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Duncan turns to Katherine for help with talking to Rose about her growning problem.

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Pete and Nessa voted me to talk to Rosie first. It's not going to be easy. I don't know how to break it down to her. I don't want to accuse her of anything that she might not be guilty of, but yet I have to be strong to her. I have the idea strongly in my mind. But how to execute it? I decided to get a little assistance. I turned to Kath for help. I knocked on her door after lunch.

"Enter!" she called to me. I slowly opened the door. She glanced up at me. Good, she's in boss mode right now. This situation really needs it.

"Are you busy right now?" I asked.

"No, why?" she asked. I stepped into her office and closed the door behind me. I swallowed a little bit. Kath looked at me with a stern face.

"What is it, Duncan?" she asked. "Make this quick!" I toughened up to speak.

"It's Rose," I said. Kath narrowed her eyes at me.

"What about her?" she asked. I fumbled with the words in my mouth as I tried to put them together.

"Well," I said at last. "She's not been herself lately."

"How so?" my boss asked.

"You think she has slept any this week?" I asked her. Kath gave me a puzzled look.

"What do you mean?" she asked. I found myself stalling again. Okay, this is harder than I had in my head. I can't quit however. Rosie needs me.

"Well," I began again. "I think she might be on drugs or something." That caught my boss' attention.

"Could you say that again?" she asked. I pressed my lips together.

"I'm not really sure of it myself," I said. "What I really want is a way to talk to her about it. I don't want to get her fired or in trouble or anything. You have any ideas." I shut my mouth from there. Kath took a moment to think about it.

"And you've suspected this for quite some time?" she asked.

"Yes," I said with a nod. Kath didn't say anything at first. She pressed her hands together, firmly.

"Just talk to her," she said at last.

I blinked at her with a blank face. "But how?"

Kath gave me a little shrug. "Just any way that you know how to."

I nodded at her in silence. Okay, now I'm more lost than when I first talked to Nessa and Pete about it.

"Yes boss," I said at last. Kath kept her eyes on me.

"Anything else?" she asked. I shook my head.

"No," I said. "I'll just get back to work now."

"Alright," Kath said. I nodded my head at my boss-girlfriend and left her office. Okay then, I'll talk to Rosie the best way I can. I scanned the office for my derailing friend. I spotted her at her cubicle. I'm willing to bet that she's typing away at her computer. I began to gather up my courage. Alright, time to work.

I walked up to my friend and tap her on the shoulder. I could have sworn that her head snapped around just like in the exorcist. Her eyes were glowing a hot red. Normally, I would run away as fast as I could if I ever saw a face like that. But, I can't leave Rosie like this. She needs me.

"WHAT?!?" Rose snapped at me. I managed to key myself calm at all times.

"Rose, we have to talk," I said. "Meet me on the roof right now."

You Want to Me Somebody Who I'm Really Not
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