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Back in Black

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Gerard's fate is decided. HUGS! (Mhm, I did go all AC/DC in the title with you.)

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There's some more back and forthing here. 

The evidence was given and the jury left to debate. 
Time ticked by slowing and if Gerard was fazed at all he didn't know it. 

A woman dressed sharply in a suit came marching out, clutching loosely Gerard's fate in paper. 
"We the jury, find the accused, Gerard Arthur Way, innocent of all charges." 
For the first time in a while Gerard felt like he could breathe. He sucked in a deep breath and smiled blazingly. 
Mikey came from the pew and bear hugged the shit out of him, nearly attacking him in his efforts. 
Gerard clung back to Mikey. His friends came up and surrounded him. He pulled Lindsey into a hug that swept her off the floor. 

Frank watched from a distance the happiness surrounding Gerard, feeling very small. He looked up at his mother. Looking back at him, she pushed him out of there. 

Gerard backed away from his center of the group. Leaning his head out of the circle. 
He looked around for Frank. His eyes scanning the room.
"Whatcha lookin' for babe?" Lindsey asked, peering up at him from at his side, their arms linked. 
"Nothing, nothing." he told he distractedly. 

Gerard ran to catch up with his ex's parents. Pushing through both sets of swinging doors. Sticking out from the crowds as he raced after them in his bright orange.
He caught up to then as they were a foot from the exit. He made his way in front of them, walking backwards. 
He remembered talking to them. Sitting in their dinning, the shadows of candles licking the walls, the aroma of food, and laughter shattering all. 
"Look I'm really sorry about your daughter. I didn't kill her though."
Her graying father sighed, seeming years older than his premature hair suggested. 
"We never suspected you Gerard. " he said tiredly.
"I just want my baby's killer found." Her tear stained mother said, shrinking into her husband. 
"I loved her." Gerard told them, as if that would somehow make everything better. 

Gerard went home and straight to sleep.
He stretched out contently the next morning. He loved beds. 

He padded up the steps, running a hand through his wet hair, and made himself a coffee, sitting beside Mikey.
"Ah, coffee, how I have missed thee." Gerard said dramatically, hugging the thermos to his chest.
"So, those kids. They your's?" Mikey asked around a spoonful of cereal after a long silence. 
"No. She cheated on me. That's why I ended it. I still always loved her." He clarified. 
That had been a bad time in his life. He had already been unconfident and unsure about himself as it was. He took her betrayal as confirmation. 
That was when he had become depressed. Which ended in a downward spiral. 
But no one really knew. Knew everything, or the full story. 
Even Gerard lied to himself about it. And Those are the best lies. 

Frank's mama was tucking him in for bed. She pushed a still damp hair from his forehead. 
"What you did back there was real good." she smiled at him. 
"I'm proud of you." she finished. 
She stood there watching his eyelids fall and hearing the sound of his breathing evening. 
Things could only get better from here.

Gerard sat there, sipping his coffee slowly, taking everything in. As stared out the window, enjoying the warm sun that shone in. 
"You going to school today or taking the day off?" Mikey asked as he put his bowl in the sink.
"What day is it?" He had lost all track of days as they had withered by.
"Wednesday." Mikey called over is shoulder as he headed toward the hall. 
Gerard slapped his forehead. Sad to admit, but in the midst of it all he forgot all about work. 
As much as he wanted to blow it off and go back to bed, he also wanted and maybe even needed to see Frank. 

Gerard rushed in. His hair was clean again and he had his make up fixed, but Frank hadn't expected anything else. 
Nevertheless he was glad Gerard was back. Glad the school let him back. 
Gerard ran over to him, where Frank had been left in his wheelchair. Gerard still in his wool jacket and with his bag, not bothering to ditch either, to him and wrapped Frank in a hug. 
It was kind of awkward, with Gerard's face pressed against the back of the chair, and his hands on Frank's sides. 
But that didn't mean Frank didn't enjoy the hug.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Gerard gushed to Frank.
"Gee!" Frank croaked, unsure of where it had come from, it had just burst right out of him. 
"Oh, Frankie, you can talk!" Gerard smiled. 
Frank shook his head.
"Yes, you can. You've proved nothing is impossible. We'll just have to work on it."
Whatever, Frank would just let Gerard think whatever he wanted. 
He would just sit back and enjoy the return of Gerard's presence. He no longer had to deal with more  temps. the school had made him put up with.

Glad y'all liked last chapter. I didn't expect your reaction to be so explosive. 
Thanks so much! Hugs for everyone. (> ^-^)> 
I enjoy hugs. 
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