me. A black skirt, going down to my knees, a button down white shirt, and finally a red vest that I'd been able to come across during my siege on my closet. The vest only went to the top of my belly-button, but gave me the look of a punk school-girl. I straightened my hair with the iron I'd brought and finally put on my eyeliner and mascara.

I brushed my teeth and put on my deodorant before clutching the doorknob to go out. That's I heard my name mentioned in the conversations taking place outside of the door. I paused and waited to hear what they were talking about. I knew eavesdropping was a wrong thing to do, but I was too curious for my own good.

I heard Ray's hushed tones. "Do you really think she'd fit in with them, you know how Monty is, she goes ballistic with cheerleaders. . ." Monty? I went through my mental list of names and came up empty. Stumped, I rested my ear against he door again.

"She's not a cheerleader anymore Ray, aren't you forgetting that?", Gerard's voice came defensivly, he was just as quiet as Ray's. I had a hundred questions going on, but I kept silent and continued to listen. Frankie and Mikey must have come downstairs because they started chiming in.

"We could at least introduce her to them." Frankie put in. "Besides, she's been walking around school the last two days with no one." It was silent before someone said anything more.

"Frank's right, we should try it.", Mikey stated. There was a pause before a bunch of 'Let's do it' phrases were said. The hundreds of questions were quickly turning to millions, but I decided to go clueless and just let them do what they were planning. I trusted them enough to let them handle what they were going to do. After all, what's the worse that could happen?

It was completely silent on the other side of the door. That was my cue to come out and I opened the door to all of them clothed and ready to leave. Gerard had changed into a pair of gray skinnny jeans with a Smashing Pumpkins T-shirt, and had his coat in his hands. He looked me over and smiled.

I wanted to go over and hug him, but I didn't know if I should or not. Yes, we'd kissed last night, but that was now where near any form of going out. I was going to have to ask him about that later.

I grabbed my coat and the others started heading up the stairs. I supposed we were skipping breakfast as Matt and Bob went out to their own vehicles, while Ray and Frankie went out to Ray's beat up Chevy truck. I went out behind them, after saying good-bye to Gerard and Mikey and promising to met up with them later. Both of them said farewell with sneaky looks in their eyes, and I raised my eyebrows at Gerard when I hugged him farewell. His look told me that I'd soon find out what was going on so I let it go and went out to the Blazer.

At school, during homeroom was when I was ambushed. By a bunch of girls who looked like they were grimacing even talking to me.

"Hey, we saw you a few times during lunch and thought you'd like to hang out.", a girl spoke, almost like the spokesperson for them. She was tall, with white-tipped black hair that fell just below her shoulders. Snakebites decorated her lips and a number of earrings hung from her ears. She seemed nice, her face had a curve to it that made her look kindly.

"Really, you guys would like to hang out?", I asked with a smile, I understood how weird it must have been to suddenly want someone as a part of your group. The girl nodded with a smile and held out her hand.

"My name's Maria Blake.", she introduced herself.

"Mine's Jetta", I said, trying to find some sort of self confidence to push my nervousness away. She smiled and squeezed my hand before turning to the other three girls.

"This is Monty." Oh so this was the cheerleader-hating person. She definitely looked tough enough to take the squad on. She was a shorter than Maria, but had a hourglass look to her. Dirty blonde hair hung down to the middle of her back and sharp brown eyes stared at me in a scrutinizing way. She had a olive skin tone that only gave her blond hair more color to it. At her name her eyes softened a bit.

She lifted a hand in a greeting and Maria moved on to the next girl. She was average height with a short cut of brown hair. She was wearing a shirt that read "Free Hugs", and I relaxed a bit, she seemed okay.

"This is Amelia, she's a bit quiet around new people.", Maria said under her breath. "But she's a blast once you get to know her." Amelia had heard her and smirked at the compliment. And we finally came to a pretty girl who was watching the introductions with a small smile.

"And this is the famous Eva." I smiled and gave a nervous wave to her. She was in comparison the shortest of the four, but made up for it in personality. She had slightly curly brown hair that had a darker brown streaked through it. Black and white glasses were on her nose, while eyeliner and a small splash of eye-shadow gave her features some detail. She was wearing a band tee, a band that I didn't recognize, with a pair of dark green skinny-jeans and flourescent green converses.

They started asking about me, my name, my classes, and I asked the questions right back. Pretty soon we had to get to homeroom though and we split up, I was suprised to find that Amelia was in my homeroom. I felt guilty as I walked through the door behind her. She even sat a few seats from me and I hadn't recognized her. My ego only took even more hits as I saw that at least one of the other girls were in my other classes, and I'd never even given them the attention to learn their names.

However, they seemed to forget that I'd overlooked them and came over to sit by me and discuss random topics. In science class Monty and Maria teamed up and with the help of sugar packets from lunch had made a batch of gummy worms, which somehow had gotten the flavor of Swedish Fish, apparently they had added strawberry juice to the mix of sugar.

I finally went into Art class and realized that none of the four had this class with me, just Gerard. Who was sitting in his seat with a smug expression on. And I put two and two together.

"You." I pointed my finger at him. "Are the reason why four girls, who I'd never even talked to before, came up to me and decided to make me their friend, aren't you?" He giggled, showing off his small teeth and nodded.

"Aren't I a genius?", he asked, shrugging his shoulders and turning to put his pencil to paper. I grinned at him before giving him a hug.

"Have I told you what a good friend you are?", I asked, into his shoulder. He shook his head.

"Nope, but now would be a good time to let the praising begin.", he smiled. I pushed him away before giving him a playful slap on the shoulder. We went to work, though in between drawing he constantly made jokes about my drawing abilities. We were supposed to be drawing fantastic animals, a cross between to animal species. I could draw buildings and people, but when it came to fur and animal body parts, it was my downfall. He had created some sort of bat-wolf, while my flying serpent looked deformed and like it was choking on something.

As we put our stuff away and I sat down and we continued to talk until the bell rang. I walked to my locker and got my things out and went out to my car. Nothing seemed to be able to ruin my day, until I jumped into the front seat and sat on something wet and squishy. I reached a hand under me and felt liquid, which I brought to my face. It was blood.
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