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The band tries their best to deal with the situation, but things just keep getting in their way. Also, Gerard gets an unexpected guest.

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Chapter Two: Obstacles

One week later.

Gerard was asleep. This was an achievement, thought Frank, as Gerard had had difficulty sleeping since the incident to say the least. Currently, they were residing in Los Angeles, in a hotel nearby the hospital where Lindsey and Bandit has been admitted, both dead upon arrival. It had turned out that Lindsey had failed to see a relatively hidden stop sign and was hit by a truck while passing through an intersection. At the moment they were waiting upon pizza to be delivered to the room. While they wanted to go out, they didn't want to wake Gerard, and they all felt uneasy at the idea of leaving Gerard alone since the accident. Yet a silence has fallen over the band in the past week, as no one really felt they had anything appropriate to say in this situation. Now that Gerard had finally fallen asleep however, now seemed as good a time as any. Ray was the first one to speak.

"So..", he said reluctantly, as Mikey and Frank's head snapped in his direction, "..what do we do about the tour?"

Mikey spoke next, "Well," he said, "I've been thinking about that actually. We have to postpone some dates obviously, but I think we should continue with the tour."

Frank and Ray both looked at Mikey as though he were insane. Seeing the reaction, Mikey explained, "Look, Gerard obviously needs us right now. What better way to as close as possible to him except being on the tour bus with him? That way, we're here anytime he needs us. He won't feel like he's going through this alone. And at least the tour will keep him busy. Keep his mind off things --"

"-- but Mikey!" Ray interrupted, "He needs to mourn properly. How is he going to do that under the stress of full blown tour?"

Mikey said nothing then, and it was Frank's turn to speak.

"I think...what Mikey is alluding to is that Gerard needs us and we need to keep an eye on him. It would be good to keep him pre-occupied," Frank said the next part with hesitation, "lest Gee starts wallowing in depression and maybe falling into some old habits."

Mikey tensed and had begun looking down at the floor, and unreadable expression on his face. Ray on the other hand looked confused.

"You don't think... he'd try to do anything?", Ray asked, in a much more hushed tone than he had spoken before, "I mean I know he's wanted to off himself before, but guys, that was years ago! He's the most anti-suicide guy I know!"

Mikey grimaced, "I don't know Ray, put yourself in his shoes --- wouldn't you start thinking the same thing?"


It was around 11.The news had just come on, and Mikey, Ray, Frank, and Gerard sat around the television, without really paying much mind to it, playing a game of Magic the Gathering. Gerard had been mostly quiet since he had identified the bodies of his wife and child. No one had seen him cry or scream any longer. Yet they weren't sure if this was a good or a bad sign. Halfway through what they they said would be their last game for the night, the newscaster spoke the band's name catching everyone's attention.

"My Chemical Romance fans are outraged at the Daily Mail once again for releasing a scathing article reporting on the tragedy of frontman Gerard Way's family. The article implied that Way was somehow at fault for the accident, calling him an 'irresponsible father who deserved to feel the consequences of his actions'. The article ---"

As to what the reporter was about to reveal about the article, no one ever found out, as Mikey had then picked up the television and thrown it, smashing the screen into the ground. Dumbfounded, everyone turned to look fearfully at Gerard. Surprisingly, his expression hadn't
changed. But it was by no means a pleasant one.

"I'm going to fucking kill those motherfuckers...", breathed Frank, still in shock of what he just heard.

"Gerard, you know not to listen to those stupid fucks right?" Mikey said, his eyes fixed on his brother. "They're just fucking pissed because we fucking spoke the truth about that emo suicide cult shit they pulled a while back!", he spat, his voice steadily rising. Everyone else could tell Mikey was angry, and an angry Mikey was something to be feared.

After a long and painful silence, Gerard simply muttered that he was going to bed and wrapped himself beneath the covers without another word. Frank retreated to his own bed and buried his face in his hands Why do people have to be such assholes?


They arrived in Nevada. It had not been an easy ride. Gerard had been getting more sleep, but he had begun having night terrors. He would scream Bandits name loudly and then break into horrified sobs. Everyone took turns staying up with him, trying to be of some comfort or some help, but the most painful thing was that there was really nothing anyone could do. Checking into the hotel they would be staying in was already turning out to be an unnerving process. People stared at them, approached them asking for autographs. It was one of those times they cursed how famous they were. Both Ray and Frank tried their best to huddle around Gerard who was still in no condition to socialize with the public, while Mikey did his best to shoo people away, making it clear that now was not a good time.

When they finally got to their room, everyone let out a huge sigh of relief. Gerard went to his bed and curled up, resuming the habit of staring off into space that he had taken up recently. Meanwhile Frank and Mikey were conversing. Mikey was saying that he had heard talk of another band staying at the hotel.

"Well which band?", Frank asked. Mikey shrugged.

"Hey want to go get everyone some coffee?" Mikey suggested. Frank nodded, coffee would be good for Gerard after such a stressful morning. He and Mikey left for the nearest Starbucks, leaving Ray in charge of Gerard.

Gerard looked over. Ray was staring at him, while lying on his side of the other bed. He looked exhausted. Gerard attempted a small smile. "You should probably get some sleep.", he told Ray. It had been Ray who had stayed up with Gerard last night, soothing him and making him soup in order to help him get back to sleep.

Ray nodded wearily and immediately drifted off, eager at Gerard's blessing.


An hour or so passed, and Ray was knocked out. There was a knock on the door, but Ray was a deep sleeper. Reluctantly, and rather stupidly, Gerard went to go open the door himself. Gerards eyes widened. Standing in front of him was a man he had never expected to see again.


Next chapter: Bert makes Gerard feel better, Frank is disapproving.

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