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They Found a Way to Reassure You That Everything Would be Okay

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Frank's daily frustration. Pizza time for our Gee-Gee and crew. Too bad someone's watching him.

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Having nothing to do sucked, and Frank could testify to that. Not being able to do anything sucked worse. 
His mom had taken to trying to  find him friends and girlfriends. He had hoped she'd give up. Every time he though she'd give it a rest, she kept on. He tried telling her in his wordless way that that's not what he wanted, but it didn't really work out. 
Gerard was still just as insane as before. Whatever he was on, Frank wanted some. 
He stared at the wall. Being on some one else's own time, also sucked. He carried around a list of all the things that sucked in his head. 
He let his mind wander.
Gerard was now teaching history, and he had to be the worst history teacher ever. He constantly had no idea what he was talking about, and fumbled a lot. It was sad, Frank didn't think Gerard could be any worse of a teacher as he was at teaching science. He was so wrong. And if Gerard kept up, it wouldn't be long until he killed that hamster.

He watched the tv. Green Day was playing a live concert. He always wanted to be like Billie Joe. He wanted to play the guitar. But that was just a fantasy. A pretty dream to paint himself.  
He ground his teeth in hopelessness and irritation. 
Frank's hand clenched. 
He gasped. 
Staring down. 
The foreign feeling of having hands. 
Of muscle movement. The muscles were stiff and hard to bend over bone. 
But he did it. 
He looked at his hands in wonder. Rubbing the pads of his fingers over his palms. His hands were soft and withered feeling. The bones in his knuckles cracked from lack of use. 
Frank opened his palms. 
And then...
It was gone.
Just as quickly as it came.  

Things with Frank hadn't been going very well. As it was clear to see, Frank was happy to have Gerard back. But Frank was stubborn and didn't want to do anything Gerard asked of him, it was almost to the point were Frank absolutely refused. He hadn't uttered another word, and Gerard was positive he was be capable of doing it. He didn't want to prod Frank though.  Maybe he just simply couldn't.
Gerard sat at the local pizzeria with Lindsey and Mikes. Mikey had been hesitant to go, Gerard was pretty sure that was because he only really tolerated Lindsey.  
Gerard sat there in the both trying to keep the conversation flowing, so things weren't lapse into another uncomfortable silence. 

He sat there watching. Always watching. His both was in the perfect spot. He could see them without being seen. Plus the fern beside him was great hiding. Not that it mattered if he was seen. There was nothing they would suspect him of. 
He felt the corners of his lips tugging up. 
"You're doing it again, man." His friend told him. He had brought the man sitting opposite him as a cover. How many people went to a pizza place alone? Not very nonchalant. 
At his friend's words he wiped the maniac forming smile from his lips. 
He kept watching. Noting everything. He'd be there to watch his victim's downfall.
Lindsey got up and walked to the way of the restroom. Gerard went to the claw machine. 
Honestly someone as boring as he, deserved what he got. He never would suspect a thing, by the time he saw it coming he'd be too late.

A little while later they all he headed towards the door. Lindsey now carry a little teddy bear, cuddling it to her chest. How sweet, he thought sarcastically.
As they passed by, Gerard saw him.
"Hey man!" Gerard greeted loudly He nodded in acknowledgement to Gerard.
And with that they left.

Just to let y'all know, this is going to have at least forty chapters. I mean that's not set in stone, there could be way more or a lot less. Probably more.
You guys are gonna flip a shit at me when you find out who this is! I wasn't going to write about this. But now, I am. :) I don't know where I'm going with it either. 'm winging it now! Don't worry I still semi-have a plan.

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