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This is what it feels like

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Things Move slowly in some spaces and faster in others as Gee, Frankie, Mikey and Emily discover new things

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Frank's Point of view

Things had gotten back to normal.....almost. Thanksgiving was in a couple weeks and mom was so distracted that she said yes to anything I asked for. I remember the conversation about Emily staying with us.

“Mom?” I asked, poking my head in the kitchen. She was flying around, carrying pies and dirty bowls. “Yes?” she said breathlessly, still moving. “Can a friend stay with us? Her mom and dad kicked her out. She doesn't have anywhere else to go.”

There was a break in her movements and she looked at me for a moment. “Of course, dear. What's her name?” she said, starting to move again. “Emily,” I murmured, watching her closely. She nodded, still moving. “And is she........?” she trailed of suggestively.

I gasped. “Oh! Oh GOD no!!! She's just a friend!” Mom had stopped and looked at me sternly. “Good,” she said simply and started running water in one of the bowls.

She turned back to me, her eyes narrowed. “Frankie, is there something you're keeping from me?” she asked quietly. I tried to meet her eyes, but they were so sharp that I had to look away. “Frank, you can tell me anything. You can trust me.”

I had bit my lip and blushed. “Mom, I have a boyfriend.” I said in a rush. She had recoiled and laughed. “Oh thank god! I thought you were doing drugs or something like that! Who is it, dear?” she laughed.

“Gee,” I murmured, almost whispered. She looked at me softly and smiled. “I figured,” was all she said. “What? You knew?!” I was shocked. “For how long?” She'd laughed again.

“Since the first time he came here. I saw the way you were looking at him. And he was being very nice to me. I may be over twenty five, dear but I'm not an idiot.” she said as she washed the bowl in the sink.

I had left her there, going to my room to call Gerard and tell him about the conversation. “She said it was okay?” he asked skeptically. “Well that was easy.” he scoffed quietly. “Yep, it sure was. And I told her that we were together. She said she already knew about it.” He had stopped laughing and gasped.

“For how long?!” he sounded like he was going to pass out. I laughed quietly. “Since you met her.” he laughed again and said he was going to tell Emily the news.

That was about two weeks ago. Emily was in the guest room now. Mikey and Gee had gone shopping with her and had gotten her a bunch of clothes, a bag and other mysterious girl items that I didn't want to know about. I may be bi and I may have a boyfriend but I had limits and I was still a guy.

She went to our school and she was in music class with me and Gee. We all stuck together at lunch and we walked to and from school. Mikey was always by her side, holding her hand or kissing her. They were the happiest couple, other than me and Gee. But maybe I was biased.

Most of the clothes she had gotten were black, tight and torn, so she had been lumped into the emo category with the rest of us. On her first day, she had her hair puffed up, black eyeliner ringing her striking blue eyes, torn black skinnys, a Misfits jacket over a black tank-top and black converse.

Some of the jocks had hit on her, but she scared them off, cranking her knuckles and telling them to get lost. They left her alone until Mikey had kissed her at lunch. They had cat-called to her and made fun of Mikey. They sat with Gee and I at the table in the far corner.

It had gotten to cold to eat outside for Mikey and Gee. Emily and I loved the cold. It barely bothered us. But since we didn't want to leave the Way brothers for even a second, we ate inside.

One day it had snowed. Gee and Mikey wanted to go outside as badly as Emily and I had. We made snow emos – the jocks had called us snow emos when we made angels and we had liked that idea - and had gone inside, dripping wet with snow clinging to our hair.

Everybody had looked at us, but we were laughing to hard to care. We got a few of the other emo kids to have a snow ball fight with us the next day and a few preps got caught in the cross-hairs of our epic battle.

Emily, Mikey and a few nameless people were on one team, Gee, this girl named Tara and a few of her friends were on my team. We made it a big thing and that who's team won were the ultimate emo couple.

My team won, of course. I got Mikey right in the face and they waved the white flag (a piece of paper Emily had torn out of her sketch book). Gee and I rubbed it in their faces a bit.

He picked me up and kissed me sweetly. I wrapped my legs around his waist and we fell into the wall of snow we had made as a base, flatting it to the ground.

Emily fit in with our group. It was like she was a new student we never knew. But every now and then, there would be a dangerous flash in her eyes, usually when a jock would mess with Mikey. Other than that, she was perfectly normal.

She was happy with Mikey and I was happy with Gee. We would go out on double dates and go see movies or eat at fast food places. IHop was our favorite place to go. We would talk about random stuff and we never got kicked out, even when Mikey had dared Gee to scream rape as loud as he could.

We had a date tonight, the four of us were going to see a new scary movie and get some IHop after. I was in my room with Emily, trying to decide what to wear. It wasn't awkward for either of us to get undressed in front of each other, what with me being bi and both of us having boyfriends.

“Oh that is so cute on you Ems!” I gushed when she put on torn white skinnys that showed off her pale legs and a tight black shirt that draped over the waist of her pants and looked like a second skin at the same time. “Thanks Frankie. I like the shirt but I don't know about the pants. And I still don't know what shoes I'm gonna wear.” she groaned and dropped her hair, which she had been holding up.

There was a hair-tie dangling from her teeth as she spoke. “Leave it down! It looks great when it's wavy!” I criticized, taking the hair-tie from her mouth. She grimaced at me and smiled. 'Thanks Frankie boy.” she looked me up and down. “Now it's your turn,” she said briskly, moving to my closet.

“Stand up,” she said, bringing back a pair of pants and a shirt. I did as she ordered and she put the clothes against me, still on the hangers.

“Hmmmmmmm. I like the shirt but I don't think with these pants.” she hung the hanger around my neck. A moment later she gave a loud “Aha!” and stepped out of my closet. She was holding a pair of really old skinny that I haven't seen in years. “Oh no.” I started to shake my head and she smiled at me fiercely.

“If I'm going down, your going tight.” she started to slip the pants off the hanger and I sighed. I never really wanted a sister. So this is what it feels like to be the dress up doll.

Gerard's Point of view

Mom had been back for about a week now. I had told her that Mikey and I were both in love and she had just nodded. She'd never been a good mother. She was too young to act mature. It didn't matter now.

Mikey and I had been waiting for Frankie to call. I glanced at my phone ever other minute. It finally rang. I snatched it up and answered quickly. “Hello?” I said breathlessly.

“Gee?” Frankie asked. My heart seemed to relax when he spoke. “Yeah, babe. You two ready yet?” I said impatiently. He laughed “Yes, love. We're on our way now. We're turning the corner now. Be there in a bit.” he said lightly.

“Okay. See you in a few minutes.” I snapped my phone shut and called to Mikey. “Their coming!” There was a bang from his room as I passed. I went to the bathroom to do my eyeliner.

I waited for Frankie's call so my eyeliner didn't smudge while I waited. There was a knock on the door and Mikey ran to get it. “Hey guys! Gees in the bathroom. He'll be right out.” I rushed, poking myself in the eye.

Frankie was standing in the doorway watching me get ready. I hadn't seen him walk up. He chuckled and I jumped. “Gee,” he said quietly. I turned around and looked at what he was wearing and gasped.

He was wearing pants I had never seen before, and they were tight on him. My mouth flopped open and he frowned. “What?” he asked quietly. “You look so fuckin hot in those pants!” I blurted and blushed.

Emily laughed from the living room. “Told ya so!” she yelled and Mikey laughed with her. Frankie was blushing like crazy and he ducked his head.

I put down my eyeliner on the sink and walked over to him. I caught his chin and brought his face up to mine. “You always look hot, but this is just teasing me!” I kissed him softly.

“We're gonna be late! You two stop fogging up the mirror and come on already!” Mikey called from the hall. I pulled back and Frankie groaned, trying to bring me back.

“We are going to a scary movie, love. And we're sitting together.” I winked and took his hand, pulling him from the bathroom and down the hall. Our brother and sister were waiting by the door, Mikey holding my jacket in one hand and Emily's hand in his other.

A smile spread on my face and I took my jacket from him, slipping it on. I grabbed my phone from the couch and called goodbye to our mom. We walked into the cold air outside, and Frankie's hand in mine seemed to warm my whole body.

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