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Part 2

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They pulled me inside and then handcuffed me to the stair rail. I stayed there and my phone, which was luckily on vibrate, began going off. When the two hooded figures left, I pulled it out and answered the call.

"Where are you?" Kaname demanded.

"I don't know..." I replied hesitantly and shakily.

"Explain to me your surroundings," Kaname commanded me.

"Well..." I began. "The town is burning, there are gargoyles flying around and fallen angels walk the streets, and there's a huge-ass castle at the edge of it all..."

"Fuck..." Kaname swore and I gasped. "Listen closely, babe." I winced at the pet name. "This town's name is Tenebrae Accidit. It is commanded by the Dark King, Galien Lunae. Be careful and I am on my way."

"Hurry..." I whispered.

"I shall try, darling Zero..." Kaname sighed.

I hung up the phone and stuck it back in my pocket. Then, I sat there for about three hours, bored as hell. Finally, I looked up at a loud noise to see the hooded figures dragging in two more people. No....Vampires. My eyes widened as I came to realise they were getting every vampire that came to call. Soon, they would be going after Kaname, Yuuki, Aidou, and Kain. They already had me...

"No!" one of the vampires exclaimed. "No! Please don't!"

"What the fuck?" I asked under my breath.

"They're choosing certain vampires to kill and certain ones to make servants," someone said from right beside me.

I turned and saw a rather handsome boy, about my age, with medium-length, dark red hair, black bangs covering one eye. He was really quite pale and I noticed that he was handcuffed to the rail as well.

"You and I are the luckiest ones of today's catch, looks like..." He had an accent...

"Oh..." I sighed, looking down.

Then, I saw a pale, clammy-looking hand in front of me as the Irish voice said, "Seamus Gallagher."

I shook his hand and said, "Zero Kiryuu."

"Well, welcome to hell on earth, Zero," Seamus sighed and then leaned back and closed his eyes, at least I think he did since only the one bloody red one showed.

"Hell on earth?" I wondered, again under my breath.

"Dude..." another voice came from the other side. "You really need to work on your whispering skills."

I looked over to find another pale boy, only he had Ryuzaki-styled jet black hair and his eyes were dark. Coal black. Ominous. Hungry.

"Hey, Seamus," the guy, looking a little younger than me, said to the redhead on the other side.

Seamus just grunted and remained how he was. The boy looked back at me and smiled, sticking out a hand for me to shake.

"Felix Masterson," he stated plainly and with boredom.

"Zero Kiryuu," I replied, shaking his hand.

Well, that's two more "servants" to get to know until Kaname showed up. Him and his stupid pureblood ass.

"So, how did you end up in here anyway?" Felix asked.

"I was talking with my...uhm...well, my boyfriend and my best friend and, I was just swallowed by darkness all of a sudden, and well...fuck, here I am..." I replied.

"Boyfriend?" Seamus asked. "Sorry, Felix. He's taken, dude."

"Shut up, you douche!" Felix exclaimed, glaring at the chuckling redhead.

"Well, I'm here because I dared to show myself in public," Seamus sighed. "This isn't the first time I've been here." I turned to look at him and he lifted up his side-bang. Instead of a human eye, there was a metal device with an acid green colour to it, around where the pupil would be. "This was the result of my encounter with the Dark King..."

"I'm so sorry..." I gasped.

"And mine?" Felix started, so I turned back to him. He lifted his sleeve to reveal a metallic, robotic arm and a spidery hand that was covered by a black glove until he removed it. "Let's just say His Highness did not quite...fancy me."

"Don't be fooled by the King's sensitive and calm appearance," the Irish vampire stated. "He really just wants a boy toy all for himself....Hence the reason he sent for you..."

"But..." I breathed. "I have a boyfriend....He's a pureblood..." The two gasped. "Doesn't that count for anything?"

"Well, if your boyfriend loves you and comes to your rescue, put in a good word for us..." Seamus responded as calmly as he could master.

I nodded and then sat straight, my arm beginning to tire from hanging on the handcuff. After hours of watching them bring in more and more vampires, finally a few men came and got me, Seamus, and Felix. They dragged us up the stairs and I was wishing that Kaname would hurry. They dragged us into a rather large and darkly decorated room, where a man with waist-length, neatly layered silver hair and crystalized, cold eyes that pierced through you like you were a veil sat in waiting. The men threw us in front of him. Then, as I looked up again, Kaname sat in the throne next to the King's with his legs crossed. The backstabbing pureblood had a look of boredom in his eyes. He had his chin rested in his palm, and his elbow rested on the arm of the throne.

"Which of the three do you wish to have as your slave?" the King asked of my traitorous "boyfriend".

"The silver-haired one," Kaname replied, sounding as if he were bored. "Take the redhead to Lady Cross and the black-haired one remains with you."

The Dark King nodded and the men took the three of us to separate chambers. They had me change into peasant slave clothing and made me stand in wait for my soon-to-be ex. That stupid fucking asshole. He betrayed me, and I fell for his moronic charm. And not to mention Yuuki. How could she do this to me?...

"Your slave awaits, Lord Kuran," one of the henchmen said from right outside the door.

"Thank you, General," Kaname replied.

I stood up straight with a vague glare as the brunette entered. I picked up the tea set behind me and met him at the door. If anyone knew how to be a servant, it was me. I was the best actor when it came to those kind of scenerios.

"Tea, my lord?" I asked, bowing as best as I could.

"Thank god you're okay!" Kaname exclaimed, going to hug me.

"Sir," I stated, backing away, "it is not custom for a master to make any sort of contact with his servant..."

I glared at him as he gasped.

"Zero, please," Kaname started. "You have to forgive me for not telling you!"

"How can I forgive the one guy I've ever had feelings for after we were together one fucking day and he's already betrayed me?" I demanded.

"Please, Zero!" Kaname cried. "You can't do this to me!"

"Do what?" I asked. "I'm your humble servant." I bowed, holding tight to the tea tray. "If you will excuse me, lord Kuran. I must have the general lead me to the servants' quarters."

I set the tray down on the nightstand and walked out slowly after bowing once more. As soon as I was outside, I leaned against the door and tears filled up in my eyes. I slid down into a sitting position and cried. What the fuck? Why the hell was I so upset by this? Whatever. I wiped my eyes and then stood, allowing the soldier that had just rounded the corner to take me to my cot, as I had seen in the movies. I sat down on it and hugged my knees to my chest. Then, I watched as the guards threw a rather angry Seamus into the room, closing the door. I got up instantly and helped him to his feet.

"What the fuck happened?" I demanded of him.

"That little bitch whipped me!" he exclaimed.

"Yuuki?" I gasped. "She wouldn't..."

"No, not Lady Cross," Seamus sighed, looking at me, his robotic eye showing through his black bangs. "The King's daughter, Princess Elenora."

"Oh," I said. "Well, that brunette dude that claimed me?" Seamus nodded. "Yeah, that's my newest ex..."

"He's the pureblood you were with?" Seamus squeaked. I nodded and he said, "Wow. Kaname Kuran. Can't believe you know him..."

"I know Yuuki as well," I stated. "She's my best friend."

"I can see why," Seamus smiled. "She's sweet, gentle, caring. She's beautiful as well."

"Yeah," I chuckled. "Yeah, she is. I've known her for years. She's beautiful inside and out..."

Seamus nodded with a little grin and he sat down on his cot. Then, we both waited on Felix. I laid back and closed my eyes, beginning to doze off. If I'm not mistaken, Seamus did the same. All I could think about was the fact that Kaname betrayed me so severely that...I couldn't trust anyone. And this was only after one goddamn day.

I was awakened by the sound of an opening door. I jumped out of the cot when the person whispered my name in my ear. I looked up sleepily into those familiar brown eyes...

"Zero," he said again. "It is me."

"Kana - I mean, Lord Kuran?" I asked, squinting through the darkness to look closer at him as I got to my feet.

"Please never call me by that," he sighed.

I sat back on the cot, beside him.

"What are you doing here, Your Highness?" I snapped.

He stood up and crossed his arms the way he does and I laid back on the cot again.

"Zero, I beg of you not to call me those names," Kaname started. "Please. I never intended for King Galien to take an interest in you. Though, he did always take a liking to those that meant most to me."

"Oh, I mean something to you?" I asked sarcastically. "I had no idea!"

The next thing I knew, Kaname was laying on top of me, staring into my silver eyes. Then, he lowered his head a bit and licked my neck. I felt his fangs pierce my skin. I wanted to resist, but he pinned my wrists down and sat back up with a smile.

"Is there no roommate courtesy when it comes to the servants' quarters?" asked that Irish voice.

"Shut the fuck up Seamus!" I exclaimed.

"Go serve Lady Cross," Kaname commanded. "She was looking for you."

"Yes, Lord Kuran," Seamus sighed and got up, leaving the quarters.

Kaname looked back at me and I just sighed. The mark on my neck was bothering me again. I could feel her there, though she was dead. I got my wrists free and Kaname sat back. I touched the tattoo-like mark as I sat up a little and then began scratching at it. It felt disgusting. Kaname caught my hand and I looked at him. Worry swam in his eyes. He bent down and pressed his lips to it, laying me back again. He ran his lips up to the side of my mouth. He always stopped there as if he were expecting something. Then, he lifted up and stared into my eyes again.

"Will you ever be able to forgive me for any of this?" he asked quietly.

"I'm not sure," I replied. "You betrayed me after one day of us being together. How can I ever forgive that?"

"I understand..." Kaname sighed sadly. "I guess I was just asking for the chance to fall in love....Now I know that...we may never be able to..."

What. The. /Hell/? I rolled my head onto the side to avoid looking into those agonizing, tear-filled brown eyes. I closed my own and then, I felt the warmth of his tongue again. Then came the bite. No...he wasn't biting me, but he me a hickey? What the fuck? My eyes shot open, wide, and my jaw dropped a bit. At first, I think I was going to gasp, but instead I moaned. Then, Kaname lifted his head. I looked at him and he forced his lips against mine. He really wanted me to forgive him....He forced his tongue in to meet mine and I closed my eyes once more. I freed my hands and ran them up the back of his shirt. I didn't forgive him, but I couldn't stop having feelings for him.

"I am so sorry," Kaname whispered through our conjoined lips.

"I'll accept that apology the moment you can get me, Seamus, and Felix out of here," I responded quietly.

He got off of the cot, nodded, and headed toward the door. He looked back at me, faked a smile, and then walked out. What had I gotten myself in to?...
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