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Changing the Routine

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Complaints about Professor Crane's teaching style leads him to change it a bit.

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To Jonathan Crane, one of the more obnoxious duties of a college professor was teaching, particularly the grading of exams and papers. It was boring, repetitive work and it was rare to even find a student that showed any sort of originality in either thing. Even the occasional extremely stupid student was a welcome change from the long line of mediocre students Crane normally dealt with.

However, the dislike went both ways. During the few years that Crane had been teaching, he had gained a reputation for being a boring professor and many students only took his classes if they had no other choice.

Crane knew this well.

"Stupid children, it's not my fault that they can't take an interest in my classes," grumbled Crane one day as he walked into his office with a stack of papers after overhearing a student complain about his class again.

"I am not boring!" he shouted to no one when he dropped the stack onto his desk, "It is they who are the boring ones! I'm the one that has to read their pitiful attempts to understand fear!" Realizing that once again he was ranting to thin air, Crane quickly looked around, hoping no one was actually around.

Satisfied that none of his fellow psychology professors had heard him raving since they didn't need anymore help thinking that he was insane, Crane sat down and attempted to grade the exams. Soon he was mumbling to himself about what he should be doing to his students in vivid detail. These included things such as vats of spiders and rats and other various frightening things. He particularly focused on the students who were in the habit of making jokes about their professor where he could hear them.

"I thought I left behind all that silliness in high school, but it seems like frat boys are eternally stupid and childish," muttered Crane as he marked a C on an exam, "All they seem to care about is getting drunk and causing problems for others."

"They don't even respect their professors," growled Crane, "All they do is sit in the back, talking while I lecture and saying how boring I am. I imagine their conversations aren't anymore interesting."

Tired of grading, Crane stared at the still sizable stack and sighed, already tired due to a particularly long day. Figuring he would need it, he picked up his empty coffee cup and headed to get some coffee.

As he adjusted his glasses, he thought more on the complaints that his teaching style was boring and stale and also where the complaints came from. Suddenly Crane thought he had precisely the right idea to make his classes a little bit more...interesting.

He would give them quite the shock of fear soon and he had precisely the right gun to do it with.
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