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So Gather 'Round Piggies And Kiss This Goodbye

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And you feared for Gerard before. Gerard's sick and it might be deadly. (I've done my research. This time.)

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17) Redo

Frank spent a lot of his time wallowing in self pity. 
He decided to actually do something. For once. Honestly, he didn't have high expectations. 

Gerard sat indian style at on his bed, shrouded in blankets. He had a mound of tissues next to him. And he felt like death. On a stick. 
He couldn't hold down a damn thing.
He leaned his head back against the wall, his head was throbbing. His brain threatening to burst from his skull.
He groaned. Even the most minimal amount of light the room could produce, was too bright. 
Gerard's stomach lurked and he rushed to the bathroom. Sitting there, dry heaving.  
He lie there, on the floor. Everything hurt. His heart was fluttering like the wings of a bird. His mind was fluttering back and forth along with his heart. 
He didn't know how long he laid there, until sleep finally hit him. 

When he woke up, his eyes flew open. It was not what one would consider a groggy wake up.
A little girl in a plum dress, with shoulder length onyx hair, smiled down at him from where he laid on the tiles. She couldn't be any older than six. 
Gerard threw her a puzzled look. She giggled and covered her mouth with her small hand as they erupted from her.
She stared at him, and said, "I know something you don't!"
"Three things actually." she said, ticking them off on her fingers. Holding the three fingers up in front of Gerard's face. All the while grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
She held one finger to her lips, "Shhhhhhh...! It's a secret." She whispered from behind her pointer finger. 
"But I'll give you some clues!" her voice sounded like a whisper, right in his ears. 
"Lindsey isn't who she seems. No, no, not at all. She's done something not so nice. And oh, she's hiding it from you! And the killer? The one who's watching you? He's someone close to you." she giggled some more, this was just the best kind of game to her.
"Who are you?" Gerard uttered at the girl, his voice hoarse. 
"You know who I am, Silly!" she cried happily, enjoying toying with him. Clapping her hands along. 
His eyes were finding impossible to stay up. 
"Aw, you're dying." she muttered turning his head to the side.

Frank was taken to his old classroom. The move to the new one had been a little unofficial. And it wasn't Gerard pushing him. 
Where was Gerard?
His mind flew to a million different assumptions. 
Had the school changed their mind about him? Had Gerard given up on Frank?
A woman dressed in horrible plaid sat at the back of the  room. She had an Irish accent that he could not understand for the life of him. 
She played a movie, that from the intro, he knew there was no way in hell he was going to watch. 
All he could do was sit there and worry about Gerard and his absence. 

Mikey threw his book bag down the hall, and went for his after noon snack. Oreos.
Gerard was nowhere to be seen. Though, he wasn't surprised. Gerard usually wasn't home anymore. Usually he was out with Lindsey. Mikey found it hard to believe they truly weren't together. 
He leaned against the counter, carton of milk in one had and munching on cookie. 
The more he though about, the more he realized maybe Gerard wasn't out. He hadn't seen him this morning. And he knew Gerard wouldn't skip out on his favorite new person, Frankie. 
So, he decided to go down and check things out. Mikey laughed at himself as he headed down the stairs. Things were probably just perfectly fine. He had to be over reacting. Gerard was probably just late this morning. 
No matter how much of a fool he thought he must be, he continued on anyway. 
Things had just been too crazy lately. 

As he reached the bottom, he saw how dim it was. The fact that Gerard had left the light on, urged him to move forward. 
Gerard wasn't in the main room. His bed was still unmade. But that was proof of nothing. Gerard was not the world's cleanest of people. 
"Gerard?" Mikey called out, watching his footing as he moved through the clutter. 
He made his way to the bathroom.
There he found Gerard sprawled out the floor. 
Mikey stared at him in blank horror. He was so pale, almost tinted green. He wasn't even sure it Gerard's chest was rising or falling. 
Snapping out it, he rushed over to his older brother.
"Shit!" he hollered. 
He felt for a pulse. It was so faint, in fatal ranges. 
He felt around his pockets in a frenzy. He didn't have his phone. 
He rushed up the stairs, fumbling over his own feet. 
He searched the kitchen, finally finding the home phone. 
Punching in the numbers, feeling relieved when he heard the line pick up.
"Hello, 911?..." He started. 

[*I promise everything will make sense eventually.
Oh, I got on here earlier and saw that a couple chapters went GREEN! Holy Fuck!
I would like to thank everybody, for everything.
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