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Made up my mind

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Frankie has to make a hard choice involving his Gee

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Gerard's Point of view

Frankie and Emily had stayed the night. They cleaned up the kitchen while Mikey and I sat in the living room. Mikey had stared at me the whole time.

I looked at the floor most of the time. Finally he spoke quietly. “A-are you okay, Gee?” his voice broke, making me look at him. I nodded and looked down again.

He tried again. “What did it feel like?” I shrugged and dropped my shoulders. I found that I could move my arm if I focused. It was still hard though, moving dead weight. Frankie had said I would start to get feeling back in it over the night.

Mom didn't come home. Frankie slept with me in my room and Emily with Mikey in his. Before Frankie and I went down stairs, I looked at Mikey sharply.

“No fooling around, got it?” he had blushed and nodded. “Same to you.” he grinned at me and I chuckled. “No promises.” I muttered closing the door behind us.

The truth was I was too tired to do anything but sleep. Frankie held me in his arms, murmuring about random things and stroking his hands through my hair. Strangely, it made me relax more. I fell asleep quickly.

I woke up in Frankie's arms. When I realized where I was, I smiled and tried to put my arms around him.

A sharp pain zapped through my chest and down my arm, making me gasp. Frankie blinked and his eyes focused on me. He frowned and kissed my forehead.

“Your arm hurt, love?” he asked quietly. I nodded and he chuckled. “Sorry. Let me get you something.” he pulled away from me and went over to a box on the floor.

He came back with a bottle of water and a box. “Your arms gonna hurt for a while, love.” he grimaced, opening the box. From it, he pulled out another bottle, this one small and white. He sat down the water and opened the little bottle, shaking it into his palm.

Two red dots fell out and he handed them to me. I took them, feeling the confusion on my face. He opened the water and told me to take the pain pills.

I popped the red dots into my mouth and took the water from him, taking a long drink. He watched me with pained eyes. “Hungry?” he asked when I handed the water back to him. I nodded and he helped me from the bed.

We went up stairs slowly. He kept his arm around my waist. I didn't object. His body was warm and comforting. He took me to the kitchen and sat me down at the table.

I tried to forget about the last time I was in the kitchen. The smell of toast and coffee made me look up. He was sitting a plate of toast on the table in front of me.

There was a tiny smile on his face and I laughed. He looked confused so, ignoring the pain in my chest, I pulled him onto my lap.

He sat there, unsure. I took his face in my hands and kissed him. His reaction was instant and he kissed me back.

I don't know how long we stayed like that. Long enough for the coffee to get cold. Finally, I pulled back and kissed his neck, sighing.

With perfect timing that made me suspicious, Emily and Mikey walked in, holding hands. Frankie stayed on my lap. Neither Ems or Mikey seemed to care.

Mikey looked at me tensely. “Hows the arm? Still numb?” he asked, his eyes looking at my chest and down to my arm. I smiled and lifted it up, flipping him off.

He scoffed and gave me the finger back. Frankie and Ems laughed loudly. I turned on Frankie.

“Frankie bear?” I asked, putting my head on his shoulder. “Yes, love?” he put his arms around me, pulling me closer.

“Can I ask you to do something for me?” I turned my face up, looking in his eyes. He smiled and kissed my nose. “Anything,” he swore.

A small smile pulled at my lips. I kissed his shoulder and whispered into his skin. “Will you teach me how to fight?” my lips brushed against his skin as I said it.

His body went rigid on my lap. He didn't push me away or pull me closer. Ems had heard my question and was staring at me, her eyes wide. Mikey was the only one to move.

He looked at the three of us. Frankie, stiff as a rod on my lap; Emily, staring at me with bug eyes and me, face buried in Frankie's shoulder.

“What?” he asked Emily. She shook her head. He looked at Frankie and me. When we didn't move, he stood up and walked around the table. He touched my back.

“Gee?” he asked quietly, leaning over my chair. I said nothing. I was waiting for Frankie to say something.

A long moment passed before he actually did. “Gee, I don't think I can.” he said quietly. I touched his face and he shuttered. “Why not?” I asked in a whisper again.

“You can't what? What are you talking about? Frankie?” he grabbed Frankie's arm and shook him.

Frank's Point of view

Gee asked for something I couldn't do. When I said anything, I had no idea that was what he was going to say.

I can't teach him how to fight, how to kill. Not after last night. Not after I saw the look on his face when he fell into my arms.

He was waiting for me to answer. So was Emily. Mikey was asking what we were talking about. He was behind us now.

Trying to keep myself from yelling, I murmured, nearly whispered, my answer. “Gee, I don't think I can.”

He put his hand on my face, cupping my cheek. It felt so good, I shuttered. “Why not?” he whispered the second question like the first. Mikey was yelling now, frustrated that nobody had answered him yet.

“You can't what? What are you talking about? Frankie?” he grabbed my arm and shook me. I looked up at him. His face was shocked and red. I laughed.

“Nothing, Mikes. It's not about you.” I shrugged his hand off my shoulder and looked back at Gee.

I took his hand from my face and held it in mine. He looked into my eyes. “Why do you want to learn?” I asked softly, holding his gaze. He sighed.

“I don't want you to feel like you have to watch me or I'm going to die. I want you to be able to relax when your with me, not always tensed and ready to fight.”

I deflated. What he was saying made sense. He wanted to be able to take care of his self.

So, meeting his eyes, I leaned forward. When my lips were an inch away from his, I whispered. “Okay, I'll teach you, love.” I meant it. I had made up my mind and I was going to stick to it.

I kissed him softly. He put his arms around me and held me close. Emily gasped and started laughing quietly. And Mikey was still mad but he seemed softer now that his brother was happy.

End of this story! All my epic people who read this, your gonna have to wait for the story that continues this one!!!!!!!! I know, I'm evil!!!
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