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Hollow pains and heavy limbs

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Frankie takes care of business

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Frank's Point of view

Mikey's mom didn't come home that night. She called Mikey and told him that she would be at their aunt's house if they needed her. Something about the baby being sick.

It worked in our favor, though. No way was I going to leave Gee when he was like this. And I knew Emily was still on edge from the attack earlier. She didn't want to leave, either.

And the guy we were going to torture, he had woken up and was trying to get out of the ropes. I was to busy taking care of Gee to watch him. Emily was keeping a close eye one him.

Every time he would threat Mikey or Gee, she would hit him, slapping him across his face or punching him in the jaw. Nothing lethal. I had told her to keep him quiet, not kill him.

Gee woke up when I had taken the pressure of the bonds from his shoulder and started dabbing at the wound in his chest with the cleaning solution. He had gasped, his hand grasping for mine, trying to push it away. Then his eyes focused on my face and he started to cry slightly.

The tears streamed down his face and I leaned in, pressing my lips to his. Two emotions were fighting in my chest. Love and guilt. I loved Gee, but my love had gotten him hurt. Guilty of love and loving guilt. Either way, I wasn't going away until I made up for both.

“Can you hold still? I'd really rather not have to bind you. Or get hit.” I said, cringing at the thought of having to tie up my little Gee. He grimaced and nodded. “I'll try. If I try to hit you, you can tie me up.” he clenched his teeth and nodded for me to get back to work.

I touched the wet cloth to the wound and he hissed through his teeth. My hand froze and I looked at him. His face was set and pale, his eyes closed and his mouth open. He was trembling all over.

His determination made me set my own teeth and keep cleaning the long, deep bloody chasm in his flesh. “Can you move your fingers?” I asked while I had been patting and wiping over the gash softly.

He gasped, his eyes flying open as I poured a little of the liquid that bubbled up in his chest. “I haven't tried yet!” he gasped between his teeth. His back lifted off the couch as he screamed. The wound was overflowing with bubbles, cleaning the deep parts I couldn't reach.

I pushed him carefully back on the couch, where he lay panting. “Can you try now? While this does it's job?” I shook the bottle in my hand and he nodded, still gasping for air.

His fingers twitched and closed. He made a fist and gasped. The fist flopped down and fresh tears were forming in his eyes. “It hurts, but I can move my arm.” he said through his teeth again. I nodded and reached back into the white box at my feet.

I poked around until I found what I had ran home for. The Way's didn't have any, but my mom always had everything that you needed to give somebody stitches. Including the numbing shot and the needles, hemostats and the dissolving thread.

Gee was staring at me. I grimaced and looked in his eyes. “You might want to look away, love. You don't want to see this.” a last second thought popped into my head and I turned to Mikey. He'd been sitting in the chair across from us, watching everything I did.

“Come here,” I jerked my head to the couch and he did as he was told. I pulled him close and whispered in his ear. “This needs stitches and I know Gee hates sharp things. I need you to distract him so I can do this.” his face had gone very pale, but he nodded.

He walked around the side of the couch and took Gee's hand. He was facing me and his eyes lingered on my face until he started talking to Gee. The second Gee was distracted, I got to work, giving him the numbing shot.

I saw his hand get tighter around Mikey's and he gasped, trying to look at what I was doing. Thankfully, Mikey had caught his face and kept him looking at him. He shook his head and smiled. “He just told you you don't want to see it, so you try to look? I swear you are such a Gee-tard!” he teased, letting go of his face.

When Gee's arm was numb – I checked, poking his middle finger – when he didn't respond to my touch, I started stitching his skin back together. He talked to Mikey, seeming to be annoyed and tired.

Though he couldn't feel the pain of the stitches, he seemed to feel the skin pulling together when I was tightening it up, almost done. I put the tie in and cut the stitching thread with the scissors from the kitchen.

“What's going on?” he nearly panicked. “Why can't I feel my arm?!” he choked, looking away from Mikey and into my eyes.

“Because I'm done, love.” I tried to smile, but it came out as a pained grimace. I looked at his shoulder then to my hands. They were covered in blood. I felt tired suddenly.

He glanced at his shoulder and gasped loudly. I looked up at his pale face.

Gerard's Point of view

There was a line of blue in my chest that I didn't understand at first. And the gash was gone. And that my arm was numb.

Realization dawned on my when I looked at Frankie's tired face and bloody hands. My chest had needed stitches. That was what the blue line was and that was why my arm was numb.

I tried to move my hand that was closer to Frankie. When I couldn't, I took my right out of Mikey's and touched his face softly. I pulled him close and kissed him softly.

He kissed me back. Then he pulled away quickly. Moving fast, he pressed a wet cloth to the line in my chest. It started to bubble, but I didn't feel it. I watched Frankie.

With quick, gentle movements, he cleaned my bloody skin around the line. When that was done, he kissed me quickly and stood up, a bunch of blood soaked towels and clothes in his hands. I heard running water and the washer started up, swishing loudly.

He came back and kissed me again. “I have a surprise for you, love.” he murmured against my lips.

“Hmm?” I moaned, putting my arm around his neck. He kissed down my neck and spoke into the hallow above my collar bone. “I'm not sure if you'll like it.” he said quietly, biting my skin slightly.

I gasped and shivered. “I might,” I said breathlessly. He giggled and started to pull away. “Okay.” he started to pull me up.

He put my good arm around his shoulder and walked me into the kitchen. The scene in front of me was easy to grasp, but it looked so strange.

Emily was standing over a guy tied up to a chair. He was wearing all black and there was a black mask with silver designs on the table next to them. Next to the mask was something familiar.

It was a dark gray blade. The same one that had been buried in my chest. I looked at it then to the mask to the guy and ending with Frankie. “What's all this?” I asked breathless.

Frankie sighed. “I told you you might not like it, but this is the guy who got you. It didn't feel right killing him for you. Unless you want me to.” he said quickly.

I felt my eyes get wide. “Whoa! You want me to kill him?” I choked. Frankie nodded and Emily sighed, folding her arms over her chest.

Frankie pulled me into a hug. “Love, to survive in this world, it's kill or get killed. He lost, you're still alive. So it's only right that you get to kill him. And those are your prizes,” he pointed to the mask and the blade on the table. “I-I don't know if I can.” I stuttered and shivered.

Could I kill another person? Even if he'd hurt me? Frankie said it was survival, but why couldn't we just let him go? What would he do?

Like he was reading my thoughts, Frankie murmured in a bleak tone. “We can't let him go. The second he's free, he'll run back and tell the others that Emily is still alive and they'll send more and more scouts.”

I cringed at how sure he sounded and nodded. Taking a deep breath, I pulled myself together. “I'll do it. I'm mot sure how, though.” I considered.

Frankie silently handed me the blade from the table. “Wait!” Emily cried. She ran from the room, returning with many black towels.

She piled them on top of each other, forming a black carpet around and under the chair. The guy was watching with wide, flat green eyes. Emily gave him a disturbing smile and stepped back.

I had the blade in my right hand. Frankie had his arms around me, one hand over lapping my hand on the hilt of the blade. He walked us to where they guy sat, watching us with eyes that got wider as we came closer.

Following Frankie's lead, I put the blade to the guy's throat. Frankie had taken a step back, whispering in my ear. “You have to do this. It's your right, not mine.” I nodded and he stood by Emily,

My hand had been shaking like crazy, but it was steady now. Looking right into the guy's eyes, I pressed the blade into his skin. His eyes went wide and I drew the blade down the length of his neck, leaving a long, red trail behind the tip.

Blood seeped from the line, spilling out over the metal chair and onto the black towels. There was a gasp from behind me. I turned and saw Mikey in the doorway of the kitchen.

His face was so pale it looked liked wax. And his eyes were nearly popping out of his head. “Mikey,” I said, putting the blade on the table. “Mikes,” Emily took a step toward him, her hands held out.

I saw his eyes fill and he ran into Emily's arms. He cried into her shirt. Frankie put his arms around me and I collapsed into him.

He kissed my forehead and whispered in my ear again. “Don't worry. He died quickly. In a way, you were very humane about it. I'd have made him pay for hurting you.” he kissed my ear and I shivered.

“It doesn't change the fact that I wish you'd never gotten caught up in all this, though. You and Mikey both. I'm sorry.” he was nearly sobbing as he finished. I held him with my right arm and I looked at Mikey in Emily's arms.

“I'm sorry, too.” I whispered.

Gee's okay.................for now. R+R please. And thanks to all the people who hated me for hurting Gee but stayed long enough to find out that he was okay. Magical tacos for all!!!!!!!!
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