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Still Jackies P.O.V
"Uhmmm... You must be Jackie?" Stuttered the teacher, an odd blonde woman who looked like she played a lot of rugby.
"Yup!" My smirk grew into a wide shit- eating grin.
"I'm Hollie. Hi."
"H-hey, I'm uhhm Chey-Cheyenne." Cheyenne was a rather startling red colour and had found a new intrest in the carpet. Hollie managed to keep her cool rather well though, so I was proud of her. The teachers handed us our jotters and pointed us to the empty three seats at the back. Frank was already sat there next to a boy with shoulder length black hair with a flicky side fringe, a ghostly complexion and rather awesome greeny hazel eyes.
Frank's P.O.V
"Frankie- boy!" Jackie screamed walking to her seat and plunking herself down beside me. "Sooooo, you've hit it off straight away haven't you! Nice boyfriend!" She said in her rather loud and awkwardly deep English accent. I could have died right there, and if I thought I was red, it was nothing compared to the boy sat next to me- Gerard Way.
"Oh dear God. Not more freaks. We all know Way is a toatal bender, so no need to shout it out freak!" One of the jocks shouted at her. Cheyenne and Hollie were already in their seats and halfway through the worksheet. Shit, they work fast! But Jackie seemed set on making sure everyone knew SHE wore the skinny jeans and was NOT to be pushed around.
" Why don't you shut the fuck up you smeg head, yeah?! Leave my friends and me ALONE and I promise I won't hurt you. But if you do, everything the help groups and therapists and fucking pills have taught me about controlling my anger will go OUT OF THE WINDOW!" She screamed, earning shocked looked from everyone's faces and poor Miss Hills didn't know what to do with herself.
Gerards P.O.V
No one had said anything after Jackie's sudden outburst and it was break now so we were sprawled on the grass with my brother Mikey and Ray, who seemed to have become fast friends with the girls and Frank. Oh beautiful Frankie. WHAT? Did I really just think that? Oh God, I've only known him an hour or so, but god he's amazing. SHUT UP BRAIN!!! Bob sauntered over and Jackie shot up and ran to him before dropping to her knees and shouting "OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR TROUSERS!" She said hugging his legs before getting up and hugging him. The look on his face was priceless.
"Who are you?" Bob said before she stuck out her hand and sang "Jackieeeee" He took her hand and she shook it vigorously. When she dropped it she walked back over to us and he flexed his fingers to make sure they were still working. She flopped herself down and grinned at us.
"Well, that was certainly random." Ray muttered while Mikey started up a conversation with Bob about Iron Maiden.
"Oh believe us, that's just the start!" Cheyenne said her and Hollie laughing at the fond memories before dropping dramatically when they looked at Jackie. Jackie was sitting staring back at them with two pills in her hand. Hollie and Cheyenne shot her a pleading, worried and angry look.
"Headache! Honestly, you guys are so suspicious, you know I'd never do that shit!" She said before downing the pills. Her sisters obviously worried about her then, like Mikey did for me. We chatted and laughed about nothing and everything and I found my eyes glued to Frank, as his were to mine...
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