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We had been lying in the hospital bed for about an hour, Gerard was asleep and snoring lightly, and the others were in the waiting room outside. I looked up as the door opened and my doctor walked in.
"Mr Ier- Umm, is this a bad time?" He asked, looking questioningly at the sleeping boy next to me.
"No, not at all." I replied, smirking at the Doctors awkwardness.
"Well, your stats seem fine, you are allowed to go home now, but go easy on the ribs, they aren't broken, but are severley bruised." He informed me, before swishing out of the door in his long white doctors coat. A grin that was absolutely massive quickly found it's way to my face as I prodded Gerard gently to wake him up.
"Gerard, wake up now. We can go home." I cooed gently in his ear.
"Gee, come on. Fwankie wants to go home now." Gerard stirred from his well deserved slumber and sat up straight.
"What? We can go home? How'd you know?"
"The Doctor just came in and told me."
"That's awesome Frankie, come on, time to get you to your new home!" Without another word he scooped me up in his soft, warm arms and carried me into the waiting room. "C'mon guys, Frankie can come home!" He exclaimed as everyone rushed out behind us and we made our way to the car.
"Mikey, where's Mum?" Gerard asked as we all squidged into the car.
"She had to go home to sort some stuff out." He replied
"Who's gonna drive then?" I asked. Stupid question. Jackie jumped in the drivers seat and revved up the engine before pulling out of the hospital car park at an alarming speed and shooting off down the road towards the Way's house.
"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" Ray and Gerard screamed as we used only two wheels to go round a corner and she swore like she had the worst imaginable case of tourettes at everyone who in her opinion, couldn't drive or had a shit car. Or worse for them, couldn't drive AND had a shit car.
"Driving, why. Was that not clear or something?" She said as she pulled into the driveway, she had made a journey which would normally take 30 minuetes, in 10. Why could she not act normal for just one second of our freaking lives?
"Since when did you drive?" Ray asked as we all made our way into the house.
"And your underaged, with no licence." Bob added.
"Jeez, chill out! I've been doing drag and rally racing since I was 9 and for God's sake, we didn't get pulled over did we? No, exactly. I can drive, you can't. Suck it up sunshine coz this is life on the murder scene." She didn't at all seem fazed by the fact that, in all fairness, she should be having an interrogation from the cops right now.
"Oh, Gerard, Mom's just sent me a message, she's gonna be out all night. You two be okay on your own?" Mikey asked, shoving his phone back into his pocket.
"Huh, where you going?" I asked, confused.
"Well, since you've been out cold two weeks we figured you guys would want some time to yourselves, and I don't think either of you are in any state for watching somebody get their guts ripped out in a rutheless horror, so Hollie invited the rest of us over for a goreathon." Mikey said, all in one breath.
"Oh, that's cool. Horror wouldn't really help right now. I'll be double checking all the windows and doors as it is." Gerard chuckled.
"Cool, see you two some time later then." Cheyenne said as she waved and started off through the door, followed by the rest and then Mikey locking the door behind them.
"So, you wanna see my room?" Gee asked, fiddling with his t-shirt hem and looking at the floor.
"Of course, and honey."
"Yeah" He asked
"It's our room now." I grinned as he led me down the stairs into his basement bedroom. What was it with these people and using cold dark places as bedrooms? Gerard gasped as we walked in, his eyes set on the King sized bed in the middle of the room.
"What is it honey?" I asked, slinking my arms round his slim waist and hugging him from behind.
"I'm not complaining, but I used to have a single bed, I thought Mom would just get another single bed and stick it like, the other side of the room or something!" He sounded quite shocked. A shock that was short lived as he kicked off his battered purple converse and sprung on the bed.
"Maybe your Mom knows we're perfect for each other, I know we're never gonna split up. Am I right Gee?"
"Right as fuck Frankie." He purred as I joined him on the bed.
"Oh and another thing, I'm no Catholic any more." I grinned and my massive smirk was mirrored in my Gee Gee's angelic face. We lay down and he cuddled me up close.
"Frank..." Gerard said ponderingly.
"What is it, baby?"
"The other day, I saw the scars on your back and, well, I was just wondering is all..." His voice dropped off as I started to tear up automatically. I took a few shaky breaths to try and steady myself, befor estarting in with my story.
"In my old school, you know I said I had some problems? Well, there were these really eveil jocks who used to take the piss out of me for who I was. Because I'm a punk. The attacks were only verbal untill they found out I was gay aswell, I sort of let it slip when I was angry at this homophobe for shouting at a girl in eight grade because she was gay. The attacks started to get physical, first it was only beatings, but then one day. They, uhhhm, p-pulled a knife on me and, errrm, started cutting. That's why we decided to move, luckily, my parents didn't find out that I was gay though. And for a while until I met you, I managed to convince myself that I was actually straight." The tears were dropping freely now, I collapsed into large sobs and heavy, laboured brathing inside the strong, warm cage of Gerards arms. I cried until there was nothing left, I'd never actually cried about it before, and I felt better now I had.
"Better now Frankie baby?" Gerards voice was calm, concerned and caring.
"Yeah thanks, but, and this sounds so desperate and cheesy. But can I sleep in your arms tonight, you make me feel safe." My voice was cracked and hoarse from crying as I spoke my words of desperation into the chest of the man I was holding onto so dearly.
"Of course you can, Frankie, there's never any need to ask." He kissed me gently on the lips before flicking the lights out, jumping under the covers and holding me close.
"Life get's better Frankie, I promise, you'll see.." Gee muttered under his breath as we both fell into one of the deepest sleeps of our lives...
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