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look alive sunshine

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I was woken up by the sweet scent of coffee drifting down the stairs, I stretched out and looked up to see Gee beaming down at me.
"Look alive sunshine, it's coffee time." He took my hand and led me upstairs to the kitchen, we'd slept in our clothes so we smelt pretty bad and looked rather rough.
"Hey guys, here's your coffee." Mikey murmured as he handed us a steaming cup of caffine each.
"Hey, your back early. What happened to the goreathon?" I asked
"Well, me, Hollie, Bob and Ray are a load of wimps when it comes to horror movies, we thought we liked them, but Jackie's collection is just mentally scarring, I think Cheyenne was scared too but she didn't show it. Jackie laughed the whole way through and we all gave up and came back here after two." Mikey's smile was sly as he wandered back into the living room humming astro zombies by the misfits.
"So, what do you want to do today Frankie?" Gerard asked me, sitting on the counter and swinging his legs like a kid.
"I think we should do something with the guys, it'd be fun. I mean, I have been out for two weeks."
"Sounds good."
"Yeah, I just had a pretty wierd thought. Technically, I haven't known you a week yet, and we've already moved in together!"
"Yeah, I guess that does sound a bit odd...You don't mind do you?" His eyebrows scrunched together as he looked up at me through a curtain of jet black hair.
"Of course not. Gerard Way, I am madly and incurably in love with you, nothing can change that and I don't care how long we've known each other, that's how it is. In my opinion, we may as well get married now!" I chuckled.
"You know, I feel exactly the same way." Gerard smiled and slid off the counter, taking my hand and walking into the living room.

"You guy's wanna go out today?" Gerard asked.
"Sure, shopping?" Jackie suggested.
"Yup, let's go. We're WALKING. I don't want another near death experience, save that shit for the rallying.
"Humphf. Okay, let's go." We walked out of the house, locked the door and started off down the street.
We were soon at the town centre and Jackie whispered something in Gerards ear which made him grin massively, before grabbing his and Hollie's hand and telling everyone to wait in HMV. Easy enough, though I wonder what they're up to. I had just brought the latsest Misfits CD when we walked out the store to see the other three walking towards us.
"Sooo, wher've you been?" Ray asked.
"Ha! You lot will find out tonight!" Jackie laughed, a scary grin spreading along her face. "Soho's! Let's go to Soho's. I need to buy more trousers of epicness!" She sang, skipping through the crowd towards the small shop in the corner of the mall.

Jackie brought three pairs of skinnies, two pairs of bondage, a hoodie, seven band shirts and some knee lenght black biker boots with platforms and silver buckles. Ray brought a Queen hoodie and 3 pairs of black skinnies. Gerard brought a new leather jacket and a Misfit's T-shirt. Cheyenne and Bob brought matching Bullet for My Valentine shirts and messenger bags and Mikey and Hollie brought uncountable amounts of band t-shirts and hoodies. I'd brought myself a new Misfit's hoodie, seven pairs of black skinny jeans and eight new band T-shirts, along with a neon green pair of Doc Martens and some new badges. We walked out of the store towards the coffee shop. Gerard brought us all coffee's as we sat down at the table. It was late, me and Gerard had got up around three and it was five now, so all the shops would be closing soon.
"What do you wanna do tonight?" I asked, taking a cautious sip of my red hot Cappucino.
"Night in, we've got work to do." Gerard grinned at Hollie and Jackie.
"Like what hun?" I asked.
"That would be telling, you'll see. Anyway, we'd better get home soon, Mom will be back in a bit." We drained our coffee's and walked outside. What were they planning?
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