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new town, same old...maybe

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Frank moves to a new town unexpected friends and even a boyfriend to wipe away the scars of his past. First fanfic and it's awful!!

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Frank's P.O.V
I could see the sunlight drifting slowly through my eyelids as they fluttered open. Oh, great, new town, new school, new bullies. Perfect. My life is now complete. I rolled over and groaned as my 4 foot 11 inch lump of a scruffy punk body made contact with the floor. Picking myself up, I grabbed some random clothes, pulled them on and sauntered in a zombie trance to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and my hair looked like a chaos theory at work, so I grabbed the brush and started raking it with a clump of gel through my jet black bangs.
"Friggin in the riggin
Friggin in the riggin
Friggin in the riggin
Cause there was fuck all else to do" I murmered softly as I raked the toothbrush over my teeth and smudged some red eyeliner around my eyes. That's when I looked down at myself and laughed.
"Gonna get called a fag today my boy, gonna get called a fag." I stated to myself, chuckling as I ambled downstairs. Hmmmm. Poptarts, my favourite! I skipped into the kitchen and dumped myself on the chair.
" Morning Frankie- boy!" My Dad practially screamed, and he (yeah laugh it up now) ruffled my hair.
"Morning Dad." My mouth was dripping with poptarts and coffee as my Mother eyed my clothes unnaprovingly. I had my ripped up jet black skinnies on with a skintight bright pink sex pistols t-shirt and VERY bright pink converse on. HA. Lets see how they like THAT at this so called hell hole they call a school. I finished my poptarts and looked at the clock. It screamed ten to eight at me in angry red letters, without a word I grabbed my bag and legged it out the front door.
"Watch the fuck where your going. Jeez!" I looked up and saw a rather sturdy punk girl looking down on me with a massive smirk plastered across her face. Ihad just run smack bang into her and I was now feeling like I was going to cry.
"Hey, I'm Jackie" Stated the girl, "This is Cheyenne, and that's Hollie." She motioned over her left and right shoulders to two girls with similar styles to mine, who looked rather scared and slightly nervous. Hold on, this was New Jersey... She had an English accent! I must have had my mouth open staring at the odd trio because Jackie started laughing, insaneley and loudly.
" Are you gonna just stand there or walk with us? I take it your new by the unpacking boxes, we're new too. You go to the Public High School down the road?"
"Uhmmm...yeah. M-my name's Frank, Frank Iero." My face was getting kinda hot as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug and gave me a nuggie. The other two started smilimg and the girl called Hollie shouted.
" For God's sake, stop persecuting the boy! Jesus woman! One day I swear your attraction to talking to complete strangers will get you killed." All three of the girls smirked at some untold memory and we started off down the road. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad, wierd, yes, but maybe not bad.
Hollie's P.O.V.
So, we already had a friend and he seemed like quite a nice kid in my opinion. When he ran straight into Jackie though. I honestly thought his life would be over. She doesn't take too kindly to being shoved around, but she actually seemed okay with it. Anger management issues have gotten better then.
The bell rung, signalling first class, Jackie and Cheyenne had been bumped up a grade, so they were with me. Smart ass nerds that they were. We walked into first class and it was ,math...eeew.
Cheyenne's P.O.V
I was shitting it. New school, so much bigger than wrockers. And in America, really?? I had enough trouble fitting in without a load of cheerleaders added into the mix. For heavens sake, I can't even DO P.E!!
Jackie's P.O.V.
I kicked the door open to math and walked up to the teacher.
"Hey, we're the new kids!"
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