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Part 3

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Three years. Three goddamn fucking years. I served Kaname everyday, though he told me not to....Seamus and Felix were my best friends, and I barely ever talked to Yuuki anymore. Though...I had fallen in love with that idiotic fuck of a vampire. That moronic brunette that I served. Seamus always talked of a girl named Adrianne and Felix...well...he didn't bring his love life up much...

"Kiryuu!" King Galien shouted from his throne as I had turned to walk away.

I winced and stopped, turning to face him, getting down on one knee.

"Yes, Your Highness?" I asked.

"You've worked enough," he stated softly and my eyes widened. "Take the rest of the night off and go out and explore the town."

I gasped happily, nodded, bowed, and ran out. I sprinted right out of the dark castle and just stopped to take in all of the free air. I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, and smiled as I breathed in the somewhat fresh air. Then, I looked around and sprinted away from the prison. I slowed to a walk once I reached the angel-conquered town. Tenebrae new home....I knew the castle so well, but not once had I been let out. I wandered out into the outskirts of Tenebrae and saw that there was a shoreline and actual, for real water. WATER!

"No fucking way!" I gasped with a huge smile.

I ran out and jumped into the darkened sea. I just lied there and let it wash me onto the shore. Then, I just lay there, with a smile wide enough to bare my fangs. All of a sudden, I felt someone basically sit on top of me. I opened my eyes as they pinned down my hands. Kaname...

"Lord Kuran," I gasped.

"I have told you a million times not to call me that!" he snapped. "It makes me feel like a formal overlord to you!"

"But, you are my lord, sir," I smirked vaguely.

He shook his head and stared into my eyes, holding me down. I tried to get up, but he wouldn't let me...

"Please do not make me have to convert you back to liking me," he sighed. "I know how much you hate me for taking so long on freeing you and the other two..."

Fuck no, I don't hate you! "Whatever..."

He smiled and pressed his lips longingly against mine. Please don't bite me....He pulled up and rolled off of me, sitting in the sand beside me. I sat up as well and pulled one knee toward my chest, the other leg lay stretched in front of me. I rested my elbow on top of the one knee and then I set my other hand on top of his. I intertwined my fingers with his and watched him look, astonished, at the PDA.

"Zero?" he started. "Am I forgiven?"

"Not completely," I stated plainly. "Just as far as public display of affection goes..."

He smiled and wrapped me in his arms lovingly. God how I missed the warmth from his body. Not to mention the smell of him was intoxicating. Then, I practically threw him down and licked his neck. He chuckled softly and tilted his head back in submission. I bit into him and the warm, thick, delicious liquid ran down my throat. He moaned and grasped the ripped parts of my shirt. Then, he ran his hands into the slits and squeezed my waist. I wanted him and I wanted him now, so I lifted off and started to work at his shirt as he did mine.

"This is a great display of affection in my mind," he said.

I nodded and bent down to like his chest. Kaname moaned again and I worked on his god-awful belt. It was keeping me from him and it made me so mad! I couldn't get it off because I was shaking with excitement.

"Fuck," I growled under my breath as I continued messing with that belt. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"Zero," Kaname laughed. "Zero, calm down."

I shook my head and kept fucking trying to get the belt off of him. Finally, I just gave up and rolled off of him angrily. I pressed the palms of my hands against my face and growled into them.

"I just screw everything up..." I sighed.

"Don't talk that way, Zero," Kaname stated. "You make things fun and interesting."

"Stop trying to make me feel better..." I said as I sat and then stood up.

I helped him to his feet and then walked away. I went straight back to the castle. I spent the next four to five hours in the servants' quarters on my cot, thinking of how else I could screw up the day. I was so fucking pissed off! Then, I heard the door open, so I sat up and saw Kaname shutting the door lightly. He walked over as I swung my legs over the side of the cot and he sat next to me.

"Zero, what is wrong?" he asked of me seriously. "You have been acting so strangely for the past year or so."

"There's just so much that being a servant gives a person the time to think of..." I replied quietly.

"Like what?"

"Well....Like the fact that my life sucks and always will. Or that I'm a bloodthirsty Level E..."

"None of that is true, Zero!"

"Fuck yeah it is!" I turned and looked into his now glowing red eyes.

He pushed me back on the bed and lied on top of me, running his soft tongue along the skin on my bare shoulder. His fangs gently pierced my flesh, as they had so many times before. After a few seconds, he rose up and forced his mouth on mine.

"You know," he started through our lip-lock, "I'm not wearing a belt..."

I then rolled him over, onto the floor nonetheless, and undid his shirt while he tugged at mine. That stupid goddamn belt fucked everything up, but now he was mine. I practically ripped his shirt off and threw it across the room while he simply pulled mine off. I did as I had earlier and bent down, licking his chest. This time, I was just unbuttoning his pants as he lay there. Though, I wasn't too sure if I wanted to go through with it, so I let up and just stared into his eyes.

"I have a question for you..." I said quietly.

"Shoot," he responded just as softly.

"Do you...uhm..." I began. "Do me?..."

"What?" he squeaked, sitting up, making me sit back. "Why would you ask that?"

"I just want to know, Kaname..." I sighed.

"Well...uhm..." Kaname said. He moved from under me, stood, and walked to the door. He turned back and said, "Give me time, Zero..."

I nodded and then stood up myself as he strode out. I sat on the cot and buried my face in my hands. He didn't feel for me the way I felt for him....I should have known...

"Zero Kiryuu?" a female's voice asked.

I looked up and was blinded by a light. An angel? Not fallen?

"Y-yes?" I stuttered.

"I have been told you inform you that you will be murdered by a young woman within the next twelve hours," the angel sighed sadly. "It will be for no true reason and we want you to watch for anything suspicious. We may be able to avoid this all..."

"Why are you telling me this?" I demanded, standing up.

"Our master has taken a liking to you, kind sir..." she stated and then disappeared.

I gasped and ran out of the quarters. Despite the guard chasing me, I ran straight to Kaname's room. I slammed the door shut and locked it, running into Kaname's washroom. He was in there, getting ready for bed. Quickly, I ran over and sat in the corner by the toilet, hugging my knees to my chest and looking around, paranoid.

"Zero?" Kaname wondered. "What are you doing?"

"Shut up!" I growled. "A fucking angel just told me that I was going to be murdered, so I'm hiding!"

"What do you mean?" Kaname asked gently, kneeling in front of me and resting his hands on my knees.

"I mean, after you left, a fucking angel appeared, told me I was going to be murdered by a young woman within the next twelve hours, and then left, so here I am!" I snapped.

His eyes widened and he pulled me into his arms.

"It was a lie..." he whispered. "It has to be a lie....It cannot be"

"Kaname?" I questioned.

"Listen to me," he started, not letting me go. "Go straight to Yuuki's quarters. Take refuge with Felix."

I nodded and he let me go. I got up directly and ran to Yuuki's chambers. I opened the door and closed it gently, carefully avoiding the guard. I found that black-haired, black-eyed boy and went over to him.

"Felix," I sighed. "You know, me and Seamus have been looking for you..."

"Yeah, well..." he started as he moved away to do yet another chore. "...Lady Cross has me doing many things at the moment and, well..."

"It's been three fucking years!" I squeaked.

"I realise this..." he snapped.

Then I noticed why he was avoiding looking at me. He had a black eye (not the colour of it but the bruising) and scratches all up and down his face and neck. I had to do it. I lifted the back of his shirt to find gashes. Deep gashes, done with a whip much like my gun. He winced as I ran my fingers along the bloody lines. That's why he wasn't coming to see us...

"Who did this?" I demanded of him.

"Princess Elenora..." he sniffled.

I gasped and almost wanted to give the little bitch a piece of my mind. Then, Yuuki walked out of the bathroom, saw me, and jumped on me happily.

"It's been so long!" she squealed.

"Yuuki, did you know about what's been happening to Felix?" I asked as I faced her.

"Yes, but I can't do anything about it," she replied sadly. "I've tried so hard..."

"Thank you, Lady Cross," Felix said and bowed, but she took his shoulders and straightened him.

"None of that, Felix," she smiled.

He nodded with a grin and started down the hallway. Then it hit me, so I ran out after him. I passed Princess Elenora along the way and she was talking about how much fun it was to torture him. I caught up and stopped him. He looked confused, but it was so obvious to him when we saw the trampy-looking Princess. She smirked and Felix ran. She started after him, but I grabbed her and held her back as he sprinted out the back way of the castle. The Princess growled at me, withdrew a knife, and wriggled free. She then grasped my upper right arm and drove it through my stomach. I gasped in agony, my face scrunching up and I could hear Kaname screaming "no" from behind me.

"Never stand in the way of me and torture," the Princess snarled in a low voice.

She ran off after taking her knife back and I fell to my knees. There was something on that stupid blade. Kaname fell in front of me and held me close.

"You will be okay," he cried quietly. "You will, you will, you will..."

"She used...that shit..." I gasped. "I'm going to.../die/."

"No you're not!" Kaname sobbed. "You can't die because I do love you!"

I smiled and fell limp, losing consciousness. The poison was spreading slowly through my body. It hurt so bad.

"I love you too," I sniffled as he laid me down on the floor, my head in his lap.

He moved my hand and saw the blood seeping out. I could tell by the gleam in his eye that he had an idea. He set me down gently, ripped open my shirt, and bent down to the wound. He sniffed it and then started sucking out the poison, lifting up and spitting some blood out every now and then. The pain was leaving, but so was my consciousness. After a few minutes, everything around me went black. I was dead....I had to be...


I opened my eyes and was met by light. Actual light. It was as if I had never seen any before. I looked around. I was somewhere really very familiar. I sat up and cringed from the pain in my stomach. I noticed I had a wrap going around my torso. I was alive?

I heard a gasp and then a girl said, "Kaname, he's awake!"

I looked over at the door and just in time to watch Kaname run in. He smiled and sprinted over to me. Sitting on the edge of the bed and taking me in his arms, I felt comfortable and warm.

"I guess the angel lied, hunh?" I asked.

He chuckled and sniffled afterward, pulling away to look into my eyes. Tear-filled...

"Where are we?" I wondered. "And, was I dreaming when I heard you talking informally before I blacked out?"

"We're in Cross Academy and no, you weren't dreaming," he chuckled. "I'll talk informally for you."

I smiled happily and whispered, "I love you, Kaname..."

He took me in his arms again and said, "I love you too..."

I don't remember when I had ever been this happy.
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