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The Nightmare Begins

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Gerard receives some horrifying news.

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Author Notes: Okay before we begin, some warnings about this story. There is QUITE A LOT of character death later in the story. There will also be substance abuse, some rape, some dead animals, some self harm, some torture, and a lot of violence. Not a very happy story. Also this doesn't really follow anyone's POV, so if it feels like its jumping from one to another, my apologies. Its been a long time since I've written a fanfic, and I'm a bit rusty but I had this idea in my head and just felt like I had to write it. So this is pretty much just me putting it down. OH and Bert is in this and he's not so nice. If you're still interested in reading, enjoy! :3 ( I know this authors note is like longer than the whole chapter but I felt like these things had to be said.)

Chapter One: The Nightmare Begins.

Gerard groaned as he was awoken by a pestering vibration at his side. His hand gripped blindly around for his cell phone until he found it. Glancing at the caller ID, he saw no number he recognized but he answered anyway.


Frank, Mikey, and Ray were cramped in a small compartment of the tour bus. They were in Arizona at the moment, having just finished up yet another fantastic show. Still feeling riled up, they spent the rest of their night playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. Frank glanced at the time on the clock. It was 4:26 AM. Gerard had gone to bed early, but perhaps it was time for him to hit the hay as well. It was just as that thought passed through his head that he heard a horrible scream come from where the bunk beds were. Frank, Ray, and Mikey all exchanged "did you hear that too?" glances before simultaneously rushing to the room. The first thing they saw was Gerard, huddled in a corner and curled up into a ball. He was both sobbing hysterically and shrieking the word "No!" at the same time. Frank rushed over to him and put his hands on both sides of Gerard's tear stained face.

"What happened Gee? Tell me what happened?!?" Frank exclaimed, becoming more and more panicked at the sight of his friends condition.

It was then Mikey noticed a light on the other side of the room --- Gerard's iPhone. And someone was still on the line. Mikey went over to it, picking it up in hopes he would discover what put his brother in such a dismayed state. Gerard had somewhat quieted down, although he was still sobbing heavily.

"Hello?" Mikey reluctantly spoke to whoever was on the other line. Meanwhile Frank and Ray watched, having given up on trying to get the truth out of the distraught singer. They saw Mikey pale. Mikey ended the conversation with the person on the other end and turned to the other two.

"Lindsey and Bandit were in a car accident," he said in a small voice, "They're dead. We have to turn the bus around."

And without waiting for a response, Mikey left in the direction of the bus driver. Horrified, Frank turned to embrace Gee comfortingly, who had renewed the volume of his screaming since Mikey had spoken.

Next chapter: The band figures out what to do, the Daily Mail gets cruel, and Gerard sees Bert for the first time in years.
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